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Build 824:

  • support for Android Q scoped storage
    Each storage (internal storage, SD card, etc.) should be enabled via Music Folders dialog as there is no global storage permission for Android Q
    Many internal changes to folders/library scanner to support (slow) scoped storage related APIs
    This change also improves USB storage scanning for pre-Q Androids
  • playlist entries now survive storage path changes
    Required to support dynamic Android Q scoped storage selected folders.
    Poweramp now keeps playlist entries even if Music Folders are changed/unchecked, Scoped Storage root changed, storage removed, etc.
    Some related functionality is changed too, e.g. Playlists Export
    New Playlist menu action to Rescan / Resolve Playlist
  • new options:
    • Library / Playlists / Remove Playlist Entries On Track Deletion
    • Library / Playlists / Resolve Playlist Entries
    • Audio / Audio Focus / Wait For Storage
    • Library / Queue / Always Clear On Add
    • Library / Lists / Headers With Meta
    • Misc / Change Tracks By Long Volume Keys Press
    • Headset/Bluetooth / Vibrate
      Android 8+
    • Look and Feel / Player UI / Animate Long Labels
  • bug fixes and stability improvements


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