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      Poweramp v3 Beta-test Build 790 Now Released   04/29/2018

      Poweramp v3 BETA TEST preview build 790, including brand new user interface, has now been released - 30 April 2018. This is not quite feature-complete yet, so only install if you are happy to test with a slightly reduced set of options.  Missing features should be completed during May. Please report any issues in the testing forum thread, and remember to backup your previous build before testing.  

Album cover scaling Required

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Like earlier versions, please provide option scale down the album cover on the player screen with visualizer.

Some person like me, like to keep the visualizer on top with album cover just minimum like 10% scaling.



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It's strange, if you try to pinch-gesture to shrink or expand the album art, it does starts to go smaller or larger - but then it just snaps back to same size when you let go. I don't know if Max is planning to offer that as a feature at some point?


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Yes, i noticed the same. I like the visualizer on top. The album cover can be placed as thumbnail in front of song title.

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