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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. Just to let you guys know I won't be around on the forums quite as much as usual for the next two weeks (family stuff) so please play nice in the meantime! Otherwise I'll have to log in and close this thread again until I get back full-time. Andre
  2. As you are probably aware, the Poweramp developer, Max, has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3, which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code so has taken over a year to develop. Note: this update will be included within the original purchase of v2, there will be no extra licence charge for existing users. It's not quite ready to be released for open testing yet, and it's very hard to predict the exact development time. Requests for ETAs are pointless, and will not make it happen any quicker! Max has all the custom components ready (buttons, new Album Art effect, lists, grids, now bottom navigation, etc., with everything animated) but during assembling - partly due to his attention to the fine details - it is taking a bit more time than anticipated to ensure it works properly across the diverse Android ecosystem. He doesn't want to just release it as is, with jerky animation and some non consistent behaviors on some devices. Slide-in side menus (drawers) have been dropped completely. All user interface and navigation is now gesture and button driven, and the primary supplied skin will be white. However when using visualizations a black background will be used as they cannot be rendered on white. A black themed skin will also be provided. Third-party skins will need to be redesigned for v3, and Max will be releasing the documentation for that closer to the main app release. The final release will include fixes for all supported hi-res audio devices and more (mostly Chinese) brands. There won't be any other major changes to the existing alpha-test audio engine or effects. The next beta release will basically be close to the intended v3 release, so effectively feature complete, and the official release will hopefully follow shortly. There won't be a lengthy delay like there was between alpha and beta. Also, Poweramp v3 will be Android 5.0+ (Lollipop+) only, although the old PA v2 version will get a few bug fixes and will remain available for users of Android 2.3 - 4.4. Max has said he will become more active here on the forums once the beta-test is released to catch feedback. Once the official v3 release is complete, Max will turn his attentions to building new features for 'v4', which will include: Audio effect plugin framework, with sample projects. More configuration options for existing Poweramp DSPs (e.g. parametric equalizer interface and selectable 5-8-10-16-24-32 EQ bands). DLNA/Chromecast output (if Google will stop changing the Chromecast APIs all the time!). A tablet-specific user interface (there is no specific tablet layout included with v3). For the latest updates posted by Max, please see http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/10136-Poweramp-v3-project-update/&page=8#comment-40253 and http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/10136-poweramp-v3-project-update/&page=11#comment-40719 . Andre
  3. That is by design. To get a tree-style layout where you 'drill down' through folder layers to get to the folder you want, in Folders view tap Menu > List Options and set the 'View As' mode to Hierarchy rather than List. Andre
  4. Are they showing in PA as file-based playlists of did you import them them the Android system? If file based, try editing and re-saving one in a text editor and see if that triggers PA to see it as a new file. I assume that you have got the relevant directory selected in Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders ? Andre
  5. I'll move this to the High-Res Requests thread. Your problem is most likely your Android 7 Nougat ROM, as this device was reported to be working wih high-res on MIUI 8 Marshmallow. Andre
  6. OK, thanks for the report. Andre
  7. Not currently an option in Android 5+ on tablet layouts, although it is for phones. The whole user interface is being completely rebuilt for the next beta release anyway, so this will most likely become a moot point by then. Andre
  8. I assume you mean during Shuffle mode, as it would be a bit pointless to blacklist files from regular playback as you might as well just remove those files from the device or Poweramp's Music Folders list. Andre
  9. The most common cause of losing playlists/ratings/etc is the SD Card becoming briefly unmounted for some reason (not necessarily physically removed, although that would be the worst case scenario). What happens then is that Poweramp scans the system and notices that there are no longer any songs songs present, so it removes all the now 'deleted' tracks from its database. This will also remove anything that points to those files, such as playlists, ratings, most-played counts, etc. Then, once the card is detected again, the scanner finds a whole load of 'new' songs and imports them - but the problem is that these are now new items as far as Poweramp is concerned (as it no longer has any knowledge in its database of the old ones) and there are no playlists/etc to match them. As an interim measure, do you have any backup utilities (I use Titanium Backup) that can backup and restore the Poweramp database if it gets corrupted? You can also Export any internally-created playlists to .M3U(8) files, so if it happens again you can just use the file copies (these will still work as they contain hard copies of the filenames, so soon as the songs reappear the lists will be populated again). Andre
