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      Poweramp v3 - Next Beta Release Planned for April 2018   03/14/2018

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss, but it is currently hoped that the next Beta Test release will be ready for April 2018.    


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  1. LOL!. Gotta love it when some new user comes in...doenst read any of the previous posts (or use search) and says...hey having this issue, hey this dont work...when there is 95 pages dating back 2yrs+ of the exact same posts. Just lock the whole forum board at this point. LOL!
  2. I'm surprised u haven't quit by now Andre....i mean seriously...this thread is pretty much the only active tread. Its either folks bitching about no update, or an issue they have with current version that cant be fixed. why bother hanging around as a forum mod at this point. Just log off and leave it to the wolves....lol.
  3. So...after 2yrs of "working on it". The dev is now like...o. Sorry. Oreo messed up a lot of things. Now it needs much more work. U do know that Oreo has been out publicly for 5 months now. (8 months if u include 1st dev preview.) It is also true that 8.1, things got even more different in the OS. Suffice to say....there will be no update anytime soon. Then P will come out, and we start this same process over again. Not to mention the fact that Google now requires that ANY new app or updates must be done using the API for 8.0 or higher. This repetitive process is of no surprise to me. Its only one person who is only working on this app in their free time. Even the most skilled dev needs the time to do thier work. And it seems that this dev, lacks the good skills needed to do the job regardless of time given. (I have a college buddy who spent only just 2 hrs each Sunday of the week making a multi-level mobile game from stractch. It took him just 3 months to complete and publish.) For P.A., Its been over 2yrs since any usable public update has been given. That is far longer than what most would consider to be "an abandoned app". P.A. as it stands, still works if u teak the output settings right. It still sounds the best to most users. The V3 Alpha UI looks great to me. Black. the way it should be for an OLED phone. Sure it has some quirks...but I'll still use it until its fully broken. As i have tried all the other "alternatives" and I either don't like them, they do not sound as good as P.A, or I have issues with them. Others are free to use whatever they want. But just accept the fact that a usable update to P.A. is never gonna happen.
  4. There was nothing wrong with the UI look of the V3 Alpha. Simple, functional and black. Thats the way it should be for any app. None of this flat white crap or Rainbow pallet that stings ur eyes every time u look at it.
  5. if those screen shots are of the new Poweramp....yuck! hope there is a black/dark theme. hate white.
  6. With Android P to fully come not to long from now...later this year. bye bye Poweramp. I do not have a device to try the P DP on. But the time i had a dev device (from a colleague) with an earlier build of P on it...Poweramp did not work. And i don't think the current v3 704 is targeted at SDK 26+ (android O) which is a requirement of app updates starting Nov 2018.
  7. I do notice this notification helper app...does sometimes see more persistent than the app. As when i close the app, the notification still is present and it has come back a few times even after i press the X. "You meaning PA Lockscreen? It's developed for Android 2.x isn't updated for the future version of Android and will be completely removed from the next version of Poweramp." HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA! The next version........like the current version is a alpha build from over 2yrs ago! Wont see a new version for long time if EVER!.
  8. I tried UAPP trial. even at bit matched setting, my USB DAC still reports 48K 16bit even when i am playing a 24bit wav file. It shows my Poweramp playlists under "Playlists (Android DB)" but they are blank. Also, a message came up saying this feature will be removed in future versions.
  9. Cool! Seems to work ok on my Pixel XL with 8.1 with Feb Security update. Gald to be able to change song while u use the phone again....otherwise...ive been fine with using the Poweramp lock screen thing.
  10. What post are u talking about? The search finds nothing for "android 8.0 notification fix". Additionally, its 8.1 where the notification controls stopped working. (not 8.0)
  11. IMO. the UI of the current alpha 704 build is great looking. Black. simple. Exactly what I want. I don't care or want a new design. I don't care about third party themes. I just want the app to function completely as intended and still sound awesome as it currently does.
  12. So thats a no. just as i thought.....I play all my music via Poweramp cause of the EQ. also my playlists are in there. So i guess only Bluetooth speakers then would work with PA.
  13. random question.... Does Poweramp support playing to wifi speakers like Sonos? I was looking at getting Sonos, but the vids i seen on YouTube seem to show that u have to stream things through Sonos app or through compatible streaming apps (Google Music, Pandora etc)
  14. Is the "Info" button on the top RIGHT next to the other buttons on the now playing screen.