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Milkdrop presets

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Some questions about PA support of milkdrop:

1. The folder sdcard/Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/milk_presets ("the folder") is empty in my device, even though the visualizations are working fine and in the settings PA reports Built-in:4 Compiled:6 Poweramp:63

  1. Where are the PA presets stored if not there?
  2. If I bring my own presets pack, should I copy it to the folder? With subfolders presets and textures (as with WinAmp in a PC)?
  3. Is there an option to delete duplicates if a preset is already loaded?

2. Which shader version is currently supported in PA?

3. Is it possible to define the presets folder elsewhere? Let's say, on the external SD card?

  1. If it is not possible, then it would be a nice improvement
  2. It would be also nice to have several presets folders, same as we have several media folders for music



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Visualisation is still an experimental alpha-test feature, it may change before the final release. As far as I know though, the internal presets are not removable, and new user-defined ones can be added as .milk files in the folder you mention.


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