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  3. help me (little jump)

    Try increasing the audio buffer size, or the thread priority (in Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks) Andre
  4. help me (little jump)

    Hello a few days ago i bought the unloker, and I have to say that I love it, but I have a little problem, when I turn up or turn down the volume of the player there is a kind of cut or jump in the audio , this happens even with the controls of the Player, by the way i have I other players and this only happens in Poweramp, i got a sony xperia c4, thanks for any help that you can give me to solve this
  5. Missing cover art FIX for CUE based albums

    It is possible to have album art in folder view for cue files. I have cover art for them all... To show them up just long press the missing cover art and select the cover art from your phone storage. It will now show in Poweramp both libraly and folder view. Got lot of time to find it out, hope it will help if you are still reading this.
  6. Poweramp alpha-build-703/704

    Hi everyone, from few days ago I'm a new betatester, and I've some issues/requests to ask. First is a problem with the queue. Ok, I have a queue with few albums, and them, few hours or days later I add another album. The issue is when is playing the last album I added, random song, with blocked screen, the playback is stopped and resumed with the last queue song at the beginning. Over CM13.1 Sony Xperia SP And this is more a request than a issue, could be great that Preamp values could be the same that in stable release, some times the minimum level is to much loud, for example while sleeping. Thanks.
  7. bug: 3rd party media controls not working

    There are a number of issues cropping up with Android 7 generally, which I would hope Max will look at before any final release of PA v3. However we've got to get to the first beta version yet. Andre
  8. Hi, i'm using Poweramp and acdisplay (a sort of lock screen), and they used to work flawlessly together when i used the media controls on the lock screen. Recently i both switched to Poweramp 3 alpha 703 and to a Sony X Compact running android 7.0 and the media controls inside acdisplay work no more. To understand who's to blame I ran the system media player (by sony) and the controls work well. So I reverted to Poweramp 2, and it works indeed. Is there any setting i can use to get version 3 working? Is this actually a bug that's supposed to be fixed for final release? Thanks!
  9. Requests for Hi-Res Support

    Just checking, but you are using the latest build 704 aren't you? (it's a bit hidden at the bottom of the 703 page) Andre
  10. Poweramp is best , but buggy

    This is most likely a ROM/device issue, what sort of phone and ROM are you using? It might be worth trying the alpha-test of v3 (from the Downloads tab at the top of the page) in case the new audio engine in that makes a difference, but I suspect it may not. Andre
  11. Poweramp is best , but buggy

    Hello Developers, Im facing some issue with my Poweramp, headphones connected but still plays on speaker. Tried everything in settings. Please help !
  12. Requests for Hi-Res Support

    Same here. Oneplus 3T. Used to work, after update to android 7 always says high res output failed and switches back to 16/48 HDS LMT. High res output to USB dac works fine (TEAC ha-p50)
  13. Requests for Hi-Res Support

    Axon 7 Stock, N coming in a couple of weeks audio_policy.conf
  14. Hi-res crush on Oneplus 3 H2OS Android 7.0

    You need to be rooted to install viper just fyi. There may be more to the installation as well depending on model of phone
  15. Last week
  16. Poweramp alpha-build-703/704

    Are you on 703 or 704 build? If you are on nougat or 7.0 now then you should use the 704 build.
  17. Poweramp TODO list/features in progress

    I've asked Max for a few teaser screenshots too, several times actually, but I guess he's been too busy to create any. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything anyway. Andre
  18. Authentication

    No. You can install the app itself from a local .apk file, but you need to have an internet connection for the initial verification process. That is meant to complete within the first 24 hours for Google Play purchases, and more quickly for website purchases which, and you should be OK after that. However some people report getting validation issues later if they disconnect from the internet for extended periods. For more info, please see . Andre
  19. Authentication

    I am using Poweramp on an Android device that does not have internet access. Is there a way to have it authenticated without an internet connection?
  20. Hi Res Audio support

    hi all, I would like Poweramp to support SACD format as well. I bought a copy o Poweramp a few months ago and was sad that this awesome music player doesn't have a SACD codec. Puny amp and limited storage ? I have a 64GB card just for my music files and and very nice pair of headphones. The audio quality of Poweramp is great, a lot better than any other audio player I've used for Android.
  21. Poweramp TODO list/features in progress

    Shame, at least he could send us some pics to see how it will look like, hope we will see this month, thanks again
  22. Song Order Reversed

    LOL, I was hesitant about even suggesting that as you seemed to have a pretty good grasp of how the options work, as I thought I might get a withering reply. Just goes to show that sometimes it's really easy to overlook the simplest things - especially when there are a lot of options available. Andre
  23. Song Order Reversed

    <Facepalm> - Thanks ! I see it now - I probably toggled it on without realizing it.
  24. При скроблинге через скроблится только первая песня. При перелистывании трека (неважно вручную или автоматически) скроблинг прекращается. Возобновляется если сделать старт-стоп воспроизведения, но, опять же, до следующего переключения трека. При использовании другого плеера скроблинг работает без проблема. Систем Android 6.0.1/MIUI 8
  25. Poweramp TODO list/features in progress

    I wish there was something more I could tell you, but I haven't heard anything back on the subject from Max since the start of November, when he said was aiming to have a new beta release ready for January. I emailed him on Thursday to see if there was anything more definite, but not had a reply as yet. Andre
  26. Poweramp TODO list/features in progress

    Is there any info about new theme progress? Thanks in advance
  27. Requests for Hi-Res Support

    1. HTC 10 2. Android 7.0 Nougat 3. Before the Nougat update, Hi-Res output somewhat worked, after updating it disappeared.
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