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    Andre the forum moderator has responded in 2 other posts with the same issue. He has informed Poweramp.
  2. Order ID

    In taht case, the response from Andre the moderator has always been to email max Andre
  3. Order ID

    If you bought through Google App Store then your purchase will be there. Simply launch the store app and look at My Apps. Scroll through the list of all your apps, purchased or free, that you have ever downloaded.
  4. Register Poweramp without google account

    Ville you may well work in IT but you do not appear to understand how the verification works. Read the thread above thoroughly as it exllains the 2 methods.
  5. Poweramp won't play all of my music

    It is most likely your new sdcard. Try and reformat it and copy your music back. Make sure that you back up any playlists by exporting them.
  6. Music Alarm Clock

    All is fine and dandy in the new release
  7. Poweramp uninstalls itself after a reboot?

    From the android documentation: Applications That Should NOT Install on External Storage When the user enables USB mass storage to share files with their computer (or otherwise unmounts or removes the external storage), any application installed on the external storage and currently running is killed. The system effectively becomes unaware of the application until mass storage is disabled and the external storage is remounted on the device. Besides killing the application and making it unavailable to the user, this can break some types of applications in a more serious way. In order for your application to consistently behave as expected, you should not allow your application to be installed on the external storage if it uses any of the following features, due to the cited consequences when the external storage is unmounted: Services Your running Service will be killed and will not be restarted when external storage is remounted. You can, however, register for the ACTION_EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE broadcast Intent, which will notify your application when applications installed on external storage have become available to the system again. At which time, you can restart your Service. Alarm Services Your alarms registered with AlarmManager will be cancelled. You must manually re-register any alarms when external storage is remounted. Input Method Engines Your IME will be replaced by the default IME. When external storage is remounted, the user can open system settings to enable your IME again. Live Wallpapers Your running Live Wallpaper will be replaced by the default Live Wallpaper. When external storage is remounted, the user can select your Live Wallpaper again. App Widgets Your App Widget will be removed from the home screen. When external storage is remounted, your App Widget will not be available for the user to select until the system resets the home application (usually not until a system reboot). Account Managers Your accounts created with AccountManager will disappear until external storage is remounted. Sync Adapters Your AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter and all its sync functionality will not work until external storage is remounted. Device Administrators Your DeviceAdminReceiver and all its admin capabilities will be disabled, which can have unforeseeable consequences for the device functionality, which may persist after external storage is remounted. Broadcast Receivers listening for "boot completed" The system delivers the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast before the external storage is mounted to the device. If your application is installed on the external storage, it can never receive this broadcast. If your application uses any of the features listed above, you should not allow your application to install on external storage. By default, the system will not allow your application to install on the external storage, so you don't need to worry about your existing applications. However, if you're certain that your application should never be installed on the external storage, then you should make this clear by declaring android:installLocation with a value of "internalOnly". Though this does not change the default behavior, it explicitly states that your application should only be installed on the internal storage and serves as a reminder to you and other developers that this decision has been made
  8. Music Alarm Clock

    I get a nullpointerexception in PropertyValuesHolder, line 505. It launches but then crashes
  9. Maaaax! Wake Up!

    If Max is anything like me, I develop as and when I feel like it. It is certainly not a full time occupation. Also, if I had made as much as Max, I would be on holiday most of the time.
  10. Amr support

    Please note a recent response on amr from the moderator
  11. No rescan?

    A reboot of your device will always kick off a media rescan. Whatsort of error messages are you getting?
  12. Trying to Download V3 Alpha

    You can download v3 from the Poweramp forum itself, not from google. the version on google, which is the full version, is also called trial version as you have 2 weeks i think before it expires. You then buy the Poweramp unlocker.
  13. Flac 192khz and 96khz

    Why don't you try the alpha build, The future production release will be based upon this build.
  14. Global settings for Playlists

    I would think that these settings are set in the player rather than on a playlist. There are two icons on the main screen, on the left repeat, on the right your shuffle options. Just keep tapping them to cycle through several different options
  15. If you did produce them with npm then you will find them in playlist_manager folder.