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  2. I installed Leopard7's Music Player and got it running without a hitch after granting it access to my media files. Then, mysteriously, Poweramp started working without my changing anything else. I uninstalled Music Player and Poweramp still works fine.
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  4. Same problem here, I fixed it by toggling wired headset under hi-res output
  5. Update. I found the following information in the Poweramp FAQ: All of these apps exist and are enabled except com.google android.permissioncontroller, which GrapheneOS replaces with com.android.permissioncontroller. When started, Poweramp sometimes displays its UI for an instant, then immediately closes. Has anyone else running GrapheneOS got Poweramp running?
  6. Recently i learn about USB type C DACs. Got one of them on amazon. Difference is very noticeable. Here I'm wondering, does Poweramp, supports playback using the DAC. Or is the final output and the DAC also applies its magic to the music . Is possible to support it.
  7. Even after turning on Bluetooth absolute volume the distortion(but very less) occurs while playing with spotify. And volume goes down. Now i have to put 70% volume to listen.. Any solution or i am missing something. One more problem : importing of equalizer is not working for me. I tried to import from PA to PA eq and then for cross check i tried to import into PA. It shows fail.
  8. - I want light color instead of black. I don't see the song progress bar color. Thanks
  9. If you installed PA or the EQ app onto a memory card (which it looks like you have done) then the data folders that it creates and uses for files will also be on the memory card - named 3638-3432 in your example images. Google has decided for us that content in these SD Card folders should not be accessed by regular file explorers in Android 11+ (which I assume is what you are using, you haven't responded about that as yet) so you can't easily add your own content there. File explorers can more easily access the Android/data/ structure on internal memory though, so you would be better having your app - and thus its data folders - stored in normal internal memory rather than on the SD Card. The cleanest way to do that would be to uninstall and reinstall normally (backup your settings and playlists first if you do this with the main PA app). Andre
  10. Yes, on Android 11 the status-bar notification image is generated the same way as the lockscreen image. I don't know if these are separable or not, but nothing further came of it last time it was mentioned - the only fix being to turn the blur option off. Andre
  11. I put all the milkdrop presets on com.maxmpz.equalizer then rescan, it doesn't load..
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  13. I have the same issue! Is this an Android 11 error?
  14. The _com folder version was for first installations on Android versions prior to Android 10 only. For all Android 11+ installations, the _com folder method is no longer accessible so the files are now stored in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ (and for the EQ app, Android/data/com.maxmpz.equalizer/ ). Those folders (and the app) should ideally be located on internal device memory, not on an SD Card. They may work from an SD Card for PA's own purposes, but on Android 11+ file explorer apps are not allowed to look inside SD Card Android/data/ hierarchy if you want to edit anything manually - another triumph of user-hostility from Google. Andre
  15. This are the three folders inside Android/data Unlike the audioplayer, it has _com.maxmpz.audioplayer, the equalizer has no _com.maxmpz.equalizer folder where the milk_presets included.
  16. Pic 1 Poweramp Audio Player Pic 2 Poweramp Equalizer
  17. It has, internal storage but when I buy a 128 GB SD Card, I used the sd card as my default location storage.
  18. @Rage Gaming What the heck are you running if it doesn't have internal storage of its own? Andre
  19. @Fusionhunter Build 911 is the latest release, isn't that what you already have? Andre
  20. I have a Nokia 7.1 phone set to Aptx Adaptive bluetoothing Klipsch R41-PM speakers I use Poweramp as my main source which is build 9110044-cb218340. will the new build give me any better sound? and will I be able to keep my Graphic equaliser settings?
  21. @Женя, она убрана из-за своей бесполезности, так как современные версии андроида позволяют это делать из меню установки рингтона в системных настройках, а также из-за того, что андроид играет малое количество форматов, в отличии от плеерв. К тому же освободилось место для полезных опций. Возвращать не планируется.
  22. Здравствуйте. Не вижу в Poweramp на песне пункта «Установить мелодией звонка», раньше был я помню. Что то с версией не то?
  23. Personally I just copy what I want by dragging files from my PC's music folder to a folder on the phone, using USB cable connection or wi-fi. I think Musicbee can do this automatically, but not sure of how as I don't use it. Perhaps a search for Musicbee and Sync might help? Lots of threads in in the PA forums, or more generally the first result from Google was https://musicbee.fandom.com/wiki/Synchronize_Android_by_Wifi . Andre
  24. I'm trying to work out why you even have the SD Card location in the menu. Did you try to install the EQ app (or main Poweramp app) onto SD Card or something? Andre
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