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  1. All I can say is complaining about it, is not helping the ones being patient, and not complaining at all. This depends on the person they are complaining about, and you think Max is not reading these posts? He may not respond, but I am sure that a normal person that gets a little annoyed or ticked off in what others say about them, they tend to do things per spite. Not saying that Max is actually do it to keep it from being released. If I was actually the one developing it, that is what I would do. I would take it slower or finish it, but just shelf it or store it on computer, until the complaining calms down. For all those not saying anything about it taking so long, are just getting the longer wait because were not helping at all by complaining more. Another thing, if it was me developing. I would just gave up on it or just use it for myself, and say all that wanted it, is just out of luck. I rather have good working app with less updates than like BlackPlayer that offers updates every two weeks or a month. That pushes way too many bugs. Plus, I have paid BlackPlayer EX, and their community is just full of complaints about bugs. Also, way to many requests for looks for features, instead of better audio engine.
  2. Probably what is already mentioned and does not have DVC on it. I am not maxing out the volume on my phone and get nagged about it being too loud when it isn't because other players can't do the same with DVC not being on that app, like PA that actually has it. I'll support PA, while you are quitters. The actual problem is that people are impatient. This thread proves it.
  3. Again, they are not comparable to DVC and sound quality of PA. Keep trying to tell otherwise. I rather wait then biotch about it. Not directed with Biotch at you.
  4. Just tried GoneMad, and I don't like that most other players do not have DVC on it. That is why I do not have to turn my phone up louder to get it to sound like you can hear it better. I do not like the Samsung warning that it is turned up too loud. Where the DVC on Poweramp makes it better this way, and is loud at 47% volume. Any louder than that is too loud but other players you have to turn almost all the way up. Until I can find another player with an equalizer that has something like DVC, then Poweramp is the only player I am sticking with, even if it takes Max forever to get beta released.
  5. Compilation album is usually a greatest hits which does have the same song as normal album has. Most greatest hits do that. They are the same and added as the same. So it comes out as duplicates. Only way to fix that is not even add the greatest hits at all, just use the normal album. Only way a compilation album would not be the same song on it to make a duplicate is a remix or reissue of that song. It also depends on if you have feature artists in certain songs. Both artists could use that same song on one of each of their albums. The reason of saying this, is that you are going to have duplicates or just sacrifice one of the albums to not have duplicates.
  6. Good luck on assuming you will get it sooner then. I am done wasting my time arguing over it.
  7. He can't do support for Oreo if Oreo is not even released. So pointless to just release it when just everyone says just release it now, and leave those Oreo people left out in the dark until he actually works on it. No support for Oreo until Oreo is finally released to all. Unless, he actually is on a s8 or s8 +, then he can release sooner because Oreo beta, if he even has beta on his phone.
  8. What I said goes with what he said. With all the off topics in this thread. Who would read all 56 plus pages to keep up? I just come and click on last page. I would never start from first page all the way through. That is a long time. If he closed it, most people would either skip to last be lost of what was said or read from middle or partial way through or start from beginning that would take a very long time. Also, closed would cause a bunch of different threads to "where is the release?", which I would hate to be on the main forum page scrolling down it to see what so many would be asking in this thread instead. Time consuming that way too. If I had a way to say something about the time it is taken to get beta released sooner, then I would say it, but no ones say about it, is working it faster. I do have a feeling that Oreo will be released to the majority of phones that are to receive it are getting that before Poweramp Beta is released from Alpha. It is around the corner for Oreo. S8 and S8 + gets it this month. Also, my phone s7 edge gets it just after.
  9. How the heck does rescanning a library that has duplicates in it anyways get rid of the duplicates. BlackPlayer had a setting to keep duplicates from showing. I do not understand how scanning a folder that has duplicates is going to just get rid of them. I mean if an artist has studio album and that person with his collection has that artist compilation album in that collection and has the same song or songs as both discs have, then rescanning that folder is just going to readd those duplicates. Also, if you even have two separate folders of those two discs and rescan the folders as separate folders. PA is going to add those duplicates back again that way. It just adds what folders you selected to add to your library on PA, it does not separate them. It needs a setting put into PA to have a way to separate duplicates. What I mean with BlackPlayer is the setting says to not add duplicates and you check that option, and when it scans the library it detects duplicates in the folder for that library, and does not add it twice. That is what Poweramp needs, but doubt the dev is going to add it. I would not just get BlackPlayer just for that though. I have used BlackPlayer and it does not sound as nearly as good as PA.
  10. Why the heck would someone care about what others say about what it sounds like or is better? It is what our own ears perceive it to be good or not, not what others says or numbers to prove that it is what it is. All I read in this whole thread was circles of someone saying the other is wrong. Who cares? I just enjoy it the way I like it, and if that bothers any of you, then the problem is not me, but who ever says something about it. All I see are you all saying that everyone else should agree with how you like it. I almost think this is the worst thread I ever read.
  11. Not to be a problem but who is going to spend all that time going through 56 pages to catch up on the thread?
  12. As long as it sounds good to me, then it does not matter how far better format or bitrate it should be. I got most of mine backed up at 320kbps cbr mp3 but bring it down to vbr 190 mp3 for listening on phone, and I can't even tell the difference, but I sure can tell a difference on equalizer from PA and the other apps on google play. PA just makes it sound better no matter what. Oh and having the samsung galaxy s7 edge with the UHQ Upscaler helps a lot too.
  13. I meant for the s7 edge. If Samsung made the bootloader unlocked then it would be better.
  14. Root is buggy no matter the OS or not perfect for use. If you want to deal with problems then go for it but I can't stand having issues on my devices.