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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  3. How is complaining going to make it happen faster?
  4. If no one else has heard anything, you won't.
  5. Again.. LG V10 T-Mobile H901. Android Nougat OTA Snapdragon 808 + Sabre ES9018C2M Version 703/704 works well with MM but after updating to Nougat - it failed. I think we can fix it when rooted but unfortunately, currently we can not root.
  6. I got the s7 edge and noticed low volume but I changed the volume setting in audio from default 16 to next one 30, and then I went in to SoundAlive, and I disabled upscaler, and disable adapt. I turned on DVC again and boom. I almost blew my ears. Damn, back to normal volume. Not even half way on volume is loud now. Sounds awesome. So maybe just a glitch in the default volume setting on Poweramp? I am using v3 alpha 703. Might work for others with the same thing I tried. Oh and I did not disable the app of Adapt but just disabled it in SoundAlive settings. Just installed to 704 to get hi res, and still loud and just under half volume.
  7. The alpha (there is no beta yet) does recognise FLAC files, well it recognises all of mine. Are they in the same location as other files it does detect for you? Andre
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  9. Just wanted to say the standard player sees my flac files but the beta doesn't.
  10. I have not read the whole thread but i simply use my app to manage playlists and automatically export them as m3u8. Poweramp then picks these up. I never create playlists in Poweramp
  11. 1.HTC U11+ 2.Android 8.0.0 stock 3.http://www.htc.com/uk/smartphones/htc-u11-plus/
  12. The next beta release should be more compatible with newer versions of Android, when Oreo gets an official release anyway. The current alpha release 704 was built just before Nougat became official I seem to recall. Andre
  13. Correct, ratings are not imported from music files (as yet) they are only user-created inside Poweramp. Once you import a System Playlist, it becomes a Poweramp internal list and is no longer connected to the system version, it is a one-off import. Changes that you make within Poweramp will stay local to Poweramp and will not show up in the system music player (unless you export them, back to playlist files). The New Playlist Manager app from user Theoklink can help with managing both of these operations though. Andre
  14. Купил себе Android смартфон и в качестве плеера решил остановиться на Poweramp. Поставил стабильную, а затем и тестовую версию в надежде, что синхронизируемые плейлисты с карты (встроенная память) будут корректно отображаться, но не отображаются. Если их импортировать как системные плейлисты - все хорошо, но это разовое решение, а для изменяющихся плейлистов это не подходит (они не удаляются при импорте) Ну и не работает рейтинг из файла. Видимо только свой встроенный рейтинг, который синхронизировать с медиатекой на ПК проблематично.
  15. I updated to the stable firmware and the sound is ok. Unfortunately the controls and Metadata display is still broken so I would assume that PA is not fully compatible with Oreo, because other players work just fine with my car.
  16. For the 1st QA, I suggest that the better adding this checking item: Grant Poweramp the Get Accounts permission under Contacts:
  17. When I deactivate the album cover animation the player doesn't show the cover at all, although it's not animated.
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  19. Most of these are feature requests, but there is already a third-party app called New Playlist Manager than can export/import your ratings to avoid losing them due to a phone needing resetting, etc. Andre
  20. In your tag you mention "apm response - 500 no_more_activations_left". If this is what you are seeing, it means you have activated the product too often for the limit that the one-user licence allows. While the limit is set pretty high, if you regularly install new ROMs, or often factory-reset your phone, you might reach it in legitimate circumstances. Please contact poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com with your purchase details to get the activations count reset for your account. Andre
  21. Привет всем. Пользуюсь этим плеером очень, очень давно, всем доволен. Но для полного идеала хотелось бы реализации: 1. Сортировка треков по bpm 2. Возможность выбора музыки под настроение при той же сортировки по bmp (похожая возможность была в плеере от Samsung Galaxy 2) 3. Возможность комбинировать сортировку. Пример: | время создания трека | bpm | 4. Возможность сохранять оценки в не стираемый лог в облачное хранилище. (У меня заглючил телефон и мои оценки на более 200+ треков стерлись)
  22. Why i cant activane my power amp i give my money for this app?
  23. Yes, thank you! You are the kind of person I admire with a good l length!
  24. No, I don't believe it does. I don't know whether it might be added at some future date though once the new UI work is complete. Andre
  25. Poweramp's primary function is as a local, file-based, media player rather than a streaming-audio system. Also, I believe that Spotify control their API access fairly tightly, and only paid subscription accounts are available to access via anything other than their own interface anyway. Andre
  26. Integration to access your spotify library, quite impossible but if that's happen Poweramp will be GOD!!!
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