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  1. Poweramp alpha-build-703/704

    Is the dev still alive ? 😕
  2. Replay Gain is buggy

    I confirm replay gain does not work.
  3. Can't check license

    I already sent an email, but got no answer.
  4. Can't check license

    If I uninstall everything and then re-install both app and unlocker, I can see in the parameters of Poweramp that the app is waiting for license to be checked. And after a while it says license check fails for reasons : unknown/unknown
  5. Can't check license

    No change to my google account, internet is working well, Google Play is working fine, everything is up to date. Poweramp is the only paid app I have that refuses to work. I had to uninstall the unlocker to get back to trial mode, but it will only work for the next two weeks. It's on a Samsung Galaxy S5 with latest nigthly build of CM13 (Android 6.0.1).
  6. Can't check license

    I bought Poweramp a few years ago (the unlocker from Play Store), and I really love it. But since a few days, it says it can't check the license (after reinstall, it shows on orange triangle), and exits. I can't play my music anymore with this app !!! Please fix this issue !!