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      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code. It is hoped this will be ready for final beta-testing by the end of the May. See forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  1. Currently you are able to associate "Bluetooth" with one of the stored equalizer presets. The current capability does not account for the need to have different equalizer settings for different bluetooth devices. In my case, I connect my device to six different bluetooth devices. There are other applications that are capable of detecting which bluetooth device is connected and customize the application settings based on that connected bluetooth device. A similar ability in Poweramp would be greatly appreciated. Also, it is not easy to temporarily suspend the preset association. For example if you have associated a given eq preset with the headphone jack, regardless of any manual eq preset selection, the associated preset will be reapplied in place of the manual selection as soon as the next music file is loaded. This feature is annoying and the ability to lock-in an override eq preset and then release it at some time in the future would be another plus. Thank-you, in advance, to all who take the time to read my post and comment. Cheers!
  2. Equalizer settings

    When saving a preset, you can assign it to a specific device, directory or track. For the phone headset and headset are different devices. Is it possible to separate them for setting presets for each device?
  3. Equalizer Setting

    Hello everyone, i was looking for the best sound, i have an S7 edge, jabra rox wireless v2.9 and using alpha v3 704, thank you for your help. =)
  4. Equalizer Problem

    I'm running alpha-build-703-play (Full Version) on a rooted Galaxy S6. So basically i have a bunch of equalizer presets assigned to different devices, but for certain outputs such as the wired headset one i have more then one device i use on it. I currently have a specific equalizer preset assigned to this output for the device i primarily use on this output but when using a different device i manually change to a different equalizer. However it automatically switches back to the assigned preset every time the song changes so i was wondering if there was a way to configure it to only switch back on the next time a device is changed, eg. wired headset is removed and plugged back in or output is switched to Bluetooth instead of changing the EQ on each song to the assigned preset. This leads to my next problem in that changing the EQ preset assigned to a output only takes effect once the app has been completely restarted eg. force stopping/restarting my phone which makes just changing/removing the assigned preset more effort then it should be. I'm not sure if these are just a bug on my end, a general bug with the player or intentional so i would like some clarification on that or some help fixing this. On a happier note love the player its fantastic in basically every way other then a few small things like these, so keep up the good work.
  5. I did a search but wasn't able to find anything. Can someone tell me what the min and max amplitude parameters are for the equalizer? Thanks.
  6. Since I changed my phone I'm looking for the presets I had created on the old device. Where are they stored ? Can they be copied ?
  7. I have one simple feature request. Currently, the equalizer sliders no not show numerically what value each slider is set at. I have to infer it by comparing sliders relative to each other, or check by counting how many taps I need to go back to +/- 0 dB. It would be a lot easier to tweak my equalizer settings if the Equalizer UI would display the current numeric value of each slider, ie +7.0dB, -4.0dB. Below is a screenshot of the Equalizer app, showing what I mean. Note how each slider has it's current value shown at the bottom. If this could be added to the UI, that would be great! Possible spots to show the number on the UI include: on top or below each slider, on the slider buttons themselves, in the horizontal slider scroll bar where the current eq-level wave pattern is shown (could ghost/transparent the wave). Thanks! CDBbrian
  8. Please send your equalizer settings for Poweramp v3 alpha
  9. EQ won't stay off

    I'm having an issue with Poweramp on my phone. I've been turningthe EQ off, but after a few minutes, it keeps turning itself back on! I can't figure out when it's coming back on, but usually after a few songs play, when I wake the screen back up to skip a track, the icon for the EQ is lit up again. I disabled the skin I was using thinking that the skin might be glitchy, but that didn't help. I've reset the EQ settings several times and erased the custom presets I used to use. Any advice? HTC One M8 Google Play Edition, w/ Android 6.0 Poweramp 2.0.10-build-588-play (Full Version)
  10. Poweramp EQ

    Hello...is there a way to turn off Poweramp's (2-build-26)built-in equalizer? My equalizer defaults to the Extreme Bass setting for every song that's played. If there isn't a way to disable the equalizer, how can I set a different default instead of having to change it for every song that's played? Thanks...
  11. What about implementing an option to have the equalizer to change to the relevant preset based on the genre assigned to the song? I mean everything you have a 'rock' let the equalizer to set on 'rock', 'classic' on 'classic' and so on. It might get complex for genre where there isn't an equalizer setting (e.g. Alternative) but it's a matter of letting the user to make the default choice.
  12. EQ Presets Widget

