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      Poweramp v3 Beta-test Build 790 Now Released   04/29/2018

      Poweramp v3 BETA TEST preview build 790, including brand new user interface, has now been released - 30 April 2018. This is not quite feature-complete yet, so only install if you are happy to test with a slightly reduced set of options.  Missing features should be completed during May. Please report any issues in the testing forum thread, and remember to backup your previous build before testing.  


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  1. Dang. I guess I can just use my old S7 Edge but I hear people having issues on that phone...
  2. Could you possibly release an APK with a different package name, to allow it to be installed alongside the current Poweramp?
  3. Sign me up for the beta if it requires sign up!
  4. OH MY GOD. I've waited silently for so long but after watching that video... I have to admit, the UI style is a bit eh for me, but the ANIMATIONS, UGH I came so hard. I cannot WAIT to have this on my phone. Thank you for so much hard work!!!!!!!!! I love Poweramp and I promised myself I'd never give up on it, and for good reason indeed! I knew you'd come back. Just one thing. Please don't do that again!!! @andrewilley Please update the sticky post with the new information!
  5. Looks like a visualizer - if it was a progress bar then parts of it would likely be offscreen.
  6. We will just have to see. Hopefully when we finally get an update Max will become more active and respond to requests and feedback more actively.
  7. Considering how heavily you mod here and how involved you are you should have access to the test builds and you should have a better relationship with Max.
  8. I sure hope it's true. I still don't understand why you didn't take a screenshot though?
  9. I pretty much agree, there's a lot the new UI could be and isn't. However I am hopeful that themes will fix my plight, and I'm also sure that the included skins will be different as well allowing for more choice.
  10. Honestly, I LOVE Poweramp, and I don't even care about a time frame, and I know Max doesn't want to involve himself in the forums because of people being rude or stupid or whatever, but I find it extremely disrespectful to not just users but his paying customers to just completely ignore their pleas for some kind of feedback stating "yes, I'm working on it, here's some screenshots" or something of the sort. I believe that it would be ideal if there were monthly updates on development, even if we didn't get an update in 6 months. But to go this long without any kind of updates or teasers or anything is extremely disrespectful on Max's part and I hope that he realizes that and maybe either starts giving us something to grab onto or formally apologizing and giving us a good reason. This isn't one of those failed Kickstarters. This is completely stupid.
  11. I would just install Lineage OS, better OS than Samsung's anyway.
  12. Not root (though I miss it) and not running anything. I have an S7 Edge.
  13. No, however I've noticed the controls don't go to sleep when using a wire.
  14. I'm not even on 8.0 and I find that my Bluetooth controls "go to sleep" and then only respond once I turn on my screen. They work fine with other players.