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      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. It has to be added as an output path for the music to the dac, if it does not have a multichannel path than you have no chance of playing back a real multichannel recording(multichannel is 4 or more channels here). Most devices don't have one, verry rarely does one have it. Standard is the mono/stereo paths. You can check in your audiopolicy.config file what your devices supports.
  2. So far it only works for snapdragon chipset based devices fiio x5 3rd gen is based on rockchip 3180 you will need tyo way for the next beta or one after that, ofr max to implement the paths that those chips use.
  3. Yet every time he does, he is mostly met with whining and insults, most here just start complaining of why is it going to take more time so why bother?
  4. Yes, how difficult? Do you see any other app that supports high res output? No(except for Neplayer, but that one costs 20 euro and has barely any options), because all of them use 16bit/48khz resampling pathways, this is the only one to support non re-sampling, if it was so easy then all would support it, no? Besides is the current beta and alpha not working for you, v3 is not the product you are buying on google play, it is the v2 or current finished build to be precise, not a single word or promise of you getting v3 or anything beyond that. Yes you are making an unreasonable request, development takes time.Yes we all want it to come out, but this constant whining brings us nothing at all, just enjoy the music and wait. It is not easy to build the whole app alone.
  5. Thank you very much.
  6. Got a question for you all. What should the buffer size in Poweramp be set to and what effect will it have, have mine set to 1dps core and 27ms on my lenovo vibe x3, working great so far, just wondering if There are any negatives for setting it lower other than more work for cpu
  7. Does it support high res output? So far the only other player to support for no resampling/high res output is Neplayer, but that one is 20 euro for the full version and has nowhere near as much options as Poweramp
  8. Entitled f***s like you should go and find some other player, if you don't like then buy something else, if you even bought it in the first place.
  9. It is his project, entirely his decision on when he releases the beta or when he feels it is ready. You all payed for the full version and it is working fine, the alpha is something special thanks to it's hi res support, you already got a more or less working one so where is the problem in waiting, is it not working for you? In max's place i would not come to this forum at all because of all the negativity here, even when he posts half of the people here just start trowing insults around, build your own music player if you think it is that easy, until than gtfo.
  10. Just checked, Poweramp alpha 704 works perfectly on my bros samsung s7, It even recognizes the correct path and uses it,Still not working on axon 7 mini neither on 6.0 or 6.0.1(improved the sound quality a lot compared to any other player). Pretty sure it isn't using the proper path on this phone whoever says it is working with snapdragon 24bit pcm path is False it is not working, it has worse sound quality and sound stage than stock player.
  11. Nyquist frequency — The Nyquist rate is defined differently from the Nyquist frequency, which is the frequency equal to half the sampling rate of a sampling system, and is not a property of a signal. I think you are understanding the theorem wrong, it says nothing about how much is enough and is only a theory for that matter. Correct one so far, but it's meaning is simple you need 2x the sampling rate to avoid any aliasing errors.
  12. You do realize that just because it is 44,1khz or 48khz or 192khz most of the benefits come from time resolution increase and not the high frequencies(though they do also play a part, still being discussed what effect they actually have on listening experience). Meaning with 96khz audio you get 2x the samples every second with 192khz you get around 4x the samples, which can be desirable in some cases and produce more lifelike sound. Not to mention you do not need to apply such steep filters and don't have to filter at such low frequencies and anti aliasing becomes less of an issue in general. Most of the energy is focused in the low spectrum anyway. while the benefits of going 24 bit and beyond are far less.
  13. The statement about flac is false, flac. is only the container the audio itself is pcm, flac is used as a zip. archive for audio and is a lossless format that should have absolutely no difference to the original source once uncompressed. Wav is not the same it is lpcm(linear) vs pcm, but sound quality should be identical, provided there are no glitches while decoding. Speaker quality and specially headphone makes a huge difference, spent the same i did on my phone on my iem's, isine10. Even with my soundmagic e80's that i previously had I could not listen to mp3 when flac is and option. Lossless just sounds so much more alive and musical there is way more timbre in lossless music. I would assume part of the problem why people say they don't hear a difference is they are used to compressed lossy music and have no other reference point. Mp3 was a good enough(but only good enough, not close to optimal) solution back in early 2000's when storage was expensive, quality loss was acceptable, not anymore there is no excuse to go any lower than 16bit 44.1khz flac or wav.