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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code. It is hoped this will be ready for final beta-testing by the end of the May/early June. See forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  2. Entitled f***s like you should go and find some other player, if you don't like then buy something else, if you even bought it in the first place.
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  4. I hate it when i see silly comments like this, the same person posting this would be the first to knock phone manufacturers for delaying updates but would defend a developer who has an easier task.
  5. It's already there in the alpha release builds. In the equaliser second screen (swipe left) there is a Tempo knob (tap the Tempo label next to it to enable the feature). Andre
  6. Try turning DVC off, or try with and without the experimental volume settings that allows greater steps in volume changes. Andre
  7. It's kinda down the the ROM I believe, Poweramp does announce itself as a valid music player for MP3 files/etc. Andre
  8. It works with Huawei P10 Nougat.. How do i find audio info? Find this flac 96000hz, 16bit ?
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  10. Hey, i had the same idea ..but i would at least leave a post in here to tell the people that i would held it back because of people in here as that would be more fun....^^
  11. It is his project, entirely his decision on when he releases the beta or when he feels it is ready. You all payed for the full version and it is working fine, the alpha is something special thanks to it's hi res support, you already got a more or less working one so where is the problem in waiting, is it not working for you? In max's place i would not come to this forum at all because of all the negativity here, even when he posts half of the people here just start trowing insults around, build your own music player if you think it is that easy, until than gtfo.
  12. I think the Poweramp is dead as a project. In any case, I think it is not normal that the developer can not at least once a month go to his forum and unsubscribe to users about the correctness. He constantly lies, transferring the release dates of BETA to different months again and again. This is an elementary disrespect to us.
  13. Well said sir! If I was Max I would be tempted to delay the next update just to spite some of the ungrateful ingrates posting comments on here. Perhaps that's what he's doing! heh ;--)
  14. This is f joke. I know if someone say that something will be done till the end of month and then he say he won't make it and need some more time and for normal person that means week, maximum two weeks of "more time", but f sake, another month after a 2 months of previous "more time" is just f pathetic. Seriously.
  15. no one any ideas for me?
  16. Hi maxmp, I'd like to request Hi-Res support 1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-T805) 2. rooted stock ROM T805XXU1CPL1 (Android 6.01 Marshmallow) 3. I've bought some music in Hi-Res 24bit/96kHz from Qobuz. Poweramp cannot play it but other player like Pi Music Player or Shuttle and even X-plore can. Chris
  17. Would it be possible for playback speed for new PRO update? Even if additional charge? Sorry for my noob question it's a good investment anyone agrees?
  18. Hi guys! I used Poweramp for very long time on many devices and everything was fine but I changed my phone to Galaxy S8+ last week and now I have a problem. Everything is fine besides of volume. I'm using Poweramp 703 alpha build. Usually I was listening under half of a volume bar but now I barely hear something at max. I've done in settings everything that I could and nothing helped. Someone had same Issues? Can you guys help me solve that problem?
  19. LG v10 Android 7.0 Hi-Res Output has appeared after upgrading to Poweramp v3 alpha-build-704 from 703. But, whenever I try to play mp3s with Hi-Res Output via Wired Headset/AUX, "Failed: Poweramp Hi-Res Exp Output, Using default out" occurs. Plz, someone help me!! https://nas.pdstory.com:18893/fbsharing/gSdV3inL
  20. Which build of Poweramp? Regular on v3 test? Andre
  21. Using Android 6... Zmax Pro ANYWAYS right here are some bugs I encountered If I skip tracks really fast the app crashes If I finish a song as in the first song and go by back to it over and over again it's now the 2nd or 3rd song in the list like it reshuffled If I leave the app and look at the widget the track counter will be at one then I goto sleep now it's at 2 or even higher THIS MAKES DOLBY AUDIO STOP WORKING COMPLETELY not a big deal I use DVC but still Sometimes the album art isn't right there it's in the corner or something and yeah this isn't a bug but if you turn on fade away controls and I'm skipping tracks it'll fade too quickly that's annoying And who knows maybe this isn't a bug but sometimes IT LOADS like I'll select a track sometimes and it won't move and the virtualizer will repeat the same motion (Is that the load screen lol) JUST SOME STUFF THAT BOTHERED ME OR DON'T FIX IT IT'S ALRIGHT
  22. Hallo Andre, you are great. That is the solution! Thank you so much :-) Greetings from South-Germany
  23. I have a rooted Samsung S7 SM-G930v Verizon with Poweramp 703 and Viper4Android I'm trying to get Poweramp to use Viper4Android instead if it's built-in equalizer and effects. Other people have been able to achieve this before, but I'm having some difficulty. Everyone seems to agree that the solution is to turn off Direct Audio Control off in the Poweramp Advanced Audio settings menu. I would love to do this to see if it solves my problem, but that act in itself is a problem. I cannot uncheck DAC in the menu. The option is greyed-out while simultaneously being checked. I must have had it checked previously and it got locked when I installed Viper. It also says that DAC is not supported by my rom, even though I'm just using the rooted version of the stock rom for my phone. How can I force disable DAC? What should I do to make Viper and Poweramp happy together?
  24. I can't remember if I experienced this on v2, but if the keyboard is on screen when the keyguard activates, the keyboard displays on top of the Poweramp lockscreen when I turn on the screen. Then I'll use the device's "back" button, but that just brings me back to the stock lockscreen. I have to unlock the screen to dismiss the keyboard properly, and if I get a text message and reply from the keyguard popup, the keyboard stays after the popup is gone, and obscures the Poweramp lockscreen, once again. My device is an LG Ultimate 2 running KitKat v4.4.2, the softkey is Hacker's Keyboard v1.39.2 from Google Play.
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  26. Hi. My name is Hugo Lima. I'd like to suggest a possibility of you to add an option on settings to move queue's songs in a little bunch, even in order - at least in the queue list. And I really think this update will worth a little payment fromusers. Little! ✋😆 Thanks! Good Night.
  27. I'm afraid not. I put the app onto a list of unmonitored apps which are free to use as much power as they need. That, and I also have "Keep Service" enabled under Poweramp Settings -> Misc -> Tweaks. Still the same issue happening. EDIT: Another thing. This bug just happened during playback, wasn't interrupted or anything. Can this happen due to a high number of songs? What else can be causing this issue?
  28. If I understand what you are asking correctly, try Settings > Folders and Library > Lists > List Click Action > Play and stay in the list. Andre
  29. Try using the alpha-test release of v3 as it uses a different audio engine. I assume you've checked to see if these files play OK from internal memory? Andre
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