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      Poweramp v3 - Next Beta Release Planned for April 2018   03/14/2018

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss, but it is currently hoped that the next Beta Test release will be ready for April 2018.    

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  2. Just reminder for PA lovers who waiting for (or maybe for the developer). Why you so serius??? Lol... Lel... Lul... Lal... Lil...
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  4. Thanks @fishyweb. I have to check the folders code again but it shouldn't take that long. Will try it out with a few hundred folders... Caching should be a good idea because you don't change the folders while you're driving I have to look how it is possible to get the last played song using the PowerampAPI.... But for me sometimes it's working and else I just press play pause with my car buttons and it starts and initializes. It's a bit buggy but if you know how it should work, you will have to try a bit but i will look into it. Yeah the shuffle control is in progress maybe i wil add some options to select wich shuffle modes you want to use. Artists and lists like that is not a problem bit i may be a huge list. For the album art there is a small problem which i was already looking into a bit.I receive a message from the API everytime the album art changes and then show it... And that happens after the track change so the notification is empty. To read the album art first i would have to read it from disk (wigh read sdcard permission) or aomething like that. It's not that easy and a bit hacky but could work. For speach input i am looking a bit later to support some commands. If someone wants to help i would be happy. Cheers
  5. It seems there was problem in my firmware itself, that's y hi res on neutron was not working...well now neuton is using pcm24 as its playback hal,at last sound that pleases my ears, finally I have an alternative of Poweramp,I really wish max releases new update, I'll miss Poweramp's powerful bass but for now it's uninstalled..
  6. Thanks @JBou for the effort you've put into this for us. Downloaded and had a quick play this morning. I have a few comments and suggestions, roughly in order of importance: The folder list takes a VERY long time to display (over 45 seconds). Ok, I do have a lot of folders in my library (several hundreds), and maybe the delay is within PA, but I wonder if there's something that can be done to speed this up. It would be good to cache the folder list so that it doesn't have to be retrieved and reprocessed each time. Initialise the app ready to continue the song that was last played in PA. Can we have a list of artists as an additional selection option. Can you expose the Shuffle control. Personally, I usually use either Shuffle Everything, or disable Shuffle altogether. Album art is displaying ok when I'm displaying the app full screen on my head unit. However, if I'm displaying satnav, the album art is missing from the new track popup notifications. That's it for now. Thanks in advance for implementing any of these ideas.
  7. ETA requests and answers removed to avoid trolling. Please read first post in thread. Andre
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  9. I just published my small app that works for Android Auto where you can choose Playlist or Folder, Play pause Skip, and it shows the albumart: For more information look at this thread. The app is