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      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. Thanks, that one was reported a while back and is a known issue. Andre
  2. Try copying some of the files which don't seem to scan into PA onto device memory instead of SD Card (make sure the temporary folder you plan use is listed in Poweramp's MusicFolders list). See if a Full Rescan finds them. If not, I suspect there is something odd about the files. If they do scan there, try backing up and reformatting the SD Card and then copying everything back onto it via your PC. Andre
  3. Asked and answered in one of the three other threads where you have asked the same question. PA is technically in pause mode though. The only difference between Pause and Stop is that Stop (long-press on play / pause button) will reset the position counter to 0:00 while Pause will remember it. Google Translation: In einem der drei anderen Threads gefragt und beantwortet, wo Sie die gleiche Frage gestellt haben. PA befindet sich technisch im Pause-Modus. Der einzige Unterschied zwischen "Pause" und "Stop" besteht darin, dass Stop (langes Drücken der Play / Pause-Taste) den Positionszähler auf 0:00 zurücksetzen möchte, während Pause sich daran erinnern möchte. ndre
  4. Then the problem is in the files not being scanned at all, nothing to do with the Playlist itself. Are they in a location that Poweramp is permitted to scan? (Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders) Also is there anything different about these files compared to those which do scan? Andre
  5. Thanks for the report, glad you've solved it by using the latest version of PA. It's unlikely the v2 builds will ever be updated for this issue though, so just stay with v3. Andre
  6. Long-press on the the Play/Pause icon and playback will fully stop, and the track position will revert to 0:00. Andre (I've removed your accidental duplicate posts for you)
  7. First, do they appear in the Playlist but are skipped when you try to play them, or do they not appear in the list at all? Do the same songs (from those exact audio files) show in Poweramp's regular library view, as if they haven't been picked up in the library. playlists won't be able to use them either. Andre
  8. The latest available version should download automatically from the Play store via the Updates system. The latest stable release is 588 (or 589 for Intel devices). You can also manually download from the Downloads tab at the top of this page if your Google Play market setup is broken in some way. There is also an alpha-test of v3 of Poweramp in that download area if you want to try it. Andre
  9. Since updating what, your Android version? Have you tried putting some music on the device's internal filesystem and see if it plays there? If so, try copying everything off your SD Card, reformat it cleanly, and then copy everything back. Ideally do not have your device running during the process though as you might lose your playlist entries (in fact, I would suggest backing up any internal playlists to files first, as sometimes reformatting the card will make Android give it a new name). Andre
  10. OK, I'l move it back to bugs so it is logged as such. But I doubt you'll get any more responses there I'm afraid, the only documentation of the API system is what is listed in the API topic. Andre
  11. There is an API section of the forums, I'll move this there. Andre
  12. Tap the song title area in the Player screen to return to the current list display. Andre
  13. Then probably best to keep Soundalive turned off and use DVC then. Andre
  14. Try turning DVC mode off in Poweramp as using that can bypass some device-specific features. Andre
  15. It is based on the milkdrop system, so you can add your own visualisations found from the internet. Andre