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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   03/22/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code. It's not quite ready for open testing yet, and although he would like to be able to get it out by the end of the March it may just drop over into April. See forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. I noticed Poweramp reduces significant battery consumption - even when screen is off. hopefully there's something in the works!
  2. i think the feature makes sense because say you have thousands of songs and you rate several.. what is the use of rating them at that point? just the ability to play your top rated list and deviate from the rest of the songs from your playlist (which are probably the majority)? i think the identifying top rated songs and least favorite songs makes the listening experience better because your play list is still thousands of songs and you're hearing more of what you like.
  3. If you rate a song can you increase play frequency (the more stars you rate increase frequency of play)? Actually, when searching for a music player the stars feature on the screen shot in the Play Store was a main driver for me trying Poweramp. Thanks!
  4. can we bring it back? if international characters are causing problems, can it be available when international characters are not set? or maybe just set it as an option? thanks!
  5. Hello If you rate a song does that increase song play frequency (and the more stars you rate increase frequency of play)? I can't say that I've seen this behavior so not sure if it's intended or not. If it's not, it would be a great feature! Actually, when searching for a music player the stars feature on the screen shot in the Play Store was a main driver for me trying Poweramp. Thanks
  6. album covers

    Sorry I posted this in the wrong section of the forum, moderator can you please move the topic to Bugs section? Thanks
  7. Hello I noticed there are several songs that do not have an album cover but it seems Poweramp can find some because when I press and hold the Poweramp logo I get the option to select from a few existing covers. I have these options enabled Settings > Album Art > Download Album Art Settings > Album Art > Download Only On WiFi I initially set these settings and some covers have downloaded but i don't think the function is persistent because I still have lots of blank ones even though I have not added songs in a long time and am always on WiFi Thanks
  8. hello. it would be awesome if when scrolling through folder items the rightmost area had the letters of the alphabet as shortcuts like this or this would make it much easier when scrolling through several items. thanks for such a great program!
  9. Hello First off thanks for such a great app. I'm new to the app and love it. It would be awesome if we could do a global search instantly from anywhere (artist, song, album anything). I think the search option is a bit hidden right now and only available from some screens. Thanks again for the great app.