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    Poweramp has always been a music player that plays back sound files in formats that it support, to the best quality. That's what it does best. With the inclusion of USB DAC and hi-res support, it is better than ever. All those qualities that defines Poweramp shouldn't be forgotten. I do agree that the ergonomics of the player could be improved. If the menu items placement is still clunky and cannot be reached with 1 hand operating the phone, what can materials design do for the end user other than being visually appealing but yet, functions are still clunky? As music player, Poweramp has done a very good job because it is not a batch meta editing application. That editing functionality is placed there as a way for the user to do minor editing in case they missed 1 or 2 files. It definitely isn't placed there to for bulk editing on the go. Max has done a very fine job with Poweramp. But instead of doing many jobs at mediocre quality, I would like to see Max to concentrate on sound quality and ergonomics of the user interface. Eye candy like material design is nothing if the underlying functionality is clunky.