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  1. Hey ! How I can change the "Poweramp Unlocker" today - ordered with the id 1663372 + payed 4,75 $ through PayPal account "Haertel-LTG(ät)...." + installed by the first act through "Google's PlayStore" account "Datensaugerschrott(ät)....." at 2013-08-19 on my ...very very old HTC - but meentime I've changed and also installed through "Google's Spy-Store" to 2 other old Handy's ("Sony Xperia L" after that "Samsung S2" also registered by "Google-Spy-Store") - right now to my actually "Samsung S7" WITHOUT any account to any online "Spy-Store" like Google, Samsung or other NSA ord BND or something else ??? So - easier history for better understanding : at the 1.) I have had ordered + payed through "PlayStore" on 2013-08-19 payed by PayPal account "Haertel-LTG(ät)...." = 4,75 $ installed by PlayStore account "Datensaugerschrott(ät)...." After changing my handy to a newer modell - also registered by "PlayStore" I received your "Poweramp Full-Version Unlocker" Lizens-Problem - so at the 2.) I have had ordered + payed through "PlayStore" on 2016-08-16 - also I payed once more by PayPal account "Haertel-LTG(ät)...." = 3,99 € and installed the second time on my changed newer Handy by PlayStore account "Datensaugerschrott(ät)....." at the 3.) After changin up to a newer Handy modell I have had ordered + payed (I believe also by your offered "GlobalPay / PayPal" ) through your homepage << www.Poweramp.com >> the 3.time and installed it also on my next changed-up newer Handy right now without PlayStore account - but your "pre-installed Poweramp Full-Version Unlocker" shows the same "License-Problem" like bevore.... !!! SO - HOW often I've to order and pay once more in future, to get a stable functionally version of your complicational "unlocker" tool what can't save into these APP, what kind + date of payments bevore the user has practiziesed bevore !!! (if you hav'nt an idea - than looke at the same programmer-technic like "cookie" ;-) By the way - may be, I have to delete or to de-install one or the other "PowerAmpf-File" in my none-rooted actually Samsung-S7 - but which one - and how - after that : What to "re-install" or better a "Hard-Reset" of my Android V.6.... ??? PLEASE send me a "STEP-by-STEP" manual to find a satisfied "user-sollution" best in GERMAN because my english / russish / chineese / afrikans / a.s.o. will be worse ;-) PLEASE request ONLY to theese topic THANKS !!!
  2. First run unlocker is fine and passed cert verification. But, everytime I restart Poweramp, It pop up "Unlocker installation is broken". Please check. My Device: S7Edge Android version: 7.0 Apps all dowloaded from play store

    Please, need to fix this, ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER for a google play purchase cannot verify, google play service renders as unavailable at a verification page, because happened to me 5 times a month, virtually couldn't solve and don't listened to a music! New Fresh Unlocker From a play store doesn't help, please increase time of an unlock or solve it because very disturbing error
  4. I haven't been able to find an answer to this, so apologies if this has been addressed. Why does Poweramp need to verify my purchase through Google Play License Verification when I already have the Poweramp Unlocker installed? I found this out in a very unfortunate way and it disturbed me tremendously. I was in the middle of a trans-atlantic flight while listening to Poweramp when suddenly the music stopped and I received a pop-up message that Poweramp was not able to verify the purchase through Google Play License Verification/APM. I am sure this happened because I was in the air at 38,000 feet and I had the airplane mode turned on to disable any wifi and mobile data services. Anyway, I had the Poweramp Unlocker installed as well, so I am not sure why my license had to be verified online? I thought the purpose of the Poweramp Unlocker was to unlock Poweramp without having the need to verify a license online since I had already paid for it by buying the Unlocker? The reason why I found this most frustrating is that I no longer was able to use Poweramp for the rest of the duration of the trip because I was not able to get any mobile data service until I landed, which was about 5 hours later. I had to resort to the stock player that could not read my Poweramp playlists. I felt like I had paid for the license but was unfairly prevented from using it. So, was it something I missed in the settings to fix this? Or is there another explanation that I am aware of that justifies this? I feel that if Poweramp needs to verify a license through Google Play, that I shouldn't need to have the Unlocker installed or at the very least, it needs to warn you well ahead of time that it needs to verify a license so that someone doesn't get caught off guard and unable to verify their license for hours and therefore lose access to an app they paid for. Well, just wondering - not angry, but just frustrated that I couldn't use it when I really needed it.
  5. Apologies if this has already been raised, but a search came up with nothing. I've had this issue for the last few builds, but only just got around to taking screenshots and posting. Not every time, but often when my phone connects to my Alpine car stereo and Poweramp opens (opened automatically by Trigger), I get an 'Unlocker installation is broken' error (first screenshot). When I follow the instructions to reinstall I ALWAYS then get a package installer error (second screenshot). Anyone else getting this?
  6. Hi all, I'm interested in buying the unlocked version of Power amp to use on my Fiio x7. The problem in facing is that the X7 is not supporting buying apps from the store and has no options to create mail accounts as explained in Poweramp FAQs. Has anyone ever successfully unlocked Poweramp on the X7 or can explain me which is the correct procedure to do so? best regards Paolo
  7. Hello about every time I open Poweramp it says "License Verification Failed" and locks me out of using the app. I have bought and installed the unlocker from Google Play. I have un installed and reinstalled both the unlocker and application. Currently I am using LuckyPatcher to crack the application so I can use it. (I've been using lucky patcher after I couldn't get it to verify). What can I do to make it verify legally? I live in the US. Thanks in advance. I have a Droid Bionic.
  8. Hi everyone:) I am a Poweramp user and I think theequalizer is very good So I want to buy the unlocker And I have 4 devices 2Note5,Galaxy A9 and XiaoMi Note Can I use the unlocker with 4 devices at the same time? Thanks you for the answer
  9. Poweramp Unlocker

