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Poweramp v3 (Latest Releases)

Poweramp v3 is now the official release version of the app, and due to the new user interface functionality it requires a minimum ROM version of Android 5.0 (Lollipop).
For further discussions, feature requests, or bug reports, please visit the forums.

Archived copies of older releases are also available if you wish to roll back to a previous version for any reason. Caution should always be advised when rolling back any software, just in case new settings or features may have been added which may no longer be compatible with older versions.

Users of Android 4.4.x (Kit Kat) and below can still download and use Poweramp v2, and also the earliest test versions of the v3 high-res audio engine (prior to the new user interface being added, i.e. builds 700 to 709).

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  1. Poweramp-alpha-build-700-uni.apk (First ALPHA TEST Build 700)

    Poweramp v3 (ALPHA test build 700) for standard (ARM-based) Android devices. 
    Released: 3 January 2016
    This is alpha version of upcoming major Poweramp release. Please make backup of your existing Poweramp app/settings/db before installation as you won't be able to rollback to Poweramp v2 without alpha uninstallation, causing settings to be lost.
    You can install it over your existing v2 installation (your purchase and settings will be carried over).
    At this time, only ARM processors are supported. We'll add Intel support for later beta builds.
    Min. supported Android: 4.1.
    Skins are disabled in alpha as UI is partially changed and there is no point in (re-)building skins now.
    This Alpha is focused on Audio Engine and Visualizations.
    This is why Visualizations are enabled by default. It can be disabled via right drawer menu, and we'll add option to disable it completely later.
    new audio engine Poweramp now uses 32-bit float sample representation Poweramp core DSP now uses 64-bit float internal math, helps a lot for accurate high amplification of basses Reverb with presets, improved StereoX effects Tempo control mp3, aac, ogg vorbis, opus and other lossy formats now decoded directly to 32-bit float representaion (no intermediate conversions) opus, tak, mka, dsf, dff formats support Poweramp now always properly fades in/out and ramps volume changes to avoid clicks and pops during any transitions (resume/pause/seek/etc.)      Poweramp now applies gapless smoothing between gapless tracks Poweramp now always uses own resampler optional SoX very high quality resampler output Dithering options OpenSL optimized output support for 3rd party plugins (DSP/Decoder/Output) visualizations full support for milkdrop presets v1 and v2 (with shaders) presets supported. Support for v2 presets is best on OpenGL ES 3.0 enabled devices milkdrop presets can be loaded from sdcard and downloaded as APKs from Play  support for 3rd party preset APKs spectrum visualizations main player right drawer for fast Equ/DSP/Visualizations access many other changes, more changes are planned See information in the alpha-test forum for further details and discussion: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/8494-poweramp-alpha-build



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