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  1. No settings menu?

    It's in the Three-Lines menu (for general system-level options) rather than the Three-Dots menu (which contains options relevant to the current page only - or "overflow list" in Google Material Design terms). Personally I'm with you, the Menu button (or icon) should bring up a single menu, simple as that. However Max wants to follow Google's Android design suggestions. Andre
  2. Proposed Material Design style interface discussion

    I emailed him several times suggesting he might like to take a look at this thread, but I never heard back as to whether he was going to take any of the ideas on board. I do hope so, as the ideas here seem a very elegant way forward. I guess we'll see pretty soon though, he said he plans to release a beta test of the new Material interface in March. Andre
  3. What's wrong about server?

    I've reported this to Max (the Poweramp dev), I'll let you know what he says. Andr
  4. unlock full version failed, may server down.

    I've reported this to Max (the Poweramp dev), I'll let you know what he says. Andre
  5. Order ID

    Correct, you should email, highlighting your problem and providing the purchase details. You will need to have the email account on which you originally purchased the app linked as an email account on your new device, see before emailing. Andre
  6. No .cue files are beining detected on USB OTG Pendrive

    Does the cue file contain absolute or relative filenaming? How does Android mount the USB drive into the file system directories? Andre
  7. It will probably return in some form, I hope so too anyway. It gather was removed as part of the preparations for the new (more powerful) skinning system which will allow more precise control of every element by themes, rather than there just being a "visible or hidden" panel containing everything which was the case before. Andre
  8. Playlists Unpopulating

    The playlist issue is most likely the SD Card not staying mounted at some point when Poweramp does a scan (if a file is not present in the library, however briefly, it will disappear permanently from any internal playlist). Try putting some of your music on internal storage and create a playlist of it and see if you have the same problem there. You could also try exporting the internal playlist to a file (Settings > Folders and Library > Export Poweramp Playlists) and see if that still works, as once written a file-based playlist will not be altered if the songs are temporarily missing. Andre
  9. Problem Unlocker with Android 7

    Please contact with your email and purchase details. Andre
  10. Thanks for the report. Andre
  11. Local license verification

    The official stance is that after being checked online and approved within 24 hours of install, PA never needs to verify the licence again unless it is re-installed, you install a new ROM, reset the system, etc. However I do see this sort of issue reported quite regularly in the forums (at least once a week) and Max has said he suspects that some devices (he thinks most likely ones with custom ROMs) are not saving the licence state correctly to allow it to survive a basic restart, causing some people to get this problem after simply turning their device off and on again. This of course is bad for airplane travellers who will have no internet connection when they restart their devices after take-off. Andre
  12. Hi-res output option disappeared!!!!

    Then why not try 704, it might help. Andre
  13. Poweramp V3 Alpha Build 703/704 Beta

    Great, glad it is working so well on your Galaxy S5. Andre
  14. Register Poweramp without google account

    It does not need to be a Google email account per se (i.e. but it does need to be installed as a POP3 or IMAP account on the device using Google Services. Some third-party email options are also recognised, such as HTC Email, Motorola Blur and Yahoo. See the FAQs for more info, especially , and . You said you emailed for support, did you do this to as that is the official address. It can sometimes take a little while for them to respond though. Andre
  15. Hi-res output option disappeared!!!!

    Yup. Are you using build 704 of Poweramp by the way? Max added some tweaks to correct some changes made in the pre-release versions of Nougat in that. Andre