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      Poweramp v3 - Next Beta Release Planned for April 2018   03/14/2018

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss, but it is currently hoped that the next Beta Test release will be ready for April 2018.    


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  1. a post by Max would suffice and everything would calm down. and it would also be respectful for Andre who is here alone to moderate our escandesciences
  2. to be honest ... you paid for Poweramp ver 2 ... and this version exists and works well too. so all this frustration from where it comes from?
  3. thanks Andre so, "buffer ms" and number of DSP buffers increase in case of stuttering and if you do not have it you can lower it if I understood correctly? the delay viewer instead is only if you watch videos or video effects? I only listen to music and turn off the screen can I keep it at 0? sorry, but maybe it can come in handy for more "curious" people
  4. guys I do not know if I'm writing in the right section, but I would like to get more awareness on the use of the PA audio options and then I need help explanations: -resampler cutoff frequency ratio: default 97.0%. increasing or decreasing the percentage what happens? -size audio buffer: buffer ms ... increase ms that happens? number of DSP buffers, increase decrease that happens? -visualizator delay: extra delay ms, better for high or low audio? thank you so much D
  5. hai installato una mod audio? Io, dopo aver installato "ainur sauron" + "batte audio", l'AP ha iniziato a laggare. poi ho re-flash la rom, pulito chache e dalwik dal ripristino e reinstallato PA e le mod audio che stavo dicendo sopra. ora perfetto, anche con molte altre app aperte in background e quindi ram sotto stress. dispositivo: xiaomi redmi4prime nb. OT. Dò per scontato che in Russia abbiano molti più soldi di me, nel mio paese lo stato li porta via con le tasse, per finanziare il mantenimento degli immigrati clandestini ...
  6. then ... let's be clear: we already have a fantastic player, this anxiety is not justified ... or rather ... in this way annoyed. I also look forward, especially if there will be further improvements on the HighDefinition side, but let's realize that the current product works great, so calm and calm I think
  7. I think the only player approaching PWA as audio quality is Neutron.ma is not as superior as many believe. in the more it is much more complex to achieve high quality with the settings. and snoops a lot in the graphical user interface. I keep close to PWA ...
  8. ahahahahah ...black player... ah ah ah you're very nice guy!!
  9. Andre, a way to calm the minds though could be writing an official post with a work update that is in progress calming all the "followers" Poweramp
  10. I join myself too, I'm available. my device is xiaomi redmi 4 pro + xiaomi Hybrid Dual Driver Dave
  11. I also expect the new update, but beware of other readers. the same Neutron in my opinion, playing long with the audio settings, I can not get to the Hi-res quality of Poweramp v.704 with flac files. other players have eye-catching graphics and features, but audio quality? I hope for future updates to further improve Hi-res quality because this is the strong point of the Poweramp.
  12. would you be able to receive an update on what's developing with regard to sound quality? just for the hype