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  1. And the easy way is to edit the tags in Poweramp. It shows at the top where it is located.
  2. A rescan simply finds media on your device, it does not delte or remove anything. I assume you allow Poweramp to search everywhere, have a look at settings, folders and library, music folders. You should only select folders where you want Poweramp to scan. If you do not know where your music is saved, use a file explorer such as Esexplorer to search for a track. It will find it and tell you where it is. Be aware that if you do not limit the selected music folders, Poweramp will even find tracks in trash folders created by others apps
  3. In your last paragraph you show both windows and unix (android) file path formats. Unix has the backward slash whereas windows uses the forward slash. This may be the cause of your issue. I suspect that given the songs are named the same, one fails and pa finds the other one.
  4. And yet, Poweramp on my tablet has no pŕoblem with the tracks. It recognised them immediately.
  5. the m3u8 format is to make the file UTF-8 compliant. It places a BOM (Byte Order Mark) at the beginning of the file which tells the operating system how to interpret. UTF-8 // The UTF-8 representation of the BOM is the (hexadecimal) byte sequence 0xEF,0xBB,0xBF. A text editor or web browser misinterpreting the text // as ISO-8859-1 or CP1252 will display the characters  for this. Read more here: https://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-byte-order-mark
  6. Do you get any crash information? In any case, the developer will receive detailed crash information via google fabric crashlytics.
  7. Do you have your music on an external sdcard? If so then this card is not recognised by your device. You should at least be able to see internal memory though. Have you tried a file manager such as Esexplorer? Do you see your folders there?
  8. By coincidence, i am trying to troubleshoot the same issue for one of my app users. The m3u holds french accent graves, accent aigu and circonflexes. Interesting that Poweramp appears to validate the tracks but seems unable to interpret the characters correctly. Does your device locale/language settings correspond?
  9. Ich glaube das ist jetst nicht moglich. Vielleicht im nachtsten release?
  10. Its state is off. Only when you choose to run it it will be active, otherwise it does nothing
  11. Auto find looks like a one off option
  12. The trash folder is most probably created by the app you used to delete the track. Poweramp scans all folders unless you set it. Settings, Folders and Library, Music Folders. Only tick the ones where your music is located
  13. Sounds like you simply need to create playlists. No point overloading the ui if the functionality is already available imoh
  14. Simply go to Settings, Folders and Library, Music Folders. Here you only select folders you want Poweramp to scan.
  15. When you export your playlists in Poweramp it uses the playlist name with a .m3u8 extension. It also tells you where they will be saved.
  16. Good thinking Batman, this approach would resolve the issue Pauser is having. I will send him an older version compatible with pre android 5
  17. Forum members,if you are interested, adb ( android debug bridge) can be installed on your pc as a standalone program. Once installed, plug in your device via usb, usb debugging enabled, and you will see the stacktrace of everything on your device. In addition, you can actually move around on the device as su using the windows cmd adb shell which takes you onto the device. From here you can use familiar unix commands duch as ls -al etc
  18. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flyingdutchman.newplaylistmanagerhttp://www.theo.klinkweb.nl/ there is a free version too
  19. Be aware that at the moment the Poweramp api does NOT allow inserting into a Poweramp playlist. My app can create the(empty) playlist, reorder any pa playlist, delete tracks from any pa playlist and delete the pa playlist itself but INSERT is not yet available. Max has promised this in the next release.
  20. To answer your earlier post, Given the null error when Poweramp executes a query I do not think this is permission related. Second post, you will often find error logs like this but they are non fatal and have no direct impact. Why dont you try my app and see how your android playlists are displayed there?
  21. Best to email me as this is after all a Poweramp forum 😊
  22. in sql database table name is audio_meta but to access in code: I have highlighted the one private final String track_id = MediaStore.Audio.Media._ID; private final String track_no = MediaStore.Audio.Media.TRACK; private final String track_name = MediaStore.Audio.Media.TITLE; private final String artist = MediaStore.Audio.Media.ARTIST; private final String artist_id = MediaStore.Audio.Media.ARTIST_ID; private final String duration = MediaStore.Audio.Media.DURATION; private final String album = MediaStore.Audio.Media.ALBUM; private final String composer = MediaStore.Audio.Media.COMPOSER; private final String year = MediaStore.Audio.Media.YEAR; private final String path = MediaStore.Audio.Media.DATA; private final String date_added = MediaStore.Audio.Media.DATE_ADDED; private final Uri uri = MediaStore.Audio.Media.EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI;
  23. No, i am not mistaken. I regularly excute sql queries on my pc in both datbases to test things out for my app so am very familiar of their structures and content.
  24. Looks like it is down to some error on your tracks. I assume Poweramp reads each track on the android playlist and finds its equivalent in the database. I suspect it takes the trackname to identify a track so i would check if there are any strange tracknames (eg with apostrophy for example). You could clear data on both Poweramp and android and reboot. This would rebuild both databases. The android database holds the full filepath for a track so i suspect this is where Poweramp starts. Powerwmp handles it differently in its database, it holds the track only but knows in which folder to find it.
  25. Please post some of the relevant stacktrace ps. is this a custom rom? and lastly, I suggest you clear Poweramp data and reboot your device so the pa database can be rebuilt. make sure to backup playlists etc.