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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. If it's specific to that one device I would contact Sony to ask them if they know why this is happening. Andre
  2. I've been told you should get a reply within a couple of business days, but anecdotally I've noticed some users report longer waits than that. I don't have any access to those systems I'm afraid so I can do anything from here. Andre
  3. The simplest way would be to take the SD card out of your old phone and put it in your new one. Otherwise, copying via a USB cable to a computer and then back onto your new phone (also via USB cable) would be the next easiest option. A couple of things to consider: 1) The new device may use a different name for its SD Card location. Poweramp should still find it, but it would be worth going in to Settings > Folders and Library > MusicFolders once you have installed PA, and untick any locations that you don't want scanned, and just tick only the music folder located on your SD Card. 2) Such a change in directory naming can cause problems with playlists as they could now be referring to files in non-existent folders. Poweramp should be able to work this out, but if not you may need to edit the files to reflect the new directory path format (M3U or M3U8 files are just plain text list of paths/filenames, and are really simple to edit if you need to). 3) If needed, remember to export/backup your PA Settings and any internally-created playlists from your old device and then re-import the settings on the new one. The Playlist files can just be copied over (see 1 and 2 above). Things like ratings and most-played counts will not be transferred, and nor will downloaded album art. You may find that forum user TheoKlink's "New Playlist Manager" app might help if you have a lot of internal playlists, ratings, etc that you want to retain between devices. Andre
  4. As you are probably aware, the Poweramp developer, Max, has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3, which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code so has taken over a year to develop. Note: this update will be included within the original purchase of v2, there will be no extra licence charge for existing users. It's not quite ready to be released for open testing yet, and it's very hard to predict the exact development time. Requests for ETAs are pointless, and will not make it happen any quicker! Max has all the custom components ready (buttons, new Album Art effect, lists, grids, now bottom navigation, etc., with everything animated) but during assembling - partly due to his attention to the fine details - it is taking a bit more time than anticipated to ensure it works properly across the diverse Android ecosystem. He doesn't want to just release it as is, with jerky animation and some non consistent behaviors on some devices. Slide-in side menus (drawers) have been dropped completely. All user interface and navigation is now gesture and button driven, and the primary supplied skin will be white. However when using visualizations a black background will be used as they cannot be rendered on white. A black themed skin will also be provided. Third-party skins will need to be redesigned for v3, and Max will be releasing the documentation for that closer to the main app release. The final release will include fixes for all supported hi-res audio devices and more (mostly Chinese) brands. There won't be any other major changes to the existing alpha-test audio engine or effects. The next beta release will basically be close to the intended v3 release, so effectively feature complete, and the official release will hopefully follow shortly. There won't be a lengthy delay like there was between alpha and beta. Also, Poweramp v3 will be Android 5.0+ (Lollipop+) only, although the old PA v2 version will get a few bug fixes and will remain available for users of Android 2.3 - 4.4. Max has said he will become more active here on the forums once the beta-test is released to catch feedback. Once the official v3 release is complete, Max will turn his attentions to building new features for 'v4', which will include: Audio effect plugin framework, with sample projects. More configuration options for existing Poweramp DSPs (e.g. parametric equalizer interface and selectable 5-8-10-16-24-32 EQ bands). DLNA/Chromecast output (if Google will stop changing the Chromecast APIs all the time!). A tablet-specific user interface (there is no specific tablet layout included with v3). For the latest updates posted by Max, please see http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/10136-Poweramp-v3-project-update/&page=8#comment-40253 and http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/10136-poweramp-v3-project-update/&page=11#comment-40719 . Andre
  5. You should still be able to play your files, just not outputting them at their full resolution as yet, just boring old CD quality for now. Andre
  6. Then please could you report this to poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com. Make sure to mention you have read the FAQ and all the details of your system that you've covered here. Andre
  7. I'm guessing memory corruption or a memory leak in one of your apps maybe? Glad it's OK now anyway. Andre
  8. Try rolling the Play Store app back to factory installed version and deleting its data and see if that helps. Is this an official Nougat build or a third-party ROM? Andre
  9. Read first post: Requests for ETAs are pointless, and will not make it happen any quicker! Andre
  10. The HTC One supports high-res audio in a variety of its incarnations, but that config file you uploaded does not include anything beyond 48,000Hz. I can't find anything online that says the E9+ versions provides high-res either, but it's a feature that rarely seems to get a mention in reviews or even spec sheets anyway. Andre
  11. That config file doesn't mention high-res audio anywhere, what makes you think your device supports it? Andre
