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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  1. Today
  2. Andre, I asked that already there... but it is not working as described, that's why it's a bug. Having paid for the software, I would have expected to get an answer to that question though.
  3. since updating Poweramp keeps skipping songs and says corrupted file... used to play them, nothing has changed.... the songs all play with factory samsung music player.... unmounted sd card and reinstalled... worked again fo awhile now barely plays abything but samsung music app plays all
  4. There is an API section of the forums, I'll move this there. Andre
  5. Tap the song title area in the Player screen to return to the current list display. Andre
  6. Then probably best to keep Soundalive turned off and use DVC then. Andre
  7. This is still genius..Thanks for this
  8. Yesterday
  9. Trying to setup Tasker to start a certain playlist, I discovered that (at least for me) the intens found in the java api do not work as expected. I checked the command reference in the java api, I wanted to start a playlist from its beginning which is the only one playlist available, it was created with Poweramp. Regardless what combination of ending parameters in content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/playlists I use with command 20, I get random results. Rarely it starts or resumes the playlist or it plays anything else. I tried /0 /1 /1/files /1/files/0 /1/files/1 all without success. What's wrong here?
  10. Okay, this worked but the audio got distorted after this "without me turning on the sound alive"
  11. Hello, 1 - I request a display by artist 2 - I display the list of songs for a given artist 3 - I choose to listen to a title From there, I do not know how to return directly to the list (2) The only way I've found is to go back to the main menu and start the search again. Or put the list (2) in the queue, which allows to return to the general menu. Is there not a more direct way to return to this list from the tracked title?
  12. Hello, Artists whose names begin with a number followed by a blank appear in the list Artists whose name starts with a letter followed by a blank do not appear The solution that would be to put a dash (-) instead of white would be problematic for tag management
  13. Try turning DVC mode off in Poweramp as using that can bypass some device-specific features. Andre
  14. It is based on the milkdrop system, so you can add your own visualisations found from the internet. Andre
  15. Hi, It will be great if there is analog meter (like those old school Mcintosh amp). Thanks
  16. I wonder that myself sometimes, but I've put it down to me just being in the wrong country and thus not involved in any of the Russian discussions. Andre
  17. It's a bit hidden, but in case anyone else needs it: Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Audio Focus > Resume on Start. Andre
  18. It's already there in the alpha-test of Poweramp v3 which you can get from the Downloads tab at the top of the page. Andre
  19. The device is a s7 edge released march 2016 and it still has issues. If he has not done a thing now, how is he going to respond to me now. Like speaking to a door mat, and I am not going to just sit and wait like were doing for the beta release. I rather move on and actually do something with an app that actually should be doing in the first place. Trying all the players out and wasting money on some that actually held back with no information including this one, is just plain bad. Best app I like considering but sick of updates not being updated to latest versions or developer hibernating like a Bear but actually seems like a dead Bear, that will never be found, MAX. I am on n7player, that seems to look the best, and got my s7 equalizer set perfectly to sound like PA was, when using PA. So I might just be sticking with n7player. n7player seems to use the same unlocker way of verifying license, but no issues like Poweramp. I think this whole forums should be taken down, if there is no beta by the time it takes Max 5 years after April 24, 2017. Just waste of every single person in this worlds time, with no update to the app at all. Everyone is moving on, and I was going to be a loyal user but this is getting pathetic. I am only going to be loyal to a developer that is loyal to their buyers, and Max is not that.
  20. He says max sends him pictures to post on the forum though, and Andre does talk to Max when he responds, through like email and such, just wondering why just clever_man gets all the details first
  21. My copy of Poweramp appears to distort the data stream. I want it to pass the .wav file contents unaltered to an HDMI adapter connected to my phone's USB port, but the data presented is scrambled. Other players such as Samsung Music and Pi Music Player do not have this shortcoming. Any clues as to how I have to set Poweramp up for this requirement, or is it beyond the capabilities of the product, please?

  22. Both are from Russia... Work together... Andre however stays in the UK
  23. He most obviously knows the issues. I wouldn't look up the reviews or rating on Play Store simply because the amount of inadequate people who tend to leave such testimonials, and having a poor knack of expressing their concerns. Every now and then you'll stumble upon dozens of meaningless reviews, barring the app in question actually performs well and frequently updated. It's just silly people. Not to mention the majority of this crowd has no idea that the release date of next PA build is postponed indefinitely, and there are incurring discussions taking place all around.
  24. We can however leave poor reviews on the Play Store for really bad and unprofessional support from the developer. Which is what I'm doing. I'm sure Max is content on leaving the app up on the store for people to buy and then realize how many problems the app really has.
  25. Well, Max hasn't surfaced on the 4pda forums for ages (coincidentally, here too), and has not been proactive lately in general, so is more like nagging him for more insider details, privately. This is pissing everyone off, but you can't ask for more.
  26. Last week
  27. I recently upgraded my device to the nougat Android "Samsung" after this update, the soundalive "Music FX from samsung" no longer works with Poweramp, but in other apps it works normally. Any idea why this happens?
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