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      Poweramp v3 Beta-test Build 790 Now Released   04/29/2018

      Poweramp v3 BETA TEST preview build 790, including brand new user interface, has now been released - 30 April 2018. This is not quite feature-complete yet, so only install if you are happy to test with a slightly reduced set of options.  Missing features should be completed during May. Please report any issues in the testing forum thread, and remember to backup your previous build before testing.  

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Found 1 result

  1. I have purchased the unlocker for Poweramp 2.0.10 build 588 on March 2017 on a Motorola XT535 Android 2.3.7 and everything was fine. Then I changed phone to Samsung Galaxy Wonder Android 2.3.6, installed Poweramp and suddenly it stops working because it fails to verify license even though I've got the Unlocker installed. So i get this GOOGLE PLAY RESPONSE ERROR CONTACTING SERVER, and followed its every direction on the "get support" button. But it yields no positive result: Every time I reinstall Poweramp trial from google play, opened it, then reinstall Unlocker (From google play), i will open setting and license checking will fail, then after a few tries Poweramp will force close with "unable to verify license". This has happened for more than 3 days, through countless iterations of uninstalls and reinstalls, with many combinations of uninstalling the unlocker only or both main app and unlocker. I even cleared the cache of Google Play app and even cleared its data. Whenever I open Poweramp with the unlocker uninstaled, I will get the trial version running alright, but when i "restore purchase" from Google Play, and get the unlocker installed, Poweramp will fail immediately. Sometimes I'll even get the message "thank you for purchasing Poweramp full version", and it wont immediately fail, but when I open Poweramp settings, I will see "License Verification Failed", it will load for 5 seconds, then it shows the same message again. This has been bothering me very much, for I'd hate to see if a factory reset will fix it, and I very much doubt it. Should you be able to provide a fix or a solution, I would be very grateful. Notes: I have filled in the google docs form for bug reports, and have sent the logcat text to the designated email address.