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  2. Problem Unlocker with Android 7

    Please contact with your email and purchase details. Andre
  3. Enhancing Backup Options

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  5. Problem Unlocker with Android 7

    Almost same here! It says:
  6. Problem Unlocker with Android 7

    Hellou... Today i upgrade my android to version 7... and unlocker send me error to incorect licence Where i`m find oryginal new unlocker? In android 6 procedure veryfication licence is ok. I buy power Amp 3 yesrs a go in web site (no google play) and i dont know where upgrade only unlocker Please help..
  7. Poweramp alpha-build-703/704

    I get silent playback when after pressing play if stopped at end of track / album after the screen has timed out. A quick up and down on the volume rocker brings it back to life. What other info do you need from me? By the way, this sounds much better than the previous version and I get much more range out of the equaliser on the same headphones.
  8. Equalizer settings

    Mine can also distinguish between earphones and audio line-out. Which indeed have different outputs. The present I use for a cheap headphone is different from the one I use for 2 satellite-size speakers!
  9. Enhancing Backup Options

    Hi, I was wondering why doesn't max upgrade the backup button? Like putting a separate page for it with different sections for different parts of the app which includes check buttons labelled as "Eq & tones", "Reverbs", "Playlists" with the option to export it as a file etc., "Look and feel", "Audio" and other sections available at the setting page. I think one basic "Backup setting" button is just not enough. Please look through this.
  10. Thanks for the report. Andre
  11. Local license verification

    The official stance is that after being checked online and approved within 24 hours of install, PA never needs to verify the licence again unless it is re-installed, you install a new ROM, reset the system, etc. However I do see this sort of issue reported quite regularly in the forums (at least once a week) and Max has said he suspects that some devices (he thinks most likely ones with custom ROMs) are not saving the licence state correctly to allow it to survive a basic restart, causing some people to get this problem after simply turning their device off and on again. This of course is bad for airplane travellers who will have no internet connection when they restart their devices after take-off. Andre
  12. Have the same issue with Axon 7 with Lineage OS 14.1 without viper4arise. In attachment piece of my logcat when i was trying to switch on HI Res output. Hope it be helpful. 2017-02-21-20-43-57.txt
  13. Local license verification

    continuing from my previous post.... I just read help text that say license is only checked once, unless the app is re-installed, or a ROM update occurred. For this second fail, There was maintenance security release update about a week ago, while it kept the same Android release 6.0 level, I'm guessing that qualifies as a ROM update? I guess that must be what triggered the recent license fail. Currently Poweramp say's Purchase Verified Store:Play under settings-about. So this license problem should not re-occur, right? I don't remember the details of the first fail, it did happen when the phone what fairly new, so maybe the app timed out trying to confirm the license. I most always use the Poweramp where there is no wifi, and I keep my cell data turned off which must aggravate this license issue..
  14. Local license verification

    "Failed to Verify License" happened to me today, for the second time. Both times I was in a state park, without wifi access. Played fine for 30 or so minutes then stopped with the license error. This happened with the thePoweramp unlocker app on my phone. The phone is the Moto X Pure Android 6.0 . Poweramp version 2.0.10-bundle -588-play(Full Version) . How does one avoid this license problem?
  15. Hi-res output option disappeared!!!!

    Then why not try 704, it might help. Andre
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  17. Hi-res output option disappeared!!!!

    No. I'm using build 703.
  18. Poweramp V3 Alpha Build 703/704 Beta

    Great, glad it is working so well on your Galaxy S5. Andre
  19. Register Poweramp without google account

    It does not need to be a Google email account per se (i.e. but it does need to be installed as a POP3 or IMAP account on the device using Google Services. Some third-party email options are also recognised, such as HTC Email, Motorola Blur and Yahoo. See the FAQs for more info, especially , and . You said you emailed for support, did you do this to as that is the official address. It can sometimes take a little while for them to respond though. Andre
  20. Also ich habe schon seit Längerer Zeit die Poweramp V3 Alpha Build 703/704 Beta Version drauf und ich muss echt sagen das es mit MEINEM GEROOTETEM SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 WUNDERBAR FUNKTIONIERT OHNE GROßE PROBLEME!!! AUCH MIT DEN HI-RES EINSTELLUNGEN KEINE PROBLEME!!! SEHR ZUFRIEDEN DAMIT
  21. Register Poweramp without google account

    Hello! An answer finally, suberb! I do not quite follow what you mean here? I have read all possible things you have here..? If I have a non google email account defined in the phones settings and it is working, should not that work with the ID number you did send to me when registering? Cheers Ville
  22. Register Poweramp without google account

    Ville you may well work in IT but you do not appear to understand how the verification works. Read the thread above thoroughly as it exllains the 2 methods.
  23. Register Poweramp without google account

    Hello! I recommend to stay away this product. I have sent many email messages, directly here for support and the reseller. Nobody answers to the messages. Poweramp looks ok program but the registration for the full version does not work at all.. Even if I have created the requested email account under phone settings/Accounts, the registration always ends with "No such Google or Email (Android 3.0+) account registered on device" error.. I work in IT so I know about the accounts etc.. So be aware and do not pay for nothing.. All the best.. Ville
  24. Hi-res output option disappeared!!!!

    Yup. Are you using build 704 of Poweramp by the way? Max added some tweaks to correct some changes made in the pre-release versions of Nougat in that. Andre
  25. Stream files through OTG / USB hub ?

    I'm sure it the new location will eventually be supported in Poweramp v3 once Max has a chance to look at marshmallow and nougat modifications. It would be lovely if Google didn't keep moving the goalposts wouldn't it? Andre
  26. Incorrect widget size glitch

    Hi Andre This only happens with Launcher3 but not with Google Now Launcher (the previous "official" Google launcher) so maybe it's just a glitch. It's not a big deal anyway, it just means losing space for a row of icons. Frankly, nothing that cannot wait to be fixed in the far future. I'll wait for the next version. Thanks for replying
  27. Incorrect widget size glitch

    I assume that part of the user interface redesign that Max is working on at the moment will necessitate making new widgets and notification panels, etc anyway. If so, perhaps the next beta release will resolve this issue? It is unlikely anything will be done with the v2 widgets at this stage though. Andre
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