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  1. Sony Xperia X with Android 7.1.1 Recently Sony updated my phone ,although hi-res shows up again ,but it's still unusable. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9umxzt2pQnFc2Q1UHdxODEzV28
  2. Yes ,Android's Doze is a battery boost application , although it don't stop Poweramp , but will pause Poweramp's activity . When Doze mode is activated ,Android will ignore the wake lock. The only way is add Poweramp to Doze's white list . It looks like : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9umxzt2pQnFVkZ1ODdGUkZaYUU
  3. 1. Change your Poweramp setting , select "Audio Track" as your output opinion. 2. Test ,use Poweramp to play music. 3.Just make a post here, Max will read them all.
  4. My Xperia X with Nougat didn't have same problem . Poweramp needs to run in background at first , if Poweramp is stopped , auto start/pause won't work. Does your phone have task management app (that will stop Poweramp automatically)? Does you using battery boost app (that will stop Poweramp automatically)?
  5. To Rubenesque : Please check Neutron's Auto Launch setting is off , and reset Android's default launch options , then try it again . I have Neutron too , and had similar problem before .
  6. I know everything is possible while alpha session , but I still was astonished when it occurred , because google and sony didn't told us anything about OS's audio process's changes .
  7. Commonly (pa : audio track) : Music files -> apps -> java virtual machine -> android os -> hardware driver -> output OpenSL ES : Music files -> apps -> android os (OpenSL ES Shell API) -> hardware driver -> output Poweramp app's hi-res function: Music files -> apps <=>Android OS(get permission) apps -> hardware driver -> output Edited: Java virtual machine : 1. Dalvik virtual machine 2. (new) Android RunTime (a.k.a ART) Poweramp's hi-res is a "apps direct access" to hardware , so Poweramp need to know every phone model . If we don't share our phone model and don't share our using experience , Max won't know how to help us . Edited 2 : I used to develop a app , but I had given up , so I knew Android's java virtual machine didn't support for hi-res audio output .
  8. I think you could try it on your Z5 , it will help max (developer) to know what's different between android m & android n.
  9. I think the android's audio process is heavily changed , so java virtual machine can provide 24bit 192khz , but unfortunately Poweramp app just support 16/32bit no 24bit caused that.
  10. ……and IT'S WORK !!! Edited : Because DSEE-HX , I can enjoy 24bit 192khz while "MusicFX" turned on .
  11. I do some change to settings , then plugged my heatset into my phone (xperia x) , and got something happened below : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9umxzt2pQnFOHFPVXIzUXBqT0k It shows no hi-res output , but 16bit 192khz is available. I really don't know what happened !
  12. Sony's Android 7.0 changed alot , so l decided to paste a link , that linked to a compressed entire /etc floder . https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9umxzt2pQnFQmd5VlZ1dG5VTkk/view?usp=drivesdk
  13. I had posted one in the High Res Requests thread , my xperia x had same problem.
  14. Now I know why the 704's hi-res can't use on xperia x with Android 7.0 . Because Sony don't use audio_policy.conf file but newly provided a audio_policy_configuration.xml file , made the Poweramp app can't got audio_policy.conf file . Please fix it , thanks !
  15. 1. Sony Xperia X F5121 2. Android 6.0.1 3. Sony says Xperia X & X Performance support Hi-res audio_policy.conf It not just support 24b 96k. I've tested 24b 192k with Poweramp v3 703 (google) successfuly .