    Hi guys pls help me transfer my unlocker from my android phone to my BlackBerry phone thanks
  10. I have ordered a Poweramp Unlocker in the website via Alipay the order code is 2****9 Email is z****s@gmail.com
  11. Hy. Last summer i bought Poweramp. recently I had to restart my smartphone, so every app was deleted. I installed Poweramp again, but couldn't unlock the full version. I read that my Poweramp is connected to my google account, but that doesn't work. The only way I know how to solve this would be with my order ID, but of course, since email was sent last summer, I erased it a long time ago. So please help. Tnx
  12. Hi there guys, Recently there has been a problem with the full version unlocker. I had bought the app but now it shows that I had never purchased it. And due to that the main app is also not working. So guys please solve this issue.
  13. hello, I bought thi fabulous app, but now i need unlocker file couse iam lost email message.Can i get my purchase details and link to the unlocker .apk file again? Plesae send to my email iam registered on this forum. Thanx
  14. Unlocker

    Hi! At first, sorry for my bad english. I have a problem with the unlocker. I bought the full version of the app, installed the unlocker, and it worked. But the app want to check this in about every third day. And it's unsuccessful because I don't allow the background internet using for Google Play Appstore (it generates a huge data, and I have only 1 GB per month). So, than the player stops the music, I can't use it, and i have to allow the background data using for Google Play, and than Poweramp checks that I bought the full version. Why do I have to do this in about every third day? Why isn't enough to check it the first time and confirm that it's the full version? Is there any solution for my problem? Thank you, RudiSZT3
  15. Alternative unlocker

    I have recently purchased an Amazon Kindle HDX tablet (it's not associated with google accounts). I wrote to PAmp requesting an alternative non-google unlocker so I can use the player (that I bought for my phone in 2012) on the Kindle. They said that they have no record of that purchase, but would provide the unlocker if the proof of purchase is presented. I have forwarded the Google Market receipt email to them. I have sent them the purchase receipt several times, but haven't heard from them ever since.
  16. Unlocker apk

    Hello, I change my cellphone and i need the apk to active my Poweramp. I don't know where , in my e-mail, where the apk are. Can you send to me? Thank you
  17. This program, being purchased is supposed to be available for offline use. I purchased this program and am not always online. I should not have to be online and i should not have to connect online to even start to use something I purchased to hear my music. It isn't like I stole the program, that is why you have an unlocker that should contain the license for individuals that purchase the program. MAKE IT RIGHT!!!!!!
  18. I come from China, can not buy the softwareinGoogleplay, it should be in the official website to buy a license, I ask myself another phone can use this permit? That is the second phone. Thank you!
  19. Keep getting Can't verify Poweramp License when trying to start app. Cause: unknown/unknown. App worked yesterday. Unlocker and app are both up to date via Play Store. Other apps I have installed that require unlockers (SD Maid, Nova Launcher, and Titanium Backup) work fine. Poweramp 2.0.9 build-548-play Unlocker version 2 build-26 Phone Samsung Galaxy S III 4.3.1 Slim-d2vzw-4.3.build.2.2-OFFICIAL-1753 Seems like I'm not the only one with this issue https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer.unlock&reviewId=Z3A6QU9xcFRPRl9MLXlXRUgzeS11WDU1YjA5Z1pCeHZ6SUFfVXB2TW8taS1JY2I2NnhXVUw2Y0tOY2FiQzFoUjlVSE9YQ1ppLW9TS2NHdmpHZlREV25QT3o4
  20. Hi, I would suggest to change the licensing of Poweramp 1. Either Google Play (buying Unlocker) 2. Or Donate version using Paypal (get a license key file via E-Mail provided through Paypal paying process) The Donate version should not be bundled to any E-Mail address or Google Play account. Just looked for Titanium Backup, which offer Donate version with the license key file working on as many phones as required for 1 user only, no limitation. And i would suggest to offer Poweramp in a special edition for 24h for AppGratis (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imediapp.appgratis) This special version can not update itself, but is free of charge for 24h. Besides: i for myself use the full version bought in Google Play.
  21. Hello. I'm just restored my system, and don't know why, unlocker, not was right restored... but when I try install from Google Play, it give one error. [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]. Usually these error could be fix, delete it manually the folder... What it is the name and where it is save? thanks!
  22. Add to unlocker issues.

    Hi, Add to http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1826-Poweramp-unlockerpurchase-issues/ also that when people have more accounts on 1 phone, that specific account has to be selected in the Play Store. Open Play store -> menu -> Choose account -> select the one that bought the unlocker. Thanks.
  23. PowerAmp unlocker

    I think having to always be connected to the Internet for the unlocker to validate is annoying. I don't have a data plan so when I leave the house it kinda makes it impossible to listen to music.
  24. Lost my Unlocker

    Hi, I bought Poweramp on January 17th 2011 (Order ID: 403644-001-7UF) for the same googleaccount as I'm using here right now. Now I have a new phone and i tried do download the unlocker with the download link wich was in the email I received after the purchase. The problem is, that the link don't work anymore and what I want to ask of you now is, if there is any option to get a new unlocker for my gmailaccount, exept of buying a new Poweramp license . Thanks. (sorry for my bad english)