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  2. I've tried this many times, and just restored them right now for good measure, still nothing 😕
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  4. Only mine i think... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=spectrum.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=modern.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=club.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nature.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ice.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fire.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cloud.Poweramp.vis
  5. Its hard to release by milkdrop, but may be maxmp create special function "VU meter"
  6. It does sound a bit that way, but I see why it would be useful to you now. Andre
  7. After Pie has been installed, it might be an idea to reset all the Output methods back to their defaults, as the appropriate settings might now be different. Settings > Audio . Output > Restore Defaults. Andre
  8. Thank you, turns out it have never ben active.....and i have missed some items lolz
  9. I rate my tracks by play count. The 5 stars rating isn't enough. If I like a track, I'll artificially boost its play count by adding it X number of times in the queue (and quickly swipe through the queue). So having it in the now playing screen would help me quickly see its play count number and increase it need be. I could achieve the same thing with playlists, but I want something more permanent and embedded in the file tags. Niche use case I reckon. BTW, will Poweramp ever support user customizable live/smart playlists?
  10. Have you checked if you have Bluetooth absolute volume enabled? In case your problem is with headphones/wireless speakers of course, if its only on the speakers of your phone, then its probably a problem with Samsung.
  11. Stopping playback (rather than just pausing) would probably reset the shuffle list, yes. You could try making 're-shuffles' less common using the new experimental option in Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle. Andre
  12. Hello, I have a folder hierarchy and want to shuffle through all of it. This works fine by going to the root folder I want to suffle and pressing the shuffle button while there. The problem which I face is that if I stop listening and close Poweramp (swipe it away), the next time I open Poweramp back again it will switch by itself from shuffling all songs and folders to playing the current song's folder only. It is like it forgets the shuffle list and just plays the current folder. To go in more detail, say I have Folder A which contains 3 folders B,C,D which each contain 10 songs = 30 songs total. I navigate to folder A in hierarchy and press the shuffle button. This works as expected and starts playing in random order song 1/30. Let's say I stop on song 4/30 which happens to be in folder C. Later when I reopen Poweramp I can still see for a few seconds the progress being 4/30. However, going to next track will instead switch to song 2/10(!) and only play the songs from folder C. I now have to go back to the initial folder A and hit shuffle again. Am I doing something wrong? All I want is to keep the 4/30 position I left it at and continue from there the next time I start Poweramp. I tried going into List Options and checking List Memory -> List Position but it doesn't seem to help with this specific behavior. Hope my issue makes sense. Regards, Seerix
  13. @Sohaibahmadu , I have the pro version. What option should I activate so that Poweramp equalization applies to all Android applications (YouTube, Google Play Music, Spotify, etc.)?
  14. Not sure if this is an Android Issue or related to the app. I am Using the latest Poweramp v3 from Play Store. (v3-build-845-arm64-play [845004-fe2ba78e) My phone model is Honor 8x by Huawei and using the latest android Version which is 9.1.0. I connect my 3.5 headphones and the buttons work fine for a while, then It wont Skip or pause any song, this happens randomly. Probably related to Headset Micro Service? Disconnecting the device and connecting it again lets me skip songs, but the issue keeps repeating. I already tried by disabling Battery Optimization, even given special access to disable anything related to battery optizations, Write System Settings on, keeping the service when the screen is off, respond to headset buttons option, using WakeLock, Keep notification and always keep notification. Nothing Works. Thanks in Advance! Edit: I found out, that a third-party skin for the app was the one causing trouble, not sure how is messing with the settings, but I changed the skin and it works as intended now! I take it back, is still giving me the same error, help please.
  15. I had this issue on a Huawei Honor 8x, all I had to do was to go to sound settings and disable the "3D" sound effect. Not sure if yours has some equivalent function.
  16. On my old Samsung Galaxy S7 and now my S10, there is an option to have two icons on the bottom corners of the lock screen. One is normally reserved for the Camera and the other reserved for the Phone. If you were to swipe them open, the Camera icon shortcut would open the Camera app, but the other app would require you to unlock the phone first. You can re-map these icons to open other apps, but they usually then ask you to unlock the phone first. Sometimes I dismiss the Poweramp Lock Screen accidentally but I want to bring it back up without unlocking my phone which takes a lot of key-presses. Can you create a way to let users specify Poweramp as a lock screen shortcut which will open up the Poweramp Lock Screen activity? (Just like the Camera app running while the phone is still locked, this Poweramp lock screen shortcut would open the Poweramp Lock Screen activity while the phone is still locked).
  17. You haven't got any Visualisations turned on have you? Otherwise, I'd take it up with the head-unit manufacturer. Andre
  18. I was looking for a player that could handle a large collection on SD card for my Android head unit (Avison N8, Android 8.1) and Poweramp seemed to fit the bill. I installed it and everything worked really well. Until... When I set off it was immediately blocked by the head unit as 'video'. I don't know how it is recognised as video (Android permission?). Anyway is there a setting or workaround to allow it to run? (or do I have to defeat the head unit security...).
  19. To whom it may concern and find this usefull in future, I have a Fiio M6 device and was trying to use my old Poweramp license, purchased via Google Play back in 2012 - As I didnt have a purchase order ID, since this is only available for purchases made via the website (direct), and the Fiio M6 does not support google services, I contacted the Poweramp support via the email Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com but had no lucky on converting my old license, so had to purchase a new license via website, single device and the registration process in M6 was smooth using the Order ID and email used on the purchase - All is working fine. It's a shame I had to rebuy the player - But I accepted it since Poweramp is infinitely better than the stock Fiio Music player.
  20. fixed, turns out phone restart was needed for some reason
  21. Search for milkdrop presets on the web and install them in the folder /Android/Data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/milk_presets/. You may then need to do a Rescan of presets in PA Settings > Visualization. Which alpha version by the way, the code may not be as sophisticated in early releases as it is in more recent releases. Andre
  22. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8, and yes I've tried resetting the audio and setting it back up with no luck. I have also done the general things one can do when having issues such as clearing the cache, re installing the app, clearing the data for the app, and so on but I continue to have the same issue.
  23. What phone? I've had Android Pie on my Moto X4 for almost a year now and there was no effect on sound, negative or positive. Might be some specific tweak in your phone's firmware. Did you try reseting the audio and the set it back up? Seems to be recommended a lot, but I don't recall seeing acknowledgement one way or the other.
  24. Please help me to add more visualizations for the alpha version.
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