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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. As you are probably aware, the Poweramp developer, Max, has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3, which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code so has taken over a year to develop. Note: this update will be included within the original purchase of v2, there will be no extra licence charge for existing users. It's not quite ready to be released for open testing yet, and it's very hard to predict the exact development time. Requests for ETAs are pointless, and will not make it happen any quicker! Max has all the custom components ready (buttons, new Album Art effect, lists, grids, now bottom navigation, etc., with everything animated) but during assembling - partly due to his attention to the fine details - it is taking a bit more time than anticipated to ensure it works properly across the diverse Android ecosystem. He doesn't want to just release it as is, with jerky animation and some non consistent behaviors on some devices. Slide-in side menus (drawers) have been dropped completely. All user interface and navigation is now gesture and button driven, and the primary supplied skin will be white. However when using visualizations a black background will be used as they cannot be rendered on white. A black themed skin will also be provided. Third-party skins will need to be redesigned for v3, and Max will be releasing the documentation for that closer to the main app release. The final release will include fixes for all supported hi-res audio devices and more (mostly Chinese) brands. There won't be any other major changes to the existing alpha-test audio engine or effects. The next beta release will basically be close to the intended v3 release, so effectively feature complete, and the official release will hopefully follow shortly. There won't be a lengthy delay like there was between alpha and beta. Also, Poweramp v3 will be Android 5.0+ (Lollipop+) only, although the old PA v2 version will get a few bug fixes and will remain available for users of Android 2.3 - 4.4. Max has said he will become more active here on the forums once the beta-test is released to catch feedback. Once the official v3 release is complete, Max will turn his attentions to building new features for 'v4', which will include: Audio effect plugin framework, with sample projects. More configuration options for existing Poweramp DSPs (e.g. parametric equalizer interface and selectable 5-8-10-16-24-32 EQ bands). DLNA/Chromecast output (if Google will stop changing the Chromecast APIs all the time!). A tablet-specific user interface (there is no specific tablet layout included with v3). For the latest updates posted by Max, please see http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/10136-Poweramp-v3-project-update/&page=8#comment-40253 and http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/10136-poweramp-v3-project-update/&page=11#comment-40719 . Andre
  2. Other than waiting for the next best-test release of Poweramp (hopefully within the next month or so), you could try switching DVC mode off as that sometimes helps. Otherwise, you'd probably need to roll back to your original MIUI 8.5 setup. Whether you think that's worth doing for just one specific experimental feature in an alpha-test app is up to you of course. Andre
  3. Playlists are not dynamic, they are editable though. As of now there is no option to change the playback order, other than manually or via another app like TheoKlink's New Playlist Manager. So for now if workarounds don't suit you, it is here in the Feature Requests topic. Andre
  4. As you saying you are trying to revoke PA's permission to access the SD Card? Why would you want to do that? Andre
  5. You can manually sort playlists, but not auto-sort. I guess the fact that it is a list of individual files (rather than albums, artists, etc) could make sorting less flexible. Andre
  6. I use them all at various times (although rarely Shuffle List / Shuffle Songs together, I just use Shuffle All). I suggested ages ago to make tapping on the Shuffle and Repeat icons an on/off toggle feature, and long-pressing for the list of choices, but not even my feature requests hold any greater sway than any others I'm afraid. Andre
  7. No, why? If you don't want to use Folders mode, just don't use it. Andre
  8. Is your Android 8 final release or a beta? The 704 build of PA had a few minor optimisations for Nougat which was just starting to appear at the time. You could also try turning DVC off. Andre
  9. is this an official 7.0 update or a third-party ROM? Definitely worth uninstalling and re-installing; yes, your licence is tied to your Google account so should be valid to re-download just as you did before (even on completely new devices) without having to pay again. Andre
  10. There are a number of minor issues creeping in with newer devices and recent ROM updates. At present, I gather these are unlikely to be addressed via any new Poweramp v2 builds (which currently stand at build 588) as all development work is currently focused on the new v3 code, which will include a completely rebuilt audio engine and new user interface. Any "show stopper" issues occurring in the original v2 app (i.e. causing the main app to fail completely) will be addressed, but most likely no other work will occur on that branch now. An alpha-test of the new v3 audio engine (currently build 704) is available for you to try from the Downloads tab at the top of the page, and the first beta-test release (which will include the new user interface) is currently due in March. Please feel free to continue reporting any issues though, especially if they are also occurring within the alpha/beta releases. Andre
  11. That bit is already there. When you press Info/Tags from the songs list, tap Album Art to change it without first playing the song. Syncing at present can be done via a third-party app, New Playlist Manager. Andre
  12. No it isn't, but if you are too impatient to wait then there are plethora of other players out there if you want to try them in the meantime. Andre
  13. Nope, PA is not dead, but the current development work rebuilding the entire user interface from scratch is proving a very time-consuming task! Andre
  14. The alpha (there is no beta yet) does recognise FLAC files, well it recognises all of mine. Are they in the same location as other files it does detect for you? Andre
  15. The next beta release should be more compatible with newer versions of Android, when Oreo gets an official release anyway. The current alpha release 704 was built just before Nougat became official I seem to recall. Andre
  16. Correct, ratings are not imported from music files (as yet) they are only user-created inside Poweramp. Once you import a System Playlist, it becomes a Poweramp internal list and is no longer connected to the system version, it is a one-off import. Changes that you make within Poweramp will stay local to Poweramp and will not show up in the system music player (unless you export them, back to playlist files). The New Playlist Manager app from user Theoklink can help with managing both of these operations though. Andre
  17. Most of these are feature requests, but there is already a third-party app called New Playlist Manager than can export/import your ratings to avoid losing them due to a phone needing resetting, etc. Andre
  18. In your tag you mention "apm response - 500 no_more_activations_left". If this is what you are seeing, it means you have activated the product too often for the limit that the one-user licence allows. While the limit is set pretty high, if you regularly install new ROMs, or often factory-reset your phone, you might reach it in legitimate circumstances. Please contact poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com with your purchase details to get the activations count reset for your account. Andre
  19. No, I don't believe it does. I don't know whether it might be added at some future date though once the new UI work is complete. Andre
  20. Poweramp's primary function is as a local, file-based, media player rather than a streaming-audio system. Also, I believe that Spotify control their API access fairly tightly, and only paid subscription accounts are available to access via anything other than their own interface anyway. Andre
  21. Use the slide-in panel from the right (EQ/etc settings) and where it says "Visualisation: Normal" (or "Full Screen") tap to change that to Disabled. Not immediately obvious I agree, but this is only a temporary user interface until the full Material Design one comes out soon (ish...) Andre
  22. It should fully overwrite the release build, but occasionally it works better if you uninstall the release build first. The unlocker that you got from Google Play will work on v3 too (including the test versions) so you don't need to re-purchase. If you've created any personal settings or playlists, please export those before uninstalling though. Andre
  23. It could be Android that is performing this action? Do you also have Poweramp set to commence playing whenever it is started? (Poweramp Settings > Headset/Bluetooth / Audio Focus > Resume on Start). Andre
  24. You call install the APK from anywhere. If you've got the original release version installed it might be worth uninstalling that first? (I assume you have your device settings configured to allow third-party app installation?) Andre