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      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. I just checked and what the heck they're in there twice. when I scrolled all the way down I see a whole another set of duplicate playlists under file based. And the updated ones are there. I never can figure out why Poweramp does this. the other players don't. quite often in the past the a set of duplicates would have 0 songs in them. it's confusing when there's duplicates. And time consuming deleting them when i have like 20-30 playlists. Why or how does it get in there twice? I didn't manually import them either. Because if i do I'll get duplicates that way also.
  2. I updated some playlists on my computer and synced them with iSyncr but the problem is the playlists aren't updated on Poweramp. The playlists are updated in PlayerPro and the stock Music Player. I have had this problem over the years on different phones. I am using the LG G6 now. I tried multiple times to rescan the library. But it didn't help. I'm using the Poweramp V3 704 beta.
  3. Nice to hear a status report. Too bad he's hung up on the UI. Glad to hear he might report on the forum soon. I sure can't wait for the finished product Moreso because my phone is too picky and won't play right with anything other then the 704 build. Even the stock player skips in every song.
  4. No I haven't. I will check it out. thanks.
  5. I can't wait for the new version because this 704 is the only player and version that will work on the LG G6 with no skipping or audio cutting out for a split second at random through almost every song. even the stock player has the audio cutting out for a split second so annoying. I wish I can use skins but the newest version don't allow skins. The EQ is hard to find and the GUI is so confusing. i keep going to the right menu for the settings but it's moved to the left menu. I was homing the GUI would be easier to use no harder. I like the look of Player Pro but my phone has the audio cutting out issue with it too. even with the buffer settings maxed out. That being said. Without a updated user guide i don't understand the audio tweak settings on the 704 version. It has Audio Track output and then OpenSL ES Output. I don't know what the difference is and what's better. Does anyone else have audio problems with their G6? I am frustrated waiting for the new Poweramp update and the software update for the LG G6. The G6 is months behind on updates. if only there was a update to fix the performance issues with playing music, and other bugs.
  6. A few years ago I got brave and switched from Android to an iPhone 6+. took me almost a month to get used to iOs. I enjoyed the phone after that till i got my GS7. I was so glad to be back on Android. the reason i got a iphone is because i got frustrated with the android hardware. the iphone 6+ camera was awesome. But the software is too awkward and restrictive.
  7. What's wrong with iTunes? I have a love hate relationship with it. Microsoft dumbed down they're offerings. I read recently there's a musicbee windows program and android app does the same thing as isyncr. the windows program is the music player and it syncs directly with the app i believe. i haven't tried it yet but might sometime.
  8. The best way for me is to use iSyncr on my desktop and phone to sync iTunes playlists to my phone. Been using this app since 2012. Works nice. i can just lay in bed or whatever and access my playlists over the wifi and sync to my phone. It's easier to work on playlists on the computer then sync to the phone. it is to tedious to build playlists on the phone itself. and why recreate the wheel when i already have tons of playlists on the computer. It took a few years to figure why the playlists in all mixed up on the phone. apparently either Android or iSyncr don't play well with the automatic sorting on iTunes so i have to manually sort my playlists in iTunes. so annoying but at least i finally can have my albums and tracks in order on my phone.
  9. I miss my GS7. I like the themes i had from the theme store. The LG themes are dorky and boring. They don't take uploads from users it seems. But the G6 has a stellar sound recorder that works wonders for bird sounds. adjustable gain, low freq cutoff, limiter, VU meter. hold the phone vertical for record in mono or horizontal to record stereo. records in flac etc. My GS7 didn't do so well for the bird sounds. couldn't adjust the gain loud enough with Rec Forge. But with the G6 i can't play PlayerPro without the audio cutting out for a split second randomly throughout the songs and the Poweramp the same except for the 704 build. which is annoying because i like the simple UI on the Playerpro. and the EQ is a pain to get to on the new Poweramp v3. And i miss skins. I had to adjust the buffering on the powreamp. but the settings are more confusing on the 704 build. and there's no instructions yet for them. I've used Poweramp since 2012 and never had audio problems except on a POS Motorola Razr HD.
  10. what phone do you have? Mine is on Nougat of course. But dang LG is god awful slow for major software updates. i found a few bugs in the software and the camera is laggy sometimes and needs tweaked. Out in the sun it's too red in the shade its too blue, uses too slow a shutter speed too much. panaramas come out double images of trees and poles etc. sometimes the system scanner quits working so newly synced music, photos, or files wont' show up in the stock music player, Poweramp, or the stock gallery etc. Ringtones and Notifications i synced don't show up either. only fix is restart the phone.
  11. I usually use the regular android screen but was trying out the Poweramp lockscreen for the last 2 months. Just sucks that 3rd party lockscreens aren't exactly seemless with Android.
  12. I am using a LG G6 and use the Poweramp lockscreen. but quite often when unlocking the phone I click the Poweramp lockscreen to unlock, it brings me to the android screen, then i unlock it then it goes back to the Poweramp lockscreen then i have to unlock it again before finally getting to the homescreen where i then have to click on the Poweramp widget to bring it back up to look at my songs or whatever. is this supposed to be this way? It takes forever just to get back to Poweramp to change a song or look what's playing at this rate. or to do anything else. it's highly annoying. one day when i was driving i went to unlock the phone and unlocked it with my fingerprint which is hard to do while driving, then it went to the Poweramp lockscreen, then back to the android lockscreen where i had to unlock it again for the 2nd time and then go to the regular Poweramp screen. it seems using the Poweramp lockscreen makes it so i have to jump through even more hoops just to get back to the player after unlocking the phone. I'm using the 704 build btw.
  13. Does it have a EQ? I don't see one in the screenshots for the app.