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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code. It is hoped this will be ready for final beta-testing by the end of the May. See forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    I was. Funny I was unblocked by the time I saw this reply.
  2. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    And now people are getting blocked on Twitter for merely asking for a screenshot of the new UI. It just keeps getting better!
  3. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    Are we discussing the release product on this thread? Even if we were, how about Hi-Res playback on Nougat? I know its experimental, but, I guess its still a core feature. I guess its one feature that only a couple apps have, which makes it even more important. And although I cant write a better app myself, @guyverzero perfectly explained why no other developer might have seen the incentive to write a similar competing app. But, I rest my case. Never had the intention to start an argument or to talk anyone down. My apologies if that's how it turned out to be.
  4. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    There is just no excuse left anymore. It's childish, disrespectful and frankly, at this point, I'm just over this ridiculous episode. I just wish there was another app that did Hi-Res on Nougat. I'd never look at Poweramp again. A year and half for a damn UI update, when core features are broken. A year of ZERO communication from the developer. A year of excuses. I agree with every word @guyverzero said above. I've said it a couple times already on this thread - a developer that doesn't give a shit about his customers and acts like a 5 year old playing hide go seek, does not deserve my (or any other customer's) money, time, respect or admiration anymore. Way to turn YEARS of admiration and respect (from paying customers mind you!) into frustration and disappointment. It's not exactly about the unicorn update either. It's about the way things have been handled (or not handled) by the developer and an apologist attitude of "well, you paid for it once and the app worked the day you paid for it" that winds most people up. So long Poweramp. Good bye!
  5. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    Why don't you try that yourself? That's the general attitude of people today. Nobody owes anybody anything, but, there's a thing called mutual respect and a certain sense of accountability, maybe a tiny bit of responsibility even? Nobody (at least not me) is "crying" for the update per se, rather the utter lack of any communication whatsoever in a VERY long time. We're talking years. Me, personally, didn't ask a thing or even post anything related to this update ever, until a couple weeks ago. And I've been on Poweramp since 2011. So get lost with your "crying", please do! And I'm sure a LOT of people (me included) would be willing to pay again for a major update, if the app is really worth it (Poweramp is). That's not a very strong argument trying to say "you paid for it what, once?" In that way, a whole ton of the best paid apps on any app store could be never updated and no one's expected to utter a sigh about it? Right? Well, that's not how these things work. You build a name, a brand, you make good money. But along with it comes a certain amount of expectation and a tiny sense of responsibility or maybe respect for your paying customers. Is that too difficult a concept for you to gather mate? Remember Fede (Launcher Pro)? Well, there's hardly been a more loved app on Android than Launcher Pro. What happened there? He promised a rewrite, people waited years, it never came, he made a music app in the meantime while saying the rewrite is "almost done". He then abandoned both apps and their users and just vanished. I'm sure people still love and respect him for that. NOT. Infer what you will from examples like that.
  6. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    I'm tempted to vent out how childish this whole thing has been for the last year or more, but, I know its not going to help. Suffice to say, if he ever wants to start a business of any sort, this is exactly how NOT to go about it. I mean, yeah, you can shoot everyone that tries to get a reasonable response from the developer, but, truth of the matter is, people only have so much patience and appetite for non-answers. After the eternal wait, this better be the UI/UX of the decade! Its hard to justify complete non-communication (borderline disrespectful by now), especially when it involves the people who actually admire your work, supported it with their wallets and then stuck by your work for years.
  7. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    Exactly. We're not complaining, in fact most of us haven't even asked (let alone demand) much over the past year or more. I cannot fathom why and how it could be so difficult to leave a few lines of an update on this forum to reassure users of any progress. Andre has been handling queries (with his hands proverbially tied) for a long time and I do feel a bit sorry for him tbh. I think it's rather reasonable to expect a word once in a good while from the developer without being called a naggy bugger.
  8. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    So.. March is history now. Would be nice if Max uttered a word by himself about the current situation, I guess he owes at least that much to loyal customers that have stuck by Poweramp since 2010/11. I have massive respect for his work and greatly appreciate the product, but, it's getting a bit too long in the tooth now and not hearing a word from the developer in over a year just makes it look bad! I think a lot of people have lost patience already (and yes, the developer should care because these are paying customers and many of them influence potential customers).
  9. Next builds priorities

    Great! Eagerly awaiting the monsoon 😛
  10. Next builds priorities

    I know the Material redesign was voted top and that's what's coming in the next build, but, does that mean all the devices right now that don't work with Hi-Res will continue in that state? Or will the next build also include some updates to support Hi-Res on newer/N-based ROMs and devices? P.s. - I'm on a Oneplus 3 running OxygenOS 4.0.3. Hi-Res does not work and hasn't worked since the N update (I know about the Viper4Arise mod making it partially work, but that's a really tattered bandaid that's anything but ideal).
  11. Android L licence validating issue

    Same issue here. Sent an email 2 weeks ago, no response. It's basically useless now. Randomly loses licence, install/uninstall Unlocker every other day, skins don't work (Poweramp crashes after applying skin), music stutters when screen off or there's any change in connectivity like going automatically from WiFi to mobile data or vice versa. It's just been a bugfest since KitKat. On L, it's unusable. Any proper response would be much appreciated instead of the generic copy/paste replies that serve/help nothing and no one. Been my only music player since 2011 and it'd be a shame to give it up and move to something else.
  12. PowerAMP v2.0 beta 2

    I have a final few things to suggest: - Visualizations (basic 10 bar with a 100ms level hold would be great!). - Double tap on balance knob to reset to center. - Album art in notification pull down. - a few colour options for the buttons (orange, green etc in place of the default blue glow). Btw, brilliant job on this update. It's fantastic!
  13. PowerAMP v2.0 beta 2

    Fantastic release! I have yet to come across any noticeable issue and it seems very stable. I had one question though, what are the different styles in the 4x2 and large widget for? They don't seem to change anything, no matter which of the 3 styles I choose. Also, is there any way i can sync wirelessly to Media Monkey on my PC?