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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. He says max sends him pictures to post on the forum though, and Andre does talk to Max when he responds, through like email and such, just wondering why just clever_man gets all the details first
  2. I don't know if anyone asked this before but how exactly does Clever_man get all this really secretive information from Max when someone like Andre who's a Mod, a loyal Mod at that, doesn't get any info about development at all, does clever_man visit Max personally, are they friends, or is clever_man just Max using an anon account to put out information "on Max's behalf"
  3. If anyone that's in contact with Max, and has any new info or anything on the progress and development whatsoever I would greatly appreciate if you could post it on here for the community and myself, we are all eager and hopeful to find out what's going on with everything
  4. https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/12/17003326/google-android-p-redesign-notch-support-assistant-integration-rumors Android already about to be releasing the details on Android P, Beta version for app developers is releasing shortly after, so is max going to stop the release to work on the new update again, because I fear that this will happen every year and then we enter a endless void where nothing gets released because of compatibility for new versions which then cause a new problem max has to fix and so on.
  5. I have Sonos speakers and the subwoofer, it doesn't use power amp as an app but it lets you play music directly from your phones storage over wifi or use apps like sound cloud or Spotify etc, yes you need to use the Sonos app though, hope this helped
  6. I'm curious how the lock screen will look too when the beta gets released
  7. When you have been going to check the forums everyday for two years, you can clearly see there's an issue where max decides to add new programming features or fix something on a new version, everytime Google adds a new update to Android, like I said before this could turn into a project that will never be put out because the developer not wanting to release it after finding new problems on newer versions, that is really the point of having this beta in the first place, which is also why we signed up as the beta testers a while back
  8. Again, people voted for this year's back, I'm sure if they knew how long it would take (2-3+ years) they wouldn't have voted for it, no one assumed it would take this long, probably not even Max, and probably alot of the people who voted didn't know how intensive it would be, the communication between Max and everyone on the forums who support his projects is what is getting everyone frustrated and wondering where PA is, and what is going on, if there was any form of communication I'm sure the attitude would be different, the continuous unreached release date goals and not saying a thing after make things worse too
  9. But the cycle of fixing a new bug that comes out instead of releasing it and try and fine more bugs, that doesn't mean max is releasing an "unfinished product" that's what betas we're intended for,that is one of the reasons he isn't releasing a full blown 3.0 update, but what has been happening is that google releases a new update and Max tries to add compatibility to that feature and not releasing the beta until he does, which ends up in an endless cycle of tweaking that will have the product never be released, even though Max has been working hard on this for the past years up until now, we are all really looking forward to the update, that doesn't make me entitled for expecting an update that has been in development for a while now, it is like a crowdfunding product, we technically did pay for Poweramp and all future updates so those people saying you only paid for the past version is absurd when plenty of other apps update their entire interfaces and don't resell it, but even if that were the case the argument becomes even more invalid because people who use Poweramp, including me, have offered to donate or pay for the new version by max apparently refused, there are no other solutions but hope we get it soon, hopefully not half the year in or more
  10. Back in May when people were saying after Max said he couldn't release it then because he kept running into problems and people said by the end of the year it would probably still be in development I thought they were joking
  11. January 8th will Mark two years since Max asked for the next build priorities in the forum, and in my opinion Google play music and Cloud storage weren't really that enticing at all, the only ones that were was Material design and DLNA support, and those were the two most requested. DLNA support is probably not known by everyone so some people might have seen Material design as the best option on the list, I'm positive that no one knew the development would take this long, including Max.
  12. Not everyone has gotten it yet lol, so not really a good example to make, I had to use my old Sprint sim to get it to update my Moto X Pure, hope Poweramp cones out in the next week or so
  13. But again there have been countless people that said if Max opened a donation to developer button in the app there would be a ton of people that are willing to support him because they really enjoy his products and his work, we've been on this forums for what? Since January of 2016 it's about to be 2 years now, we have been waiting every day hoping it's gonna be released the next day, week or even month, people keep saying that it's because he has to keep rewriting code in because one code might cause problems somewhere else and that's been happening a lot. We don't know if Max is as motivated or as driven as he was since he started but only he could tell us that. Since it's already December 1st I don't know if it's gonna be out by December or if we will still go into 2018 without it 🤷