  12. Maybe it's a memory thing then, does it still happen with only two apps trying to multitask? It's not something that seems to affects other users anyway, so it'd be hard to replicate. Is your device on stock ROM or modified? Andre
  13. If nothing that has been suggested so far has worked, please email poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com again (with details of what has been done so far) as user-account specific issues cannot easily be resolved in the forums. You do need to allow 24-48 hours with good internet connection for the licence check to verify, but it sounds like it is not even connecting with Google properly. Andre
  14. Yes, as I said, playlists are not written back to physical storage when they are modified, only the local internal database copy is updated. If your playlist was created internally in the first place, reinstalling Poweramp (on a new device for example) will completely wipe it, along with any other local app data. To save internal playlists, you can export them to .M3U8 files from the Settings page (and backup other settings too), or forum user TheoKlink has written an app called New Playlist Manager (available from the Play Store) which does that and a whole lot more. If the playlist was file-based in the first place, reloading it will revert to the .M3U[8] file on physical storage and any internal-memory changes will be lost. Andre
  15. Ah, if you start using another app that requires media audio output (YouTube, etc) then PA will indeed stop playing - it has to in fact. Apps that don't request media audio should not affect it though (and notifications should not stop it either, unless you have selected that as an option of course). Andre
  16. As it says in the thread title, please read the first post: Andre
  17. Yes it should work that way. First select Albums as your Library category, then when viewing at the top level (which defaults to alphabetical sorting) tap Menu > List Options and choose By Year. The albums will now be sorted by year, with multiple albums within one year sorted alphabetically by album title. When you drill down to see the individual songs you can use Menu > List Options to set the sorting action at the songs level too (normally Track Number would make the most sense if your music is all properly tagged). Personally, I use folders/filename sorting as not all of my music is tidily tagged and I have a lot of singles/etc without full albums. That way I have complete control of how everything is sorted: if I want albums sorted by year within one artist's folder, I just prefix the folder name for each album with the release year. Same with tracks, if there is a specific order then I prefix the track titles with the two-digit track numbers, otherwise I let them sort alphabetically if there is no specific order. Andre
  18. Try uninstalling the old version completely and then install the new one. Backup your settings and any playlists that you want to keep first though. Andre
  19. You're welcome Andre
  20. You could try rolling the Google Play app back to the factory installed version. Google have broken Android 2.x licence validation recently, although I didn't think 4.0.x was affected. Andre
  21. Yes, a number of categories support this (e.g. All Songs, Albums). Others don't allow sorting by year as it wouldn't make sense (e.g. Artists, Genres, etc). Tap Menu > List Options to see the sort options available at any given library level. Andre
  22. Could you provide some more details? I assume you are using the alpha test build 704? Does PA close itself when the screen is still on, or only when the screen goes to sleep? Any other apps running at the same time? You could try ticking the Settings > Misc > Tweaks > Use Wakelock and Keep Service options, which are designed to help if your device is preventing PA from continuing in the background. Andre
  23. I'm waiting for some help from the PBMC app developer too, will let you know what he suggests. Andre
  24. While I know a fair bit about general use of Poweramp, I've never delved into the black arts of the API and sending Custom Intents. I've just upgraded my Samsung Note phone from KitKat to Marshmallow and so much is no longer the way I want it, or is just plain broken, including using my three-button headset +/- controls for track and album access while the phone is in my pocket. I've found an Xposed Module (PBMC Key Chains) that with a bit of tweaking gets me 90% of the way there, and I can issue single-click MEDIA_NEXT and MEDIA_PREVIOUS key scancodes, plus use long-press for MEDIA_REWIND and MEDIA_FAST_FORWARD, which only fire while the screen is off. However there does not seem to be a key scancode that causes Poweramp to execute a Next List or Previous List action (for switching albums, folders, etc). What I can do is issue a "Custom Intent URI" though, which means I need to work out how to format such a command (the editor for such commands is a plain text box). I believe I need to create something along the following lines: Action: com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND Extra: cmd:6 ('6' for next item in category, '7' for previous item in category) Target: Service Does that seem correct and complete, or have I misunderstood the docs? It doesn't seem to work when I enter that into the Custom Intent URI box anyway. Andre
  25. If Poweramp does a scan while the music folders are briefly unmounted for any reason (which could include removing the SD Card) then any internal playlists entries (which are just pointers to the relevant music files) will be removed on the assumption that the files have been deleted. The next scan may find and reinstate the music files, but as 'newly found' songs, the ones that were in the playlists have gone. File-based playlists are permanent, and will restore when the songs reappear. TheoKlink's app is a good way to backup and restore, but you can also use the Export Playlists feature from within Poweramp. However as with any backup, you need to have already done it before the problem occurred. Andre