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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. I think the GUI in the screenshot looks confusing and weird. I don't like the way the waveform looking thing is behind the buttons at the bottom. I was hoping for a easier to use GUI. i still can't get used to the way we have to bring up the EQ settings on the alpha version. i hope it's more straight forward in the final release. and i keep looking for the settings on the right menu.
  2. We got a brand new Hobby Lobby built in our town in less time then it's taking for the beta. if a whole landscape is graded and prepped over months and months then finally the building gets built all this in less then a year if i remember correctly you would think a little app on a phone would be done by now.
  3. I know. I came across this thread and alpha version in May 2017 and have been checking the forum and this thread daily since then because the G6 can't play version 2 without skipping in most songs. Between LG not releasing any decent updates since i got my LG G6 and Poweramp not having new updates I can't wait to trade my phone in in april for a Galaxy again and have a newer Android update and be able to play the last version of Poweramp without skipping so i can use skins again.
  4. It's too bad the best player on the market is seldom updated while Jet Audio, Rocket Player, and others just had quite a few updates in the last few months. They're updated all the time. Rocket player even has a beta test forum where the devs regular interacts with the testers. I can't get the beta because it's only for oreo. Such a shame Max doesn't get more involved with the testers and making more updates. I guess he must be loosing interest or getting burnout. I've been there with some of my interests so i know what it's like. the more I loose interest in something the slower i am with updates and such.
  5. That's good. I was getting tired of those lengthy posts.
  6. cloud support would be great. I always forget to backup mine as well when resetting a phone. Funny i reset my tablet and when i restored it Rocketplayer had the custom EQ presets still. I did'nt back it up at all. But asking for cloud support might set the release back another year lol.
  7. Beats me. there's hundreds of players out there but maybe only 5 of them use a decent eq and sound settings worth a hoot. There's PlayerPro still in beta for new version with no replies from the dev from review, email, or posts in forum. Then Jet Audio but it won't read my album covers or an easy way to select them like Poweramp. most others are either confusing to use or sound like crap. Rocket Player wouldnt' be too bad if the EQ didn't sound muffled on the highs or bass. I wonder why more Devs don't create their own EQ's instead of using the crappy Android one? there's too many look a like music apps in the store many with adds too and most use the android EQ.
  8. It is so sad. 704 build's days are numbered. And if we don't get a update soon we're screwed. And now that there's more bugs there goes another 6 months to a year added to the next release date.
  9. Except i have a LG G6 and the only player that is worth a hoot that will play without skipping is the alpha version of Poweramp after I jack the buffer up all the way. i hate that part of my phone. it's picky with audio player. ugh.
  10. But beta fell into a black hole forever and the finished build is a pipe dream as far away as waiting to go to heaven. So waiting waiting waiting we still are. I can't find an alternative worth a hoot.
  11. thanks for the update. I can't wait for the new version. Keep up the good work.
  12. So i try again. It's listed as "Export Settings" on the newest alpha version. it actually says it will backup EQ settings. that's a new window that pops up. i found two separator folders for Poweramp. It's in "_com.maxmpz.audioplayer" "last.Poweramp-settings". Nice to know. now to test it. I wish there was an easy way to send it to a regular folder on the SD card or in internal memory where it can be easily found. update: I created a test preset for the EQ, backed up and deleted it and then imported it. The preset came back so it worked!!! Did max do some updating on the backup and restore to make it better?
  13. I tried numerous times over the years and never can get a backup to work for the EQ's. so annoying. I can't stand it when i have 4-5 different presets and have to redo them each time i have to reset the phone. The backup doesn't let me choose where to export to either last i tried.
  14. It's frustrating for sure. i got fed up bought playerpro but their owner never replied to my posts about problems and they're updates are just about as slow as Poweramp and their forum is a graveyard. I got bored and bought Jet Audio Player Plus and a sound plugin. The player has some issues but they update frequently.
  15. I got tired of waiting and bought Jet Audio Plus with one of the plugins that sounds as good as Poweramp. one annoyance though is it has 4 User Presets but i can't name them what i want so i forget which setting goes to which speaker or stereo.