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Poweramp-alpha-build-701-uni.apk (Second ALPHA TEST Build 701) 701

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About This File

Poweramp v3 (ALPHA2 test build 701) for standard (ARM-based) Android devices. 
Released: 22 March 2016

This is alpha version of upcoming major Poweramp release. Please make backup of your existing Poweramp app/settings/db before installation as you won't be able to rollback to Poweramp v2 without alpha uninstallation, causing settings to be lost.

This version is focused on Hi-Res output and Album Artist support.

You can install it over your existing v2 installation (your purchase and settings will be carried over).

At this time, only ARM processors are supported. We'll add Intel support for later beta builds.

Min. supported Android: 4.1.

Skins are disabled in alpha as UI is partially changed and there is no point in (re-)building skins now.



- experimental Hi-Res output for 24bit 96/192khz phone internal DAC and USB DACs where supported by device

- external USB DAC support for 24bit 96khz (Android 5.0) and 24bit 96/192khz (Android 6.0) via AudioTrack output 

- output plugins are assignable per specific output (headset, speaker, USB DAC, etc.)

- output settings, such as sample rate, sample format and few other advanced options are available per various output/device combinations

- detailed audio system information available via right drawer top (i) icon

- actual output bit width/sample rate, output device is shown under frequency response view in right drawer and equalizer screen

- greatly improved spectrum visualization synchronization to audio

- visualization delay option is per output now as well

- visualization preset advance/shuffle by time

- USB OTG storage access @ Android 6.0 via Storage Access Framework

- audiofocus volume duck option

- experimental support for wired headset button long press (Android 5.0+)

- headset button beep is played ASAP 

- 30/50/100 volume levels (Settings/Audio/Advanced Tweaks)

- custom volume panel (Settings/Audio/Advanced Tweaks)

- Album Artist tag support. Albums are grouped based on Album Artist tag, where available. Album Artists category added as well (hidden by default). 

- Settings / Folders/Library / Lists / Join Albums option

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