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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. @maxmp i am writing and mentioning to you, i dont want to use v2 because its distorts my many songs , v3 alpha doesnot distorts my songs dont know why ? maybe new audio engine update so i want to use v3 only, issues i have found are :- 1. sometimes Poweramp closes itself ,i dont know why maybe due to android (android 6.0) like if i open firefox or open some apps ,apps closes and even my touchwiz is refresh when back press,is new battery optimization added in android 6 is issue ? 2. i have opera mini and some apps ,now for example Poweramp is playing music in background and i open opera mini and when i exit it,i get small pause of song. 3. song seeking is pain in the a$$,i have songs which are 96kbps and 128kbps, well some are 320kbps as well,i have found that seeks work fine on 320 but not on 96kbps or below where as v2.x works fine with seeks, when i seek the song start from start but the seek progress bar stays there and keep continuing and when it reaches at the end the song changes whereas the song is in between due to seek i did,so progress and song are not synchronized properly. thank you. hopefully you can fix it soon
  2. seems good consolation
  3. yes i didnot got issue yet but when i read this i got scared this should not be there,if i purchased app i can do as many activations i want ,if i like i do if i dont like i wont do i dont have play store card cus play store dont accept debit card of my country so i purchased by site and if maxmp think he is sinlge developer he can keep some staff to reply emails cus support of Poweramp is very bad nobody replied emails
  4. Hi i want to ask how many times we activate this seems bad decision by developers i paid 4 $ its one me how many times i want to activate i can do that no ? i activate it every time when new Poweramp update comes to see it works okay and i uninstall it again cus Poweramp doesnot work as good as jetaudio on my s5 and galaxy grand ,so how many limits i have ? i guess i have activated this almost 40-45 times laready in last 2 months O.o
  5. done somehow dont working im with samsung headsets
  6. but jetsudio works fine thats why im havingquestion for Poweramp i would try make video record but sound doesnot comes good in screens recording otherwise i would have shown video
  7. material design comes on second no. first is sound quality cus Poweramp cant play good sound with mp3 songs with 128 kbps
  8. i just want you to know maxmp no doubt Poweramp doesnot work great on my galaxy s5 exynos octacore SM-G900H it gives extra treble and when i increase bass to 100 it gives bass but alot of distortion then i uncheck limit and tone now 100 bass do not work ,i love oly bass and when i use bass extreme there is error sometimes in sound and sound is too low ,i think you need to buy extra third party plugin like jetaudio to make it better because not every mp3 song is of 320kbps some are 128 and even less so this is not good
  9. there is option in settings in jetaudio in which u can select which folders you want to exclude and left ones it will scan money worth it cus sounds that matters cus that what makes me fly
  10. you guys dont even reply when do O.o
  11. Hi im using the Poweramp since my samsung galaxy y since 2011 with v2.3.6 gingerbread i was so impressed with the quality but as soon as i use in on android jelly bean and up it sucks no good quality it gives alot of trable in my samsung galaxy grand i stopped using it in year 2013 and then i went to jetauido plus and i was so impressed it makes audio player like DJ with am3d plugin inside i do have Poweramp license but i dont use it and jetaudio plus player is daddy just give it a shot u will be amazed. and im waiting for Poweramp v3.0 from september 2011 when max said it has been pushed back many times u know more than 3 and half years Poweramp v3.0 wont come im on jetaudio plus which has enhanced alot since then but Poweramp still on that level anybody wants Poweramp license can message me i have website purchase as well give u emal and password and order id seems Poweramp going down except its widgets which rocks and jetaudio widgets aint fancy but sound is what matters
  12. I have got this error after chaning my device time wtf Poweramp sucks i got this error 5 time in last 30 days there are so many checks you update and even restore it shows error why that so though it verify license but it is common nowdays i cant even use my original copy with satisfaction shame on the team
  13. That is perfect if you can put ads in it i have no problem as i can enjoy the beats after 15 days thats what matters ))))))))
  14. Hi posted this http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6707-Poweramp-buy-option/ i cant buy this app and im in love with this app it sounds awesome i can only buy if you have payza.com account so i was thinking if you can expand the "trial limit from 15 days to 30 days" of the software and this way if people cant buy your app atleast like me can "uninstall" and "install" it again after 29 days and use that app again for fresh 30 days limit again ,this way i can use your app cus i have no way to buy this except payza account thank you very much for giving me your time )))))))
  15. yes its very bad neither i can purchase anything neither i have job neither my dad a friendly with me >_<