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  1. help me (little jump)

    Try increasing the audio buffer size, or the thread priority (in Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks) Andre
  2. bug: 3rd party media controls not working

    There are a number of issues cropping up with Android 7 generally, which I would hope Max will look at before any final release of PA v3. However we've got to get to the first beta version yet. Andre
  3. Requests for Hi-Res Support

    Just checking, but you are using the latest build 704 aren't you? (it's a bit hidden at the bottom of the 703 page) Andre
  4. Poweramp is best , but buggy

    This is most likely a ROM/device issue, what sort of phone and ROM are you using? It might be worth trying the alpha-test of v3 (from the Downloads tab at the top of the page) in case the new audio engine in that makes a difference, but I suspect it may not. Andre
  5. Poweramp TODO list/features in progress

    I've asked Max for a few teaser screenshots too, several times actually, but I guess he's been too busy to create any. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything anyway. Andre
  6. Authentication

    No. You can install the app itself from a local .apk file, but you need to have an internet connection for the initial verification process. That is meant to complete within the first 24 hours for Google Play purchases, and more quickly for website purchases which, and you should be OK after that. However some people report getting validation issues later if they disconnect from the internet for extended periods. For more info, please see . Andre
  7. Song Order Reversed

    LOL, I was hesitant about even suggesting that as you seemed to have a pretty good grasp of how the options work, as I thought I might get a withering reply. Just goes to show that sometimes it's really easy to overlook the simplest things - especially when there are a lot of options available. Andre
  8. Poweramp TODO list/features in progress

    I wish there was something more I could tell you, but I haven't heard anything back on the subject from Max since the start of November, when he said was aiming to have a new beta release ready for January. I emailed him on Thursday to see if there was anything more definite, but not had a reply as yet. Andre
  9. Song Order Reversed

    Odd, sorting by Track# works perfectly for me in all library view modes (Folders, Albums, Artists, Albums by Artists, Album Artists). Probably a really silly question, but you don't have the 'Reverse' option ticked further down the 'List Options' menu for that one view type do you? Are you using the release build of Poweramp or the newer alpha-test version? Andre
  10. Can't play some songs

    A couple of things to try. If these songs are on SD Card, sometimes file-read issues can be helped by reformatting the card and copying everything cleanly back. Best to do this while the phone is turned OFF though to avoid messing up any playlists/etc by having an empty card readable at any point. It's also worth trying the alpha-test release of Poweramp v3 (from the Downloads tab at the top of the page) in case it's related to the actual file format/contents. (v3 has a new audio engine) If none of the above helps, could you upload a few sample files which always fail for you? Andre
  11. Local license verification

    And you didn't turn the phone off during takeoff/landing, just put it into flight mode but remaining switched on? Andre
  12. Newbie

    What would you like to know? Installing the app, and once it's found your music press Play, would be a good start. Andre
  13. unable to access any list

    Are both of you using the same device, and also a stock release (not beta) version of Nougat? Is your music on SD Card or internal memory, and do you have only your music collection folders selected via the Settings > Folder and Library > Music Folders list to avoid extra complications? Andre
  14. Poweramp alpha-build-702

    OK, here's now I'd attempt that task. It's very easy, but I've broken it down into very basic steps anyway so I can explain how the features work: 1) When you initially copy your new music onto your phone, put it in some specific folder in the music directory on your SD Card. That way you will not be fighting with all the rest of your music collection when you do this. (If you do want to see everything on your device though, just use 'All Songs' mode instead of 'Folders' in the following steps) 2) In Folders mode, play and put ratings on any songs that you want to keep, leaving the songs that you don't want unrated. This can be done over time of course, no rush. 3) When you are ready, in the 'Folders' library view, choose the folder you created so you can see all of the songs you have been working on (both the ones you want to keep, mixed up with the ones you want to delete). 4) Set the sort order for songs within folders to "By Rating". You do this by tapping Menu > List Options. This isn't essential, but it will put all of the rated songs at the top of the list and thus make the next steps easier. 5) Tap Menu > Delete to enter the multi-select file-deletion mode. 6) You have two choices now, depending on whether there are more 'keepers' than 'deleters'. Tapping on any song will select/deselect it from the planned deletion list, so if you intend to delete the majority of the files it might be easier to tap 'Select All' before commencing, then you only need to deselect the keepers. 7) Once you have selected all the songs you wish to delete, tap the 'Delete' button at the bottom of the screen to finish, You will see a final prompt of how many files you are about to delete before confirming the action. Sorry that's a lot of steps, but it took longer to explain than it does to actually do it. Andre
  15. Album Art isn't shown

    No. embedding cover artwork needs to be done in a tag manager app. I use TagScanner on my PC which has some excellent batch features, but there are others around (including on Android devices directly). Poweramp does have some limited tag editing features, but only for adjusting basic text fields (so not artwork, ratings, play-counter, etc) Andre