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  1. Poweramp works a bit counter intuitive but if you open the menu first, select add to playlist, then you can mark all the tracks you want to add. This behaviour is consistent throughout for all sorts of batch operations, for example deleting more than one playlist
  2. Short answers, no and no, sorry
  3. You state in your first post that you want to import a playlist created using the stock android music player, but then you say that other apps cannot see those playlists either. This makes me think that your samsung playlists are not created in the android media database but, like Poweramp, samsung maintains its own database. If this is the case, there may be a way to export from your samsung music player so powramp can access them. Did you try as i suggested and use my app to check if your samsung playlist actually exists in the android media database and whether it has the tracks you expect?
  4. simply copy your podcasts to a different folder and ensure Poweramp does NOT scan this folder.
  5. I assume you created the playlists on the same device so this should work. Try and create a .m3u playlist. Pa should be able to recognize this. No need to import either, simply put it in a folder which is scanned by pa.. I suggest you use my app (see link in signature) to a) check if your android playlist exists and is correct. B create an .m3u playlist and make it available in Poweramp. ( http://www.theo.klinkweb.nl/Poweramp.html for details on how).
  6. If you have more tracks by an artist, it is more likely a song by this artist is selected.
  7. If you disable Google Play, you will still get the license issue even with an older Poweramp version.
  8. It is sorted as text so this is correct.
  9. Git (/ɡɪt/) is a version control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. It is primarily used for source code management in software development, but it can be used to keep track of changes in any set of files. or in other words, Max is actively working hard !!! and here is the proof
  10. Not sure what exactly trying to achieve.Are you trying to create a copy?
  11. I looked at your link. Do the other "unknown artists" have something in common such as the full stop or other non alphabetic character?
  12. First step is to establish how many tracks are actually on your device. You can use my app (free or paid) for this, it will give you totals for tracks, albums and artists. Check these numbers against Poweramp. if the numbers tally, Poweramp showing the same total count, something deletes .your music. if they do not match, ensure that Poweramp actually scans the folders where your music is located. Settings, Folders and Librsry, Music folders. Only tick the relevant ones. Rescan.
  13. I suspect that your mp3 tags may be corrupt or non compliant. Which product did you use to tag?. To test this, use a free mp3 tagger and efit a few tracks. See if it displays correctly.
  14. Do you mean you do not see these tracks in the powermp library or are you saying they are missing from your internal or external sdcards? In the latter case, do you have to copy the missing tracks to your device again?
  15. To answer your questions using the method described in m earlier post, no need to worry about locations. Just copy your music to your sdcard you cannot rename your sdcard. as far as pa users are concerned, the only issue is playlists. I have not heard of other issues. By the way google=android, they own and develop the android os.
  16. Pablo, your issue has been experienced by many pa users. There are many posts on the forum with subject 0 playlists. The update has renamed your sdcard to something obscure and this will have ruined your playlists. However, as you have m3u backups, these playlists can easily be restored. Simply put your music on your sdcard, reboot as this kicks off a rescan, (wait a few minutes for the scanning process to complete) Use my app (new playlist manager) to import your m3u playlists. This will create new android playlists which you can import into Poweramp. Azazel's reply is comprehensive but may be slight overkill. the app has also functionality to backup your ratings which you will have lost too.
  17. Yes, you can install it on several devices as long as you use the same email address.
  18. to create a playlist based upon the times you played it in Poweramp, you can use my app. this enables you to create playlists based upon Poweramp ratings and times played. The paid version has further poeramp integration such as backing up/restoring your ratings. Details in my signature.
  19. If they are file based and you have duplicates, then they exist twice on your device, To be clear, for playlists to show up in Poweramp, all you need to do is place the .m3u files in a folder which is scanned by Poweramp. There is no importing involved. As Andre points out make sure that you have selected only those folders which have music and playlists. If you have not done this, Poweramp will search everywhere, even, as i found out eventually, in the recycle bin of esExplorer which had deleted playlists. Also be aware that other players may show their own playlists or android playlists so comparing Poweramp with others is futile. finally, to quickly delete more than one playlist in one go, first select Delete from the menu, then select your playlists. A + sign will show it was selected. Slightly counter intuitive but this behaviour is consistent throughout the app.
  20. Has anybody ever considered Max may have a day job?. I found a working Max on Linkedin.😉
  21. Poweramp works slightly different. First select Add to Playlist from menu. Then you can simply add one or more tracks, albums etc by clicking them. A + sign will appear on the left.
  22. Good to hear you have sorted it
  23. First check your android native playlists. You can use Free New Playlist Manager for this. If you do not want them, just delete them. Next export those Poweramp playlists you want to keep as m3u8 files. Next, clean up your Poweramp playlists. Delete ones you do not want. Now check the folders scanned by Poweramp and make sure there are no .m3u or .pla files located in the folder tree. rescan with Poweramp. Your playlists should stay intact unless you removed the sdcard whilst your device was switched on. If you did remove your sdcard, your pa internal playlists will be empty.
  24. You need to restrict where Poweramp searches for media. It sounds like you allow Poweramp to look everywhere. Go to Settings, Folders and Library, Music Folders. Here you only select the folders where you hold your music and playlists. Quickest way is to unselect the top level so everything is unticked. Then just select the relevant folders.