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  1. You do not specify the file format but there is a neat little program for windows called FileTagSleuth..Simply fire it up, drop your track onto it and for mp3 it will show both ID3v1 and ID3v2_3 tags. For flac it also shows tag info. For m4a format, look under the Quicktime branch. (Apple needs to do things different of course)
  2. For the benefit of programmers interested: To delete tracks from a playlist: public void deleteTrackOnPowerampPlaylist(Context context,long playlist_id, String id ) { Uri uri = PowerampAPI.ROOT_URI.buildUpon() .appendEncodedPath("playlists") .appendEncodedPath(Long.toString( playlist_id)) .appendEncodedPath("files") .build(); ContentResolver resolver = context.getContentResolver(); String where = pampfolder_playlist_entries_id +" =?"; // id is the id of folder_playlist_entries String selectionArgs[]={id}; resolver.delete(uri, where,selectionArgs); } Move a track on the playlist by changing its sort order public void updatePositionOnPowerampPlaylist(Context context,long playlist_id, String id, int to) { Uri uri = PowerampAPI.ROOT_URI.buildUpon() .appendEncodedPath("playlists") .appendEncodedPath(Long.toString( playlist_id)) .appendEncodedPath("files") .build(); ContentResolver resolver = context.getContentResolver(); ContentValues values = new ContentValues(); values.put("sort",to); String where = pampfolder_playlist_entries_id +" =?"; String selectionArgs[]={id}; resolver.update(uri, values, where,selectionArgs); } Inserting into folder_playlist_entries is at the moment not possible.
  3. I am trying to update the Poweramp Playlist from an android playlist. I have the Poweramp database structure Poweramp content:// uris to select from managed to complete the first step which is to add the new android playlist name into the Poweramp playlist table. the actual file name of the track verified that the Poweramp unlock license is installed as it seems that this is what unlocks the dataprovider for Poweramp I need to obtain: the track_number by querying the folder_files tableupdate: 2/8/13. removed most of this post as it was irrelevant. Question is valid though and I think I now have my answer
  4. I have been monitoring this thread for a while but I must admit, I am confused about what the actual issue is. The fact that the playlist is empty has been dealt with. The confusion for me is the exporting of the playlist to m3u8, deleting it in Poweramp and reimporting. The reimporting makes no sense to me as Poweramp only imports android playlists so this is what you will be looking at.. Remember that both Poweramp and android playlists lost their content so it seems to me that you are to importing an empty playlist from android. The second confusion is why would you not leave the original playlist (which you exported!) ??? and simply use export to as a backup
  5. When you export, Poweramp tells you where it will be saved. After that you can either copy it to a folder which is scanned by Poweramp, or go into Settings, Folders and Library, Music Folders. Make sure the relevant folders are selected.
  6. Got it. Poweramp does not import .m3u8 playlists, there is no need. It will pick up the exported .m3u8 playlist and treat it like a normal playlist, They show up under File based pkaylists. Exporting is mainly as a backup.
  7. Why import as you already have it as an internal Poweramp playlist? There must be something i am missing. Poweramp only imports native android playlists into its own database
  8. Poweramp allows you to export. Settings, Folders snd Library, Export Poweram Playlists.
  9. This is an often discussed subject. What most likely has happened is that you either removed your sdcard while the device was switched on or it somehow through a malfunction, did not see its sdcard and found it again. when this happens both android and Poweramp kick off a media rescan. As the "removed" data is no longer found, both update their media databases by removing the lost entries. Once the sdcard is recognised again, eg reinserted, again mefia scanning takes place, this time adding the newly found media. However, the media is treated as new and any links to the previous entries are lost. Hence your empty playlists. Always make sure you export your playlists as .m3u8 files. This is the only way to back them up
  10. I assume you mean genre, and yes, have a look at the free version first if you like but the paid for verion is more advanced. As this is a Poweramp foum, email me if you have further questions relating to my app.
  11. I do not think Poweramp has this capability. However, my third party app allows you to create playlists by decade or year(s) or use the custom query builder to really go to town. There are other benefits too such as the ability to back up or restore your ratings.
  12. The methos to save them is to exportthem from Poweramp Settings, Folders and Library, Export Poweramp playlists. When you do this, a dialog box will inform you where they will be saved. These m3u playlists are simply text files where each line is the full path of the tracks. You can copy these to your new device but you may encounter an issue if you have your music on an external sdcard. If your music is located on internal memory, as long as you copy your music to the same location as on your old device, the playlist will just work. If your music is located on the extrnal sdcard then some editing is required. Below a link. Alternatively, you could use my app to import the paylists which will create a new Android playlist which you then export again to m3u8. This process will update the correct paths.
  13. removed as no longer relevant
  14. Clever_man, it works nicely. One small bug, the stop/start icon does not change. it just shows as stopped, even when playing.
  15. Clever_man, just noticed the link for Google Drive in the first post.
  16. @clever_man Link for apk does appear to link to adverts and porn. Can we have a simple and straightforward download link
  17. This is a frequent post. Please note Andre's reply http://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/11025-license-verification/?do=findComment&comment=45090
  18. Click the icon shaped like a croissant which brings up a navigation drawer from the right. now tap the icon under "visualisation". Keep tapping until you see " disabled". It toggles from normal to full screen to disabled
  19. timed playlist backup is a little nonsensical imho. A setting to automatically export to .m3u8 when a. a playlist is created and b. a change occurs on the playlist, does make sense.
  20. @wasatchbl1You do not quite understand how this works. With Marshmallow Google decided to prevent users writing to their sdcards which "broke" most apps. Even now there are apps that do not work properly. They introduced a new framework but even this changed with each subsequent release. This time (Oreo) they decided to substantially change they wsy notifications work. Again developers have to figure out how the new methods work and amend their apps. This takes time and Poweramp will adjust the code but it takes time. No need to get frustrated or angry at Poweramp. As Andre says, Google is the culprit, time and time again. Google own android and simply introduce whatever they feel is necessary leaving developers to catch up.
  21. It would be better if Poweramp reduced its target api by one so oreo users would not be able to run or download it. Deliver the new release first rather than trying to catch up with android releases. On the other hand, depriving users who have oreo of Poweramp is not fair either so I guess the developer cannot win and has to receive comments as posted above.
  22. Some users use exported playlists to upload to music sites. My app has the ability to export Poweramp playlists as delimited text containing just the track details (no path detail).
  23. Poweramp playlists are held in its own database so you will not find them as distinct files. If you do want actual playlist files so you can back them up, you can export them. Settings, Folders and Library, Export Poweramp playlists. When you do this, it tells you where you can find them.
  24. I guess you need to buy it to continue to use it.
  25. Yes, simply click the icon which looks like a croissant, then when you ger the next screen, again click the top icon under the word Visualization, clicking again will toggle from normal to full screen to disabled.