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      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. Thanks Andrew, I was already aware of these settings though. Interesting that the queue would be considered to be outside normal playback mode! Without using the queue how would you suggest that a one time set of multiple albums be played? Or am I the only person that drives long distances and wouldn't want to have to stop to select the next album to be played as each album ends? Or would you recommend fiddling with the phone as I'm driving to scroll through albums and select the next album.
  2. Unlike some people I use Enqueue almost exclusively. I like to queue up a few albums for road trips, mowing the lawn, a workout or other chores where I don't want to be bothered with anything other than listening to a long set of albums. I'm finding that in the Alpha 703 release that Enqueue doesn't work a lot of the time. I may queue up 3 albums, plug in my headset, hit play and it will start playing a song in the middle of the 2nd album. I don't have shuffle turned on, I don't have resume on headset, I don't have resume on Bluetooth. Some times I'll queue up an album, hit play and nothing happens, sometimes it will play the last song of the prior queue before I cleared it and then not play what I queued. I tried clearing all data, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, these fix it for a while and then it starts doing the same thing over again! This whole Enqueue, Play thing needs to be merged to a single method of playing music. Something like Play (this will kill the current list and play selected item), Add to Now Playing list (this will add the selection to the end of the currently playing list), Play next (this will play the item after the currently playing song). Should be able to access the queued list and swipe songs out of the list. This whole enqueue, play deal needs to be consolidated to a single set of play methods.
  3. Seems like I replied in another thread, but just to be sure my vote is added for Android Auto support in Poweramp!
  4. For all you audiophiles here's an interesting article on FLAC vs high bitrate MP3. This person created a fairly in-depth test and issued a public challenge where people would evaluate the provided test material. I don't think anyone in the challenge used a phone for their audio source, but several used headphones. http://archimago.blogspot.com/2013/02/high-bitrate-mp3-internet-blind-test.html One of the most interesting items was the result of which test set sounded inferior.
  5. Auto advance from queue is not checked, but it just goes to all songs when the queue is depleted. After you saying the Enqueue isn't normal playback, I need some help! When I take a drive to Southern Utah from Northern Utah which is about the same as from Hamburg to Munich I like to set up a few albums to play. I go to Library -> Albums (sorted by Artist) and Equeue the albums I want to listen to for the drive. How would you go about setting up about six chosen albums to play in uninterrupted sequence normally? I use this same method when I mow and edge the lawn (about a 3 hour job). If Enqueue isn't the "normal" way to create a set for us "old school album listeners", then what is?
  6. Yes, both Resume on Bluetooth and Resume on headset are not checked. I want to be able to clear what's playing even if it's not in the queue! I can't believe that this is something that can't be done.
  7. When in my car and phone connected via Bluetooth and nothing in the queue or the end of what's queued is reached PA plays All Songs in the order they show in All Songs. How do I stop this? I don't want anything to play if there's nothing in the queue or the end of the queue has been reached!
  8. You need to read this thread a little closer. You will not be able to use PA 3.0 beta or 3.0 release version on your android 4.4.4. You can use the 3.0 alpha up to the 704 release. With the implementation of Material Design Max has stated that you will have to be at android 5 (Lollipop) or beyond. Andre's flippant answer saying "What part of Android 4.1 minimal version above is unclear?" has turned out to be "fake news".
  9. I mean clear the album from playing any further. Like if I start playing album A, long press Pause so the song stops and resets to the beginning, then Enqueue an album and start playing it. When the queue ends I don't want the player to start playing album A from the song I stopped. For some reason what I've now got happening is when the end of the queue is reached it starts playing random (shuffled) songs from all albums in my library. I just want the player to stop when it reaches the end of what I've put in the queue. If I were redesigning this I'd keep Enqueue as "add to the end of the current list (queue) of what's playing", Change Play to be "Play next" so it plays after the current song, this would be for a song or album, but also insert the "play next" into the queue following the current song. Make it so that everything that is played is added/inserted to the queue so that it can be manipulated (moved or removed) from the queue. No more Play that doesn't go to the queue. If I have no queue, press Play on an album it plays the album and adds it to the queue.
  10. If I go into Albums and press the Play button and then decide to kill the album that's playing how do I do that. The playing album doesn't show in the queue so I can't clear the queue. Where is the item to clear this?
  11. mulitple tags

    This would be a great addition! I also have multiple entries in Genre. We should be able to specify the separation character as I know some use "/" and others use ";" to separate genres.
  12. Would be really nice to see this. Say select one or more genres and BPM. This would be great for workouts!
  13. For all you audiophiles here's an interesting article on FLAC vs high bitrate MP3. This person created a fairly in-depth test and issued a public challenge where people would evaluate the provided test material. http://archimago.blogspot.com/2013/02/high-bitrate-mp3-internet-blind-test.html
  14. Why not just create a small mp3 of silence and then build a playlist where the silence mp3 is put between your tracks. A silence track of 1 or 2 seconds should be fine. This should be plenty of time to hit pause or whatever.
  15. Looks like I'm not the only one that will be buying new hardware to be able to run the new Poweramp v3 with Material design.