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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  2. I have recently discovered that when PA pauses, it creates a second PA window, with nothing in it. If I resume playing in the original window, either before or after closing that second window, there is no effect. Then it will pause again, same empty window generation. I suspected notifications might be causing the pause, and discovered if I go into airplane mode, NO PAUSING! Of course, no communication, but when I'm riding, I can live with that. Hope this helps resolve this so annoying issue. PA Version 703, Android 6.0.1 Motorola Droid Turbo
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  4. Just a option to disable the buton... For minimalistic optic. If someone dont use folders.
  5. It may not resolve your issue but I thought I try and provide some background. Under the excuse of "increased security" and providing the user with more control, Google have introduced (from API19) something called Storage Access Framework (SAF) which developers now must use to be able to write to the external sdcard. Instead of opening a normal File object you now need to create a Document using a DocumentProvider. This provider uses what is known as the Picker, the bland User Interface that appears when permissions are required. To ensure all your files (now known as Documents) are writeable, you need to set permissions (the clicking of Select in the Picker) at the highest level relating to your music. It is probably easier to grant permissions for the whole sdcard so anything on it should become writeable. Each app needs to set its own permissions. I find this Picker a little confusing as it may not necessarily present you with the sdcard. Always use the option menu, at the top right (3 dots) to show sdcard. Then select the sdcard on the from the left navigation drawer. Navigate to the top level and click Select.
  6. Ждал с месяц. Мейл ру ситуацию не изменил.
  7. V4A related problem: Player Pro and V4A work together without a problem. The driver status shows V4A is processing - ditto for changing settings. Poweramp doesn't trigger V4A. The driver status shows V4A isn't processing. Changing compatibility breaks V4A on my device. Nexus 7 2013 WiFi - rooted stock 6.0.1
  8. Uapp is fine, although there are folks with log dumps ranting the app downsamples anything higher than 96khz.
  9. Как долго после этого ждали? mail.ru пробовали ставить?
  10. - rating sync'ing from/to tags - Widget to rate tracks This 2 things are the important ones For me and in the beta version 3.0 is still missing....
  11. I thought that the recall and then the return of the permits would correct the situation.
  12. The only thing I ask is : to choose from a database songs with high ratings (you already do this) and sort them by 'file name' not by the title of the song.
  13. There is nothing in the powetamp Database to do with favorite songs, ratings is the only indicator. Sorry if you are limping on one foot but your desire for a bycicle was not made clear
  14. Other than waiting for the next best-test release of Poweramp (hopefully within the next month or so), you could try switching DVC mode off as that sometimes helps. Otherwise, you'd probably need to roll back to your original MIUI 8.5 setup. Whether you think that's worth doing for just one specific experimental feature in an alpha-test app is up to you of course. Andre
  15. @dimedrius, подробное описание - какое приложение mail.ru, девайс, прошивка, в личку аккаунт (у вас же на него пришел ответ от ТП?). Да, еще желательно скриншот письма ответного тоже в личку (чтобы контакты видны были).
  16. @clever_man, только он и приходил.
  17. Hi-res output is just works fine in MIUI 8.5 android 6 in my redmi note 4x snapdragon after updating to MIUI 9 and android 7 Hi-res output is Failed and won't work Poweramp Alpha 704 how resolve it?
  18. @dimedrius, даже автоматического ответа не приходило от ТП?
  19. @clever_man, я до этого два письма отправлял - безуспешно. На всякий отправил сейчас третье.
  20. @dimedrius, пишите на русском, там есть русские ребята. Опишите им проблему подробно, если ответа не будет в течении 48 часов, отпишитесь здесь или мне в личку на 4pda.
  21. @clever_man, запрос на английском или на русском? Где-то с пару месяцев назад все работало - без клиента мейл ру (стандартная почта все успешно цепляет), а вот недавно запросил переподтвердить лицензию. gmail аккаунта у меня нет.
  22. Playlists are not dynamic, they are editable though. As of now there is no option to change the playback order, other than manually or via another app like TheoKlink's New Playlist Manager. So for now if workarounds don't suit you, it is here in the Feature Requests topic. Andre
  23. As you saying you are trying to revoke PA's permission to access the SD Card? Why would you want to do that? Andre
  24. Yes I reinstall PA. Yes reinstalled version gives me the same message.
  25. This is a dynamic list, is not it? Today I like some songs, tomorrow others. I ask you to make a bicycle, and you suggest a way to limp on foot. Well, let there be only one sort "by file name", but let it be.
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