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  1. Hi! I have a full version of Poweramp and very happy with it. I however have experienced some problems with last.fm scrobbling from this app. I am using Simple Last.fm Scrobbler, and I am aware that it is difficult to know whether this is a Scrobbler or Poweramp issue, but one has to start somewhere. The problem is that not all tracks scrobble. Sometimes one or two tracks from an album will just randomly not scrobble. Both last.fm Scrobbler app and the Last.fm webpage show these tracks as "now playing". There is nothing that makes these tracks different than others which scrobble successfully. This was a problem a month or two ago, then it disappeared, and it came back again just one or two days ago. Scrobbling from other sources besides my Android phone work fine.
  2. Scrobbler

    They do app doesn't let me make a dam password
  3. Hey, I'm having a weird bug with scrobbling to Last.fm. Usually everything scrobbles fine, 100%. However, once in a few days, everything just randomly stops scrobbling. Nothing scrobbles at all anymore. I'm sure this is a Poweramp issue as I tried several scrobblers and encountered the problem in all. It is quite easily fixable - go to 'scrobble settings', untick the box, tick it again, play a new song and it scrobbles now. However, the problem is what happens until I notice it, all scrobbles are gone foreverand there's no cache or anything. Anyone else encountered this? any way to fix this? thanks.
  4. Hi, I don't if this is a bug, or depends on Poweramp or Lastfm App. I think is not Lastfm App because bBefore I bought Poweramp I used Winamp and all the scrobblings were correct. I always have activated the scrobbling of the tracks to lastfm, but it doesn't work properly with Poweramp. Sometimes the tracks are not scrobbled, sometimes I listen 1 song one time, and it scrobbles like if I heard it more times (I mean 2, 3, even 4 times, all scrobbled in same hour). Is there any way to solve this? ***A little info, don't know if it's neccesary. I'm using the last version of Poweramp and Lastfm App (I always update them), in Android 5.0.2.
  5. 2.0.9 build 529 full version HTC One android 4.1.2 I use isyncr to get my itunes playlists and ratings onto the HTC One. but power amp cannot get the ratings information at all. is there anyway to do this? i paid for this player years ago and the issue still hasn't been resolved. rocket player can do it as can others.
  6. Last.fm direct integration.

    Poweramp is THE best music player available in android market. I am a die hard fan of Poweramp. I only listen music in Poweramp. I also scrobble a lot of music to Last.fm with Poweramp. I think it would be a great idea to integrate the goodness of Last.fm directly into Poweramp. In this way everybody will be able to track what are their music taste are and try new similar artists. Also the number of plays can be tracked. What do you think Poweramp developers...Can we have this sweet treat ??