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      Poweramp v3 - Next Beta Release Planned for April 2018   03/14/2018

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss, but it is currently hoped that the next Beta Test release will be ready for April 2018.    

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  2. That is going to make Max hurry!! (read it in a carcastic tone). TBH I just hope he release it as he said.
  3. Let's make to 100th page 🔥🔥 Moved to Retro for a while. But won't buy as Already Poweramp is in the Pocket. Believing in MAX for sure. 25th april & Still Counting. ☮️
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  5. Haber creo que esto se esta descontrolando.. sobretodo algunos comentarios que no aportan nada al hilo sobran, algunos de ellos creo que son hasta motivo de baneo, criticar es facil y gratuito y mas cuando se hace totalmente desde el desconocimiento absoluto, no se sabe con que problemas se estará encontrando el desarrollador, creo que no deberiamos exigir tanto, porque si cae la actualizacion que creo que caerá pues bien, ya se dijo que llegaría y sin pasar por caja o sea gratis, deberiamos dar animos y ayudar en el hilo y no criticar sin saber lo que puede estar pasando con el desarrollo de la app, creo que Max no nos debe nada, pagamos en su dia por una aplicación que a todos nos ha ido y nos va muy bien, no seria la primera que por mil razones se queda desactualizada o obsoleta y creo que este no es el caso, pues a mi me sigue trabajando muy bien en Android 8 y con hardware de última generación, dicho esto pienso, animo y agradezco todo el esfuerzo y trabajo que hay detras de este reproductor de audio y que por cierto es muy bueno, el desarrollador nos comento dias atras que habria nueva beta con cambios nuevos y que la COMPARTIRIA con todos, pues a esperar que el quiera y pueda, como he dicho el no nos debe nada y por eso creo que algunos comentarios sobran y si tanta prisa hay pues buscaros la vida vosotros mismos, lo que llegue si llega pues Gracias MaX por COMPARTIRLO..pues eso que haya buen rollo y todo irá mejor y volviendo al tema del hilo que deberia ser de lo que se tratara..a los que tienen problemas con Android 8.0 y no 8.1 que esta última no es stable, probar con una instalación limpia desde cero de apk y ajustes de configuración y al ser posible borrar dalvik cache por el tema de los datos almacenados de java y demás que solo se borran por medio de esto, quizas eso ayude, se que entre todos si nos ponemos a ello podríamos mas solucionar y COMPARTIR que criticar (que esto último no aporta nada) ánimos y Un Saludo.
  6. all i say is it be cross platform os compatible as in Oreo and nougat. all else works fine as it is.
  7. Do not write nonsense. Judging by your logic, then for each version of Android you need to buy a new application? Look at other developers - one bought and constant support. And Max just drives people around his finger
  8. All the bashing towards an unreleased piece of software that is a free upgrade is uncalled for. All you've bought was Poweramp 2.x, any upgrades are a bonus. And if anyone complains about "hi res" support, the player you purchased didn't had it anyways. Although I'm also waiting of it to be released I've moved to another player, so either do as I did or just wait untill "beta" release, no point in "complaining".
  9. Estou ancioso pra ver a nova atualização 2018 😍
  10. give up expecting this month. no one knows id max is even on it now.
  11. When life is good but u waiting for your Poweramp 😂
  12. Well, April is not over yet. Probably he plans to release it at the earlierst in April. So, realistic would be end of May or June - if we're lucky.
  13. The problem does seem to be related to specific devices or accounts, for some reason the licence validation does not 'stick' like it should. Please contact poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com with your account details to discuss this. (I'm assuming you have already read http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323557-is-internet-connection-required ) Andre
  14. Well...so the update? Is it rude of me to ask? I've waited a long time for this update. Maybe it's time for me to look for another player. Got introduced to spotify, though it barely has the kind of music I listen to.
  15. A specific deadline is something like 1.4.201x............not just stuff like April 201x. If a dev (etc.) gives out just a month it usually means that he does not certainly can say when exactly it will be ready and has so (usually) enough leeway if it may take a few days longer...
  16. At this point I'm just expecting to enter the forum someday and read +200 messages of people commenting about the release, but not in April. Hoping May...
  17. It just brings Max and it's not really beautiful. To Andre there are no complaints, he is a decent man and acts as circumstances allow him.
  18. @XrayDoc88, Since my last post, I have had three new phones, a Pixel XL (with same mid-air activation verification bug), with a OnePlus 5T with same problem and about a month ago I got a Samsung S9+ and surprisingly I have not had the issue... Since then I flew to Brazil, Peru and Chile and I did not have that mid-air verification issue. Same google account on phone, etc... I do not appear to have done anything different on my side, but the issue seems to be gone. I still keep 2 other players (Player Pro and Black player) just to be on the safe side.
  19. Most probably everyone in this forum will kill andre and drink his blood if max doesn't bring the update in 6 days. Poor Andre. He has been suffering for a long time now. One thing that i have learnt from this forum is to drop all expectations about ETA. Cheers max for Poweramp. And andre for support.
  20. How does not he know? How many times specific deadlines were called and there were always excuses. What can you write there, if all the leading players on the market have everything you need. In the end, you need to respect the users, you can not do this. You can not, say that the project is closed and nothing will happen.
  21. Even though this is an old thread, this stupid problem remains. I tried reporting it through the android app at least a year ago with no response. Now I will post on this forum, and also expect no help. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. All of my music is stored on a micro SDXC card. I purchased Poweramp a long time ago. EVERY TIME I try to use Poweramp while flying it will work for perhaps half an album. Then it stops and I get the unable to verify purchase through Google Play message. At this point I can no longer use Poweramp until I have landed and get to a place with a strong wifi signal. This "bug" is real. It should be fixed. I like Poweramp, but my most important use for the program is when I don't have an internet connection. Please somebody with Poweramp, fix this long standing issue!
  22. His mentioned multiple times that he doesn't know and it's up to Max when to release it
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