  10. You do have a point when I read it more carefully... That'll teach me to skip-read posts! Andre
  11. This is still an experimental feature, it won't work on all devices yet. Hopefully the next beta release, whenever that comes, will address many of the compatibility issues with newer devices and ROMs. Andre
  12. Can you see the external drive (I assume it's USB) listed in Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders ? In theory you should then be able to tick it as a valid music location, but it does depend on how Android has mounted it. Andre
  13. The deleted files may still be in Android's playlist database I guess? Try moving your Playlists folder to somewhere inside the Music folder on the SD Card, but they should be found anywhere that you've got set up for scanning in the Music Folders list. Have you tried a Full Rescan from the Poweramp menu? Andre
  14. If you are using file-based playlists (e.g. M3U files) you shouldn't need to use the specific 'Import' feature in Poweramp. That facility is only used to bring in system playlists that exist elsewhere in the Android phone (e..g from the phone's own Music app) and would normally only be done once when you first install PA and then never used again. Poweramp should find any new playlist files that are saved within folders that it is allowed to scan automatically (see TheoKlink's reply above to check that your folders are set up correctly) and you can then find them in the Playlists section of the Poweramp Library. If you Import lists from the Android library regularly, and then Poweramp finds the same files and scans them too, then yes you could end up with duplicates. Andre
  15. Unfortunately there's a clue in the name alpha test / experimental. Not all devices work with high-res, and updating phones to Nougat variants which were released after the last alpha test build (April 2016) is somewhat hit and miss. Thanks for the report though, and please add your device/ROM to the High Res Requests thread too. Thanks. Andre
  16. I've very occasionally seen the same thing since I switched my phone's ROM from KitKat to Marshmallow. Always with high-res audio too. What happens in my case is when I plug the headset cable in, for some reason PA occasionally still sends audio to the speaker. Turning the experimental high-res feature off and back on for the Headset device usually fixes it. Mostly though I just leave it off completely anyway, as I don't keep any high-res songs on my phone apart from for testing purposes. Andre
  17. As far as I know (and I confess I don't use per-song settings, life's too short!) any EQ values assigned to an individual song stay assigned to that song until you change them for that song. Changing a global setting will not alter a per-song setting. Andre
  18. There is no requirement for PA to be connected to the internet apart from specific features such as validating the licence, fetching album art, or scrobbling your track titles as they are played. None of these should have any affect on audio quality whatsoever. It is more likely that your phone is doing something else in the background which is causing the problem. Try increasing the buffer settings for that output device in Settings > Audio > Output > High Res > (output device) Andre
  19. If there is no embedded artwork in your song files, or a cover image JPEG in the album folder, PA will need to look online for images which match the Title & Artist/Album tags within your song files, and it will download and display whatever it thinks is a good match. This is of course not an exact science, and gets trickier the more obscure the titles. You can turn this feature off in Settings > Album Art (and you might want to delete the cached images too after you have changed the setting). You can also manually override the discovered artwork on a per-song basis by long-pressing on the cover artwork that is shown in the Player screen and choosing something else. Of course, the best and most permanent solution is to embed the exact images that you want into the physical song files while you RIP the CD, or afterwards using a tag editor. See http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323535-how-album-art-for-a-track-is-selected for more details on how the displayed artwork is chosen and prioritised. Andre
  20. It'd be worth taking a look at the files - say three which always mis-sort when you select Album and then Track# ordering for songs? You can remove them from the file share once they've been checked. Andre
  21. I would try just installing it over the current version first, and if that works you won't lose your settings, playlists, etc. If it doesn't work, then try the uninstall/reinstall route. Andre
  22. Personally I would turn the lock/unlock sound off if that's the only thing causing the problem. Actually, I would (and do) turn those sort of sounds off at a matter of course anyway. Andre
  23. What do you mean by domain? Could you give an example? Andre
  24. This would be the buffer length delay I assume, try reducing the audio buffer size. Andre
  25. Thanks for the report. For now, you'd be better going back to the stable release build then. Andre