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      Poweramp v3 Beta-test Build 790 Now Released   04/29/2018

      Poweramp v3 BETA TEST preview build 790, including brand new user interface, has now been released - 30 April 2018. This is not quite feature-complete yet, so only install if you are happy to test with a slightly reduced set of options.  Missing features should be completed during May. Please report any issues in the testing forum thread, and remember to backup your previous build before testing.  

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  1. Symbian? Interesting
  2. I believe the problem comes from the oreo roms, since people have reported that alpha build 705 has a working hi-res on Nitrogen OS oreo. Btw, if you ever found a working combo, please come and report in the "Audiophile Discussion" of XDA
  3. Will uploading those system files help you in debugging on different devices? If it does, I'll upload mine.
  4. In terminal: Type: su (then grant root) dumpsys media.audio_flinger Via adb: Adb shell dumpsys media.audio_flinger
  5. Yep, the problem is solved. But tbh, is solution is a bit awkward XD. Is this a thing with MPEG format or other formats have the same problem? I mean, should I encode my songs in AAC from now on or...?
  6. Thanks for your response. My problem is PA-specific and I don't have such problem on any other media player in any other platform. I guess I misunderstood your explanations. The large album art makes the seekbar miscalculate the track duration? (!) I usually sync the metadata with MusicBrainz, therefore any probable corrupt tag must have been changed with the standard one.
  7. Thanks for your response I had asked this question earlier: How do you check the audio output? (The spectrum analysis and stuff) I can remember there was a way to check this with some code in the terminal, do you do the same thing?
  8. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Oreo 8.1 custom rom I'm missing the OpenSL ES HD output. I was so happy I could finally check to see if the new output actually works on this device or not since I could barely feel any difference. I have hires experimental output instead, but not the snapdragon 24-bit pcm one. And again, I can't feel any difference compared to default OpenSL output 🤐
  9. Ok I'll go straight to the point. I'm facing this bug since V2 and it continues to pop-up on V3 beta. This barely happens, but the seek bar goes out of sync with the actual playback time. It happens on mp3 files only. Even if you slide the bar, the player may start from the beginning while the seekbar doesn't reset and continues from the moment you chose to play.
  10. I know it's possible to check the audio output sample rate N bitrate through some code in terminal but I can't remember it. I own a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 running on a custom firmware (I'm sure a large number of PA users use custom firmware) and thus, I have no choice but to use the OpenSL HD output. Since I can't hear any difference btw the normal and HD Opensl output and messing with Float32 and DVC doesn't help me either, I'm wondering if you can tell me and other enthusiasts how to analyze the audio output. Sorry for long post Edit: I forgot to ask, will you be giving small updates to fix some obvious bugs or we should wait till May? And one more question XD, Android is warning me of high battery consumption of PA (it was so annoying I disabled Android System Notifications). Is this normal?
  11. I uninstalled the alpha build and I'm trying the beta one. I'm still getting battery consumption warnings.
  12. This is the first time I'm seeing such error on the Android ecosystem. This build is backward-developing overtime lol. Donno if this is going to help or anything since the beta build looks like to be all different 🤷🏻‍♂️