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Poweramp v2 build-588/589 [updated: 3 Sep 2016]

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I'm noticing something odd with the IDv3 tags, OR it could be just the way Poweramp is handling the Artist, Album and Song titles. 

Everything looks fine in Poweramp, but on my Pebble smartwatch I am seeing the Artist name appearing directly after the song title. I suspect the Album name is also meant to be showing, but cannot fit on my Pebble's small screen. Please see attached photo. What you will see is my Pebble running an app called Music Boss. It is basically an enhanced version of the stock Pebble Music app. The same additional info shows when I use the stock Music app on my Pebble. I have asked the Music Boss dev about this and he has advised Music Boss is only displaying the info it is given from the player (Poweramp). 

In the photo... "Vista Chino" is the Artist. "Mas Vino" is the song title, but as you can see it is showing "Mas Vino - Vista Chino" instead of just "Mas Vino." Beneath that is the album, "Peace (Limited Edition)". So obviously this repeating of the Artist is not meant to show in the song area. This is just one example of the things I am seeing... 

In my last.fm account (link is: www.last.fm/user/dgriffiths), my recently scrobbled songs are showing up with additional info in the song title area too. Instead of just "Song title" I am seeing "Song title - Artist name - Album name". So it is entirely possible that the additional info I am seeing on my Pebble is actually the same as what is happening in my last.fm account, but the Pebble screen being small is only able to fit what you can see in the attached photo. 

Is Poweramp causing this?

I don't think the skin is causing this. I just changed it and the same info is showing on my Pebble, even when the song changed. 

Could the last.fm app have anything to do with this? I wouldn't think so since the Pebble is getting the Artist, Song and Album info from Poweramp. 

I've checked my IDv3 tags to ensure they are tagged correctly and without the additional info in the song title, and they are all fine. 


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