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  1. Hello, i think you must have missunderstood my prev text, if you would test to insert a SD-card and then press exort...the playlists might in fact not appear in internal playlist...until you redo this operation with SD-card removed, thats my problem and i hope its shared Do you understand we correct now? Regards Kloppstock
  2. Have anybody else tried and failed to from within Poweramp export your playlist to your phones internal storage/playlist folder.....i have concluded that if thats the case, then its cause you at the same time have an inserted SD-card in your phone...with the mp3 files on...that you have created the playlists of that you now tries to export to the internal memory but doesnt generate the files even though Poweramp think it was succefully done. Cause as soon as i removed the SD-card and export it will release the playlists, and i can grab them and do a safe-copy to harddrive in case i get robbed, and then reinsert the SD-card. That annoying solution was possible to perform til the day i inserted shell around my new phone... (So its obviosly Poweramp in combination with certain SD-card types? that creates this lock down, and im not gonna change mine so i think Poweramp should adapt) ...that im to handicapped to wanna remove, can you come up with a solution to backup my Mp3u8 files out of this situation?
  3. I have 1753 tracks in my playlist and i get dissapointed in comparison with another player...on the fact that Poweramp prefer to favourise certain tracks until you delete them like it would be christmas with Mariah Carey Can i get some agreements/confessions please 😃
  4. I do find the shuffle-button that have moved from within our filelists to the outside of our filelists, and this is less easy access just as you wanted? , whats worse...i dont find any shuffle-button at all inside "all songs" deafult!! screen. Can somebody guide me please
  5. Okay thanks, i might bump the thread when i get the new player..so you can tell me how to import the list ;-)
  6. Hello, i have such a poor search filter management that i must ask here instead can i convert m3u-8 playlist files into something else, meaning that i will not need Poweramp as an app on that unit..if you dont mind i would plan to buy a top-modern mp3 player that can handle Poweramp playlists???
  7. Thanks for making me double check, cause the file list where both corrupted and had changed name with each-other. After copy forward new lists from the source it worked excellent between OS, so i accidentally planted in you a false believable assumption as usual ...I didn't even had 2000 favourites, i had just 1000 in that playlist. Sorry for the incongruence's inconveniences
  8. Im deeply troubled, there seem to be a problem for Android 5.1.1 to import a playlist and then reveal all files in that playlist in that phone if these playlists are created in Android version 6.0, i think its called not back-compatible, is this a correct observation? can i do some cheat-fix to make them be readable backwards :). maybe this playlist where indeed created on Android 5 and it only wanna show its own 11 files, instead of the missing 2220 I would prefer to not upgrade to android 6 on this phone who troubles me here It must be this causing it, cause i see that Poweramp is in same version on both Android phones
  9. I think i solved fixed it myself, by overwriting the preset "dance" that it always force-swapped to...for some damn reason
  10. I have a problem on 1 phone(or Poweramp installation)only..that after each new track my current "equalizer preset" changes back to another preset i have not choose n. What have i done, wow can i prevent this? without reinstalling the app
  11. Great, nothing happened this time either, it just rescanned, but it have happen that the playlists where intact inside the player but contained 0 items, and im curiousto know about what those circumstances where to succeed with that, but not so important since i fail! to re-create it now But i wanna now, its not normal right? that you have to remove the SD-card for the internal memory to generate the M3u files also to the browse-folder, those files is a bit precious to backup to computer. BTW, Those ratings i do for fun...i see only a gain in that function IF my ratings can spread like a virus to the rest of the world through through a possible loophole between PA and the internet?,
  12. 500 files later its to make a replacement file-backup, now when i remember that i had to remove my SD-card tor it to generate the new playlist-folder on memory, by the way...why does it demand that?, should my SD-card be replaced you think?, now im paranoid that pulling our the SD-card will kill the playlists inside the player, or maybe? that only happen when you also put the SD-card into another unit and then back?, cause i suspect that happened in the past for me when the lists where erased all of a sudden
  13. Great now everything works after all, well this is my packbpain mostly..so much unnecessary text that i will not edit away
  14. How interesting!, now it worked...i would suspect my SD-card for this, as soon as it wasn't inside the unit it worked!....this shall be investigated further, cause off course im still failing to import these filelists from the other phone by using my technique. This is not correct i suspect
  15. Do i understand it correct that by pressing Poweramp Menu > Setting > Folders and Library > Export Poweramp Playlists this are supposed to generate a folder called "Playlists" on the memorycard browse, then i can copy those "m3u8" files to another phones generated "Playlists" folder and then inside Poweramp on that other unit press import to inherit that list? The problem is I have only succeed 1! time so far to actually find this playlists folder even though Poweramp claims it have exported the playlist to the browse, What did i do right that time that im failing to repeat, i even fail on that Xperia M2 that succed to create that folder..to repeat the procedure after i have moved the "playlists folder out of the browse