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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   03/22/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code. It's not quite ready for open testing yet, and although he would like to be able to get it out by the end of the March it may just drop over into April. See forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. High Res Output Stopped Working

    I downloaded 704 but still the problem persists.
  2. High Res Output Stopped Working

    My hi res option disapeared after updatw to 7.0.
  3. I don't know what happened

    But how?
  4. So... For example, imagine that I have 100 songs in my library and if I create 3 playlists, all with 10 songs each, and shuffle the playlists, Poweramp shuffles "all available songs". Why? I just want to listen to those 30 ones. Something we could see improved in the future. Thanks.
  5. I don't know what happened

    Can you explain? I use xperia z5 and recently I don't have the option of hi res. .. Because I updated the phone to android 7.0.
  6. Naked player

    Curious about the beta.
  7. Hi-res output option disappeared!!!!

    Hi again Thanks for the feedback. So like Andre said I've installed and updated my version of Poweramp to build 704. Unfortunately the Hi-res option output still fails to appear. This is only an alpha version suppose to have some bugs. Probably androidexpert35 was right. Nevertheless thanks. Probably nothing more to do now but wait Joao
  8. Hi-res output option disappeared!!!!

    How can I update to 704? I can give a try.
  9. Hi-res output option disappeared!!!!

    No. I'm using build 703.
  10. Build 703 + Android N Lock Screen bug

    I have some sort of lock screen problem to since I use alpha version of Poweramp. The old classic Poweramp lock screen don't appear. But we can not complain it's just a alpha version.
  11. Hi guys. So like the title explains my Hi-res option output disappeared. Weird. So.. I updated recently my phone to Android 7.0 Nougat. Maybe it's because of that? No? I use Xperia Z5. Somebody have the same problem? Any solution or explanation? Thanks.
  12. I am a Google Play Music user.. I would like to see suport for it in Poweramp. Been able to use Poweramp should be nice.
  13. Next builds priorities

    Give us another way to choose album at without having to choose a music. Now the only way to choose album art is: a) choose a song -> open 3 dots options -> info/tags -> album art (in alpha its buggy because it only opens album art from the song currently on the player); b from the player screen by long pressing. I would like to see in the future been able to choose album art from the album list by simple long pressing the album. Thanks
  14. For some time now screen locker don't appear

    I have android 4.3. Only the android lock screen appears (even when its not chosen). I enable and disable it lots of times.. Still doesn't work.
  15. For quite some time now the Poweramp screen lock doesn't appear. Only android one. Don't know why..