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  2. With the subscription of Spotify music, I download the songs inside the app and listen to them offline. Later I got a Spotify Music Converter for Mac to get MP3 files. Then I successfully upload the songs to my MP3 players and enjoy the music with no network connection. With no subcription now, I can still keep the songs on my players.
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  4. I just threw them together one day using clipart from the internets. I attached a zip file with the ones I used and some different color sets. I also included the Photoshop file you can quickly change the colors to whatever you want and you could even put different ones in there if you kind of know what you're doing. genre.zip
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  6. That'll be a great addition, looking forward to it.
  7. Thank you for the reply. I'm experiencing the issue on the assistant on the phone itself, rather than a Google Home speaker. I have experimented a little more today, but cannot reliably reproduce exactly when the issue happens. I had hoped, for example, to be able to say that the issue presented when Poweramp was closed and I asked Google to play a song, or that it presented when Poweramp was paused in the background and I asked Google to play another song. But I cannot seem to establish an exact way to reproduce the issue. Equally, the period of the delay is not constant. Sometimes it is just a few seconds, other times it is something like ~20 seconds. All that I can say with certainty is that, more often than not, I am presented with the issue and that the period of the delay is normally >10 seconds. I've also checked the Last Processed Commands and Poweramp is having no issue detecting what it is asked to do or bringing up the requested song. It's just the delay in playing that is the problem. Thanks again,
  8. @Spam The APIs are described here: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_provider_example/readme.md
  9. It's a bit wider (less Q) for Bass tone and few lower freq bands. As for changing Q and other parameters, this is the planned feature for the Poweramp and is in the active development now.
  10. Thanks Max. So it's not the same for every band? I was calibrating a set of earphones by using pre defined eq curves someone posted a while ago on GitHub that requires a q factor of 1.4. Is it possible to somehow change q factors?
  11. I see. Thanks for explaining this. As I'm not really that technical with this, would you contribute a technical comment on the github issue I linked too?
  12. If you mean animated lyrics, this is planned feature. The only problem there is lyrics content, which player can only get either from track tags, lrc files (provided by user), or via specially written plugin of some sort. Poweramp can't search lyrics transparently within the app itself due to the legal/copyright matter.
  13. 0.6-1.5 depending on type, band, and freq.
  14. I don't think there is "albumcover-option for the lockscreen" option, but otherwise Poweramp lockscreen does work on most Android 10 variants. Unfortunately, I can't test on Moto @ 10 (my motorolas are up to 9 only), probably their lockscreen implementation conflicts with something.
  15. Yes please 100% Additionally it must have Playlists support so that users A-B loops can be added to playlists. It could be implemented via a gesture long-press action to trigger it's menu on the player ui. I'd pay extra money for this feature.
  16. @Absinthequ can you tell me where these genre icons are from? They look great!
  17. Most likely not - or at least not with PA's high-res output and/.or with DVC enabled anyway. Maybe someone has tried it though? Andre
  18. could it be possible to use Poweramp with the XTREME Music ™ App
  19. @Prostheta, both miniplayer bar and navbar (inluding icons) can be resized. In fact almost everything can although i have so far not managed to enlarge the li rary category icons.
  20. Are there some new news about the equalizer ?
  21. View the playlist that contains the stream(s) which you want to modify. Long-press on the stream's title and tap 'Album Art' and choose from either the downloaded offerings, or Pick From Gallery to choose locally. There is also a tickbox which allows you to assign the same image to the overall playlist as well as the individual stream if you wish. Andre
  22. How do you change the cover image? I tried png and jpg using the selection 'change albumart' pick from gallery.
  23. @pauldamo, I have noticed some strange behaviour myself. Although you have sort of resolved it, it still is not right. I will try and pin it down
  24. It already is (for Genre tags anyway, which already allow for multiple terms for each track). Settings > Library > Scanner > "Symbols to Split Multiple Genres". The defaults are ";" and "//", but you can define your own. Andre
  25. http://id3.org/id3v2.3.0 states: TPE1 The 'Lead artist(s)/Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)/Performing group' is used for the main artist(s). They are seperated with the "/" character. And I agree with Andre that "/" is a bit to common to use sensible to separate fields. How about making the separator configurable? One box, ENTER SEPARATOR [ ] if it's set, then PA will split on the given string? What comes to find is other formats that might have it's own standards, so would this be for only mp3?
  26. Dear all, I am using the full version of Poweramp (Build 856-860) on a Moto G7+ running Android 10. I have enabled the albumcover-option for the lockscreen, the short timout-setting and given the app the permission to alter system settings. When opening the lockscreen to change the running screen and then letting the screen turn off, the albumcover-screen automatically reopens after a few seconds, then jumps back to the reduced lockscreen, turns off completely for short and then the whole cycle repeats endlessly... Is there a setting I forgot to change or is this a bug? Regards, Colin
  27. Thanks Andre. That's good to know. As with most things, the rabbit hole runs deep and I'm kind of needing to know whether we've got rabbits at the bottom 😉 I tried Android Auto, but was happier with the configurability of Auto Mate when it comes to power management, screen on/off and generally making it more seamless. Theo's Playlist Manager looks like something to explore as well. I've a 1TB SSD going into the USB hub next week, so this looks promising. I digress. Wheels won't change themself.
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