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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. I mean on tapping on them - i dont use Bluetooth and no Headphone. Shuffel is not enabled
  2. Hi, can someone tell me if it is normal that the Buttons <<< >>> have no function ? The Buttons << and >> are one Song forward and one Back, Play and Pause also have funktion but the <<< >>> are doing nothing (tested on Car Android Radio, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Acepad). I have switched nearly everything under Settings eg. Lock screen but they still have no function. thanks
  3. thanks for the Answer, if even you are waiting for this Feature i completly dont understand why they dont make a Skin or plugin ... My Head Unit dont have a Remote, it uses via Obd the Keys in the Steering Wheel but this only works with the pre installed Mp3 Player (and that app has a poor Sound Quality and no option like EQ). Hmm .. i think i have to turn to another Player like Rocket Player ... but i cant understand why they dont make it for Poweramp. Ok - if a Company dont listen to Customers - it will be dead on the long time and others who do will take the Place on Top and then Version 3 comes out perhaps a lot of people dont care about that by then.
  4. Hi, i understand the Company must work on the new Version but as i say will the release of it for sure not before the middle of the next year come and this feature is urgent for the safety while driving (it can save lifes - that is the key bug fix i think) You must understand that Customers that buy the Version 2 ( the Current Version) also have the right (for using it now) to have needs for using it in a right way and it is not safe in this style to use it in cars. Third party Developer dont create it because they also wait for the Version 3 ... So please ask your Developer to spent a little of his Time (that is paid by us Customers) to implend this feature in the existing Version and in Version 3 - it will be a Feature that also will expand the amount of Customers and bring your Company more Money - i think (i will) they will also pay extra for this Feature (Plugin). I think your Developer can make this Skin much faster because he knows the code better than third Party Companys und it will bring your Company Money by perhaps take 2 Euro from Customers for it. A easy Way to make Money and it need not many time by doing - and he can use it later for Version 3 - its also not a waste of time. Please think of this and talk to him - i think he will agree with me and many Users will be happy ! (Using Andriod in Cars is coming and i am not the only one using Poweramp in my Car). I think that such a great App like Poweramp have to stay on Top and that needs to be ahead of the others by implent new cool features - not doing it will end in loosing Customers to other Companys that result in loosing Money ...
  5. Hello, i am a new customer with the Pro Version. I use it on my Android Car Navi Reciever. I have found a missing feature in the App and it would be nice if there is a solution for it. The Player Design is based for Mobil Phones, i need bigger Icons for play,skip,pause etc. (perhaps a Skin). A larger text for the Songname is also required for using the App while driving. Does anyone have such a Skin or can the Team from Poweramp can implant such a feature in your current Version of Poweramp ? Please dont say "wait till Version 3" or "we dont make skins" - your App is so far really great and i think plenty of users use it in cars and waiting for such a feature and i can image that it will be not such much work to do it and Version 3 will come out not so soon .... Thanks ! I