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      Poweramp v3 - Next Beta Release Planned for April 2018   03/14/2018

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss, but it is currently hoped that the next Beta Test release will be ready for April 2018.    

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  2. Will have to wait one month more for a dark skin😪 its fine . . If skins are enabled well get a custom one anyway though.. glad to know its releasing in april itself
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  4. Oh, sorry! I meant "вчера" (yesterday) Corrected.
  5. So that is why Poweramp development took so long, Max was working on space-time traveling too 😂😂
  6. A clever trick indeed, using some sort of time machine I assume? Andre
  7. @andrewilley, tommorow yesterday Max answered to me that he plans release beta in the April but some features (like a dark skin or a horisontal layout) he will complete in the May after beta release.
  8. Thanks so much for your help brother, I uninstalled both like you said and reinstalled the unlocker app,I had to install each apk in order and restarted the app each time in between starting the app probably wasn't necessary, but I am so glad to have my Poweramp back ,I promise this is the last message thanks again. Kacey
  9. Thank you very much for replying, looking forward for final release I know it's gonna be great, this is the best music player i've ever used
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  11. 100% exactly, but audio is rendered only if HRA is enabled(and when it's done atleast for me output is grt) and I never said enabling HRA magically produce higher quality audio not atleast u have hi res files, 😂😂 grt bro u really know this stuff it's good to ve people with real knowledge in forum.. Nice to talk to u. Cheers
  12. Yes, your purchase should be tied to your Google Play account and you can re-downloaded the unlocker from there. (Assuming you bought it from Google Play anyway; you can also restore website purchased licences too. Andre
  13. I have the Samsung Galaxy 8 with Oreo, also same issue with the app not working I see were you said to uninstall and download apk my question is do I uninstall both Poweramp and the Poweramp unlocker, and will my purchase carry over by doing it this way.
  14. well AT LEAST April 11th was a current date and sounds like a duck in water. calm atop and paddling like hell under
  15. As I keep saying: READ THE FIRST POST. What Max last posted is linked there, and that's all I know. I'm afraid I'm not privy to any secret information that isn't posted here. I have emailed him to see if there's anything further I can tell people but that was on 11 April, and again today, but I've not heard anything back as yet. Andre
  16. andrewilley is there any viable evidence this month at all max is nearing the newest release we all are awaiting ?
  17. I'm currently using UAPP because someone recommended it here and even got a proper USB DAC to go along with it. Been enjoying bit perfect non-equalized music ever since.
  18. @Stevieex23 All devices that output audio have a DAC, the style although using a SD808 does not use the SD DAC but other solution that has a fixed bit depth of 16bits and a 48kHz sample rate. So no it does not support 24bit audio rendering, even if you use the Samsung trick to fool Poweramp into enabling 24bit audio output the android mixer will render the audio as 16bit 48kHz. @JJ Singh No one is saying that you shouldn't use the high resolution output but trying to explain why a standard resolution stream has no noise and why you may have noise in standard resolution output. The only player that I'm aware that uses direct DAC output is UAPP because it uses a custom driver to acess the DAC (either built in or USB), the rest of the players uses the android native driver. Now if you make the player apply some specific flags to the stream, audio may be rendered via a different path or use different features of the DAC and fix some of the issues you're having (that's what Poweramp and some other players may be doing). Regarding sample rates, Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem says that in order to record a specific frequency you need to have a sample rate that is at least twice the frequency of the original signal. So a 48kHz sample rate will produce audio with a maximum frequency of 24kHz (this related to "sampling rate of 48KHz(~24KHz preserved)", nothing is lost, it's just the way it works). Also, even your headphones are overkill (regarding to frequency) as the human ear tops at around 20kHz and hearing degrades with age (not volume but sensitivity to higher frequencies). In the end I cant really put my finger on why with different devices you had noise but as @Noobie said, "Noise even at a low volume means faulty DAC" or as I've said bad audio implementation. I've had a few devices (Motorola Defy, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Moto X Style, Umidigi Crystal, GGMM A1 DAC, S.M.S.L. iDEA USB DAC) and only the Defy had background noise. High resolution output does not magically produce higher quality audio. Cheers!
  19. I keep having to down grade to version 2.0 because the latest version on my Samsung s8 plus Oreo android keeps getting stuck.. It won't even load sometimes I gotta force stop it just to get to home screen.. Please fix note 8 the same, gets old peeps say it works. its worthless to mention any other player here. its fruitless. Neutron is soooooo inferior
  20. It has taken four years to develop Poweramp v3 for Android, and it's still not ready for an official release. I would say there is zero chance (or possibly less) of Max ever trying to develop an Apple version. Sorry. Andre
  21. Set Shuffle mode to "Shuffle Songs, Lists in Order" and turn Repeat to Off (otherwise at the end of the current list it will advance to the next list). Andre
  22. I know that is what Max told everyone. That's the last I've heard on the subject from him. So I really do hope it will be ready by then, but I perhaps wouldn't stake anything I valued too highly on it... Andre
  23. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE release a version for Apple phones. I am a long time user & big fan who recently switched from android to Apple & nothing on the Apple platform compares with your app. Quite frankly, nothing on the android platform compares either. You guys are in a league of your own & head & shoulders above the competition!
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