    It would be great to have a "EQ Presets Widget", to allow change EQ settings with one touch button. Many people is installing other equalizers apps just to have this killer feature. Greetings.
  13. Multiple Bluetooth Profiles

    I have emailed the developer about this, but I think they got the wrong idea. I have several bluetooth devices, but there is only one bluetooth profile in Poweramp! It would be nice to be able to set an equaliser setting for more than one bluetooth device, because at present any bluetooth device you connect uses the same profile/preset. What is good for a small pair of headphones sounds terrible on a bluetooth external speaker set up, just a thought......
  14. Poweramp is a great app (the best music player available for android) but it is buggy, at least for me. I have to reinstall the program every time I make big changes to my music libraries on my 64gb (~5,000 songs) and 128gb (~9,000 songs) micro sd cards. A full rescan always fails to identify new files. Reinstalling the program is the only way it will find new music if I add a lot of music to the card or when changing cards. Since all the settings are wiped out after uninstalling I am forced to put back my custom equalizer presets. I have around 4 that I use depending on what my player is connected to. So I am requesting 2 features that will really help me out. 1. The ability to export equalizer presets. 2. Numbered snap to lines for the equalizer so that I can just write down the numbers for each column. Also, having a clickable "+" and "-" at the top and bottom of each column would be really helpful. I use Poweramp for my Cowon Z2. The screen is very small and manipulating the equalizer bars are a real pain. Please add one of these features, thanks.
  15. I've just found stereo x hidden knobs by press n hold stereo x (the word not the knob). There are more knobs for stereo x. There are 2 Gain knobs, 2 freq knobs, 2 quantity knobs, delay, and master gain. That's all i can tell now.
  16. The reason why I LOVE Spotify is because I can have all of my music integrated in all of my devices with just few drag and drops. And all my music gets synced in high quality. The problem? Playback is not as good. And the lack of an equalizer makes it all worse. It doesn't help that I use a Bluetooth headset. (Motorola S11-HD Flex and Jaybird's Bluebuds X). I love Poweramp's equalizer, however. It's so powerful that it lets you tweak every bit of the audio output to boost the audio quality. Being a Bluetooth headset user, this is a gift from the heavens. There was some talk back in 2012 and Q1 2014 about Poweramp bringing integration with Spotify, but nothing has happened about it. What's been up with that? I insist: It would ROCK to have this on Poweramp simply because the app's Equalizer could make the music sound ORGASMIC! Guys (And with this I mean the developers), please! Consider adding it! I don't care if I have to pay an extra for that plug in. It'd be NEAT to have this! I understand they have an API so, I don't know how hard it'd be.
  17. Poweramp version 2.0.9-build-554-play (Full Version) My phone: Alcatel One Touch Evolve Android version 4.1.2 Stock ROM I also submitted this on the bug reporting document on Google Docs I was trying to equalize my car stereo using a pink noise track played through Poweramp, analyzing the spectrum using a microphone and a ten-band hardware frequency analyzer (built into my home stereo equalizer). The sliders in the Poweramp EQ all control the frequency band one octave lower than they’re supposed to. To demonstrate this, I set Poweramp's equalizer this way: Preamp -10 dB One slider set to +10 dB All other sliders 0 dB Tone control off, limiter off, EQ control on I played pink noise through Poweramp and recorded it onto my computer. I then analyzed the frequency spectrum in Audacity. Setting the 16 kHz slider to +10 dB shows a peak at 8 kHz and another one 16 kHz in the recorded audio. The sliders from 62 Hz to 8 kHz all give peak output at half of their labeled frequencies. I think that the 31 Hz slider was trying to output a peak at 15 Hz, but my phone can't seem to output such deep frequencies. The equalizer works fine if you always move the slider that is one higher than the frequency band you are trying to control, but I can't control the 16 kHz band individually. This also makes it difficult to use my hardware frequency analyzer, because I have to remember to always move the slider one higher than the band I am looking at on the analyzer display.
  18. on the euqliazer screen what does "STX" mean? It is on the left, next to "DVC" (digital volume control) and "LMT" (which I asume is limt for eq and tone.) thanks in advacne!
  19. Yesterday I started using Poweramp and I'm blown away by it. Up to now my standard for excelent audio quality was an iRiver T10 player with Sony JR20 headphones (these headphones being one of those products you find now and then that are really cheap but still excellent compared to much more expensive stuff). And even a $400 Sony walkman (yes, they exist) couldn't get to that sound quality. But somebody recommended me Poweramp because of the EQ, and I can't believe how superb it is. It makes those little Sony headphones sound like ten times the price, and even better, my Panasonic HTF600 headphones sound better with my Droid 3 and Poweramp than connected to my Pioneer receiver. They sound so perfect that I cannot imagine anything would sound better than that. While Poweramp is a brilliant product not only because of the EQ and tone controls, but also because of the beautiful interface, and I certainly wouldn't add anything to it, it would be amazing if the programmers could launch a new product that would provide the same EQ and tone controls but at the system level. The reason I and many others need this is that the Spotify player doesn't have any EQ and it sounds horribly flat. The difference between listening to a song in this phone through Spotify or through Poweramp is day and night. And I think that because of the huge convenience of Spotify, it's something that it's here to stay. I mean, you can hardly beat having at your disposal 16 million songs for $10 a month. I never bought songs on iTunes or Amazon or subscribed to any of those services, but this one is great and it's going to have the same success that Netflix streaming has for video. But even if eventually they put an EQ to it, I doubt it will sound as good as Poweramp. The Poweramp people really know about audio. If we could have that as a system-wide EQ it would be a piece of heaven.
  20. Hello. I'm trying to optimise Poweramp EQ for my Earsonic SM3 V2 iem, and would like to konw a few things about the EQ settings. 1. What are the maximum and minimum amplitude of the EQ if I don't set the extremes to -/+ 7 dB? 2. Are the steps equal in dB? For example, if I have the -/+ 7 dB extremes ticked on, and I increse a frequency band by one step, do I get 7dB/10 = 0,7dB amplifification? 3. Can I somehow predict the amplification as function of a frequency? For example, if I increase 125 Hz band by 2 dB and 250 Hz band by 4 dB, what will be the amplification at 200 Hz? Are there some logarithmic sine functions or such for this purpose? Thanks, vilhoke
  21. Access to Equalizer Settings

