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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  2. ASUS Zenfone 3 (ZE520KL) Android Nougat 7.0 (Stock ROM) https://www.asus.com/Phone/ZenFone-3-ZE520KL/Performance/ audio_policy.conf
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  4. This feature must be corrected, cos when we sort by year, the algorithm does it but the second sort is name, so if we have two albums with the same year, the songs will be in dissorder, we need the fisrt sort taking the year and second by album, so this doesnt happen. Hope been clear, english isnt my native language.
  5. Is this new version going show the total length(time) of the albums-lists, folders?, we have? Thats an old asked feature. Ok counting the time of the lists would be enough.
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  7. Thanks for the advice! But on the firmware Android 4.0.4 there is a market 3.7.15. This option is also tried, when you freeze the application of the market all the same.
  8. Try uninstalling the old version completely and then install the new one. Backup your settings and any playlists that you want to keep first though. Andre
  9. I fully understand that the alpha builds are very unstable. Initially I thought it was the only reason behind the crashes, but reading the forum I am led to think otherwise. I do not really understand the whole Hi-res thing, or the DAC and whatnots. Maybe the issue comes from not having full support. Whatever alpha build I install, the app refuses to open. It would be awesome if someone could guide me on this matter. I have an HTC e9+ with LP 5.0.2. I am not sure if my phone supports hi-res. Thanks, and keep up the great work. Really impatient to play with the new version.
  10. You're welcome Andre
  11. You could try rolling the Google Play app back to the factory installed version. Google have broken Android 2.x licence validation recently, although I didn't think 4.0.x was affected. Andre
  12. Fantastic, thank you.
  13. предварительно удалил тот что с титаниума восстанавливал. установил с маркета (маркет обновил до последней 8ой версии, все остальное не трогал в стоке) вместе с разблокировкой заново. теперь вместо "причина: ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER" - пишет "причина: unknown". во вкладке плеера "уже купили?" не отображает самой верхней строчки которая была ранее "не удалось проверить лицензию". з.ы. приношу извинения за назойливость. в ТП обращался с письмом 24.07.17-23:38 на почту Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com
  14. Скачайте сам плеер с гугл плей, все гугл-сервисы обновите до последней версии. И не надо по нескольку сообщений писать, вы когда в ТП обращались? Не возможно ответить прям сразу.
  15. ТП молчит уже сутки... на 4пда обсуждать подобное запрещено, лицуха не обновляется... как быть ребят? в интерфейсе плеера во вкладке "уже купили?" - google play восстановить покупку, отображается нерабочей (затемненной строчкой) вот уже как на всех 3ех прошивках. покупал в 2014 году, до этого момента ни чего подобного ни когда не происходило, сколько уже прошивок поменял...
  16. всем привет! не восствнавливается покупка с плэя на андрюше 4.0.4. все советы что на форуме в факах (даже те что в самом плеере "поддержка") не помогают. потому что только из за этого плеера приходится устанавливать плэймаркет, т.к. телефон с 512 мб оперативы и приходится ставить гугловские сервисы которые прилично "жрут" память... до этого при переустановке прошивки все восстанавливалось с titanium backup, обновлялась лицензия через маркет и удалял ненужные гугловские сервисы и все работало как часики, сейчас же не хочет восстанавливать покупку с маркета. сменил уже 3 прошивки, в т.ч. стоковую (на которой замораживал версию 5.9.12 маркета) со вчерашнего дня мучаюсь... ответ один -ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER! помогите пожалуйста!
  17. Yes, a number of categories support this (e.g. All Songs, Albums). Others don't allow sorting by year as it wouldn't make sense (e.g. Artists, Genres, etc). Tap Menu > List Options to see the sort options available at any given library level. Andre
  18. I have exactly the same problem. I have a LG k10, android 6.0.0 and this is really annoying. Please fix it.
  19. Using PA on a rockchip 3066 auto unit with Android 4.4.4 When making a call via bluetooth, PA will stop the music for a second and then start playing again., even louder. I can hear both the music and the BT call. I have to manually stop PA during calls. Tried every possible combinations in Audio Focus settings. I tried v3 because I have the same issue on v2 When receiving calls, PA pauses correctly. Any other app, including youtube or the built in audio player are pausing correctly. Being a car system, this is kind of a deal breaker for me.
  20. Hey Guys Is it possible to have the ability to "Sort By Year" Regards Mike
  21. Add a DVC on/off button in the equalizer section Assign DVC on/off to albums/folders, as you can do with equalizers presets
  22. Could you provide some more details? I assume you are using the alpha test build 704? Does PA close itself when the screen is still on, or only when the screen goes to sleep? Any other apps running at the same time? You could try ticking the Settings > Misc > Tweaks > Use Wakelock and Keep Service options, which are designed to help if your device is preventing PA from continuing in the background. Andre
  23. Yes, and forgot to add, it closes in every identical time interval. That is, opened, launched the music, a minute or a minute and a half, and the application closes, then again the application opens into it, again a minute or a minute and a half and everything on a new one.
  24. Hi, I have the same problem. When the application is open, the music player in the background automatically closes, just like when the screen is locked. This started to irritate. I can not turn on the music and sit in the browser or in social networks. Player cool, But I, until the error is fixed, I have to download another player. I hope for your loyalty and quick update. Device xiome readme note 4. Thaks
  25. Poweramp is the only reason I'm not upgrading my phone to Android Nougat. I don't want to risk it breaking when it's working on Marshmallow, so I'm stuck with security updates from December of 2016.
  26. Galaxy S7 Edge (G9350) Android 7.0 No Hi-Res Output
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