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      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. Mortan, if you have issues with npm please get in touch by email rather than the forum.
  2. It is my understanding that only the commands shown in my earlier screenshot have been implemented in the api
  3. Given you only want to go Next, have you tried simply sending a Next command? i imagine the xposed framework is agnostic whether Poweramp is actually playing a playlist and a next command would fail if no playlist is active but may well work (through the intent) when active.
  4. Tried to download xposed but my samsung tab fails to install it. Looking at what you posted and comparing it with the piece of code i posted previously, you use a slightly different command. intent.putExtra(PowerampAPI.COMMAND, PowerampAPI.Commands.OPEN_TO_PLAY) the intent looks correct, the uri looks correct too. All i can suggest is that perhaps the intent needs to be launched by "startservice". where does the component part come ? Public void playSelectedPlaylist(String playlist_id){ Intent intent = new Intent(PowerampAPI.ACTION_API_COMMAND); intent.putExtra(PowerampAPI.COMMAND, PowerampAPI.Commands.OPEN_TO_PLAY) .setData(PowerampAPI.ROOT_URI.buildUpon() .appendEncodedPath("playlists") .appendEncodedPath(playlist_id) .appendEncodedPath("files") .build()); Intent explicit_intent = new Intent(createExplicitFromImplicitIntent(getActivity(), intent)); getActivity().startService(explicit_intent); }
  5. If you are looking gor my app, details in my signature
  6. Another suggestion I can make is that perhaps the mp3 tagging and/or tag frames are corrupt. For instance, albumart is located on APIC Frame. As Poweramp reads the tracks, it may encounter an error. Other applications may not do this and so will happily play the tracks without errors. Try and retag some of your music and test this retagged set of tracks.
  7. Perhaps you are already familiar with this but I had a look in the api code and found the commands as shown in the attached screenshot: Other commands do not appear to have been implemented
  8. In addition to what andre writes, disabling pa noticing usb mounts, i can suggest you export your playlists as m3u8. If anything goes wrong with mounting/removing sdcards, at least these playlists will not be affected and as long as your music remains in the same path on your sdcards, they will work.
  9. To secure your pkaylists, make sure you export them as m3u8 files. My app New Playlist Manager has been developed with a lot of input from the Poweramp forum and shows the playlist length.
  10. When you click export, a dialog box tells you it writes to /storage/emulated/0/playlists which is the default location for internal memory. Note that the extension is .m3u8. You can simply rename this to m3u if you prefer.
  11. It is certainly not Poweramp. You state you have a new phone and it is common practice with manufacturers to integrate their products into the google android release. You cant even remove those apps. When in first use, these apps will almost certainly update themselves so perhaps this is what you are experiencing. What you can do however is to disable those apps you do not want. Use the app manager to disable them.
  12. Does the volume switch on the device not allow you to take control from anywhere? You simply press up or down without having to go to any screen.
  13. I cannot imagine you would find a better player than Poweramp. As i said before, unless your new device is also android based, you will most likely have trouble uding the exported m3u playlists
  14. M3u and m3u8 are interchangeable formats. They are text based and can be read by most (if not all) music players. You will not be able to use Poweramp playlists themselves but will have to export them. The same goes for android playlists. You may run into trouble trying to play them on a mp3 player though as file structures are likely to be different. You can look at the content of an m3u playlist by opening it with a text editor.
  15. .m4b is yet another Apple proprietory format that allows you to set bookmarks. The fact it plays at all in Poweramp is probably due to the fact that it is in essence a m4a format which Poweramp supports. However, it will be unsupported from a library point of view, meaning it will not show up as it is not recognised.