    Are saved custom equalizer settings accessible other than through the equalizer interface within Poweramp? I have a lot of customized settings that are attached to certain songs or albums, but I also know I'd like to apply them to other songs or albums with which they are not currently associated -- but doing this with my fingertips on my Droid Razr is a pain. I'd really like to be able to plug a USB cable into my phone and enable my desktop system to see the files on the phone and then go in and edit the equalizer settings from my full-sized keyboard/computer. Are those settings in an accessible file? If so, where does it reside? If not, could you make that accessible so that we could manipulate the equalizer parameters in that manner? That would be great! TIA, Mark
  22. Standalone Equalizer

    I saw this requested once before, but didn't see any response. Is it possible for Poweramp devs to create the app's EQ as a standalone (system-wide) EQ? The Poweramp EQ is vastly superior to every standalone Android EQ, but it does me no good when I'm listening to Pandora, Rhapsody, Google Music, etc. I understand that Spotify integration is coming, and that's awesome, but I would gladly pay $5 - $10 for a quality, system-wide EQ. Please?!
  23. Since earbuds and headphones can vary so much, it would be nice to be able to tame the sometimes wildly-varying upper-end frequency response of these. Also, the resonance in our ear canal color the sound horribly, and a feature like the ability to this would help to alleviate that as well. I use parametric EQ on my HD-800's (home use), and the sound is breathtaking. Steve
  24. I just registered to suggest this tweak/feature! Iv'e been using the trial app for some time now and my only complaint is that you cannot reduce the treble properly! The equalizer is only that much useful. (Only goes to 16k and doesn't seem to reduce further) my workaround was to use it in conjunction with dspmanager in cyanogenmod but when i updated to a newer rom it stopped working. Anyways it is the best music player for android in my opinion!
  25. Hi, it would be possible to add Trance Equalizer Presets In the new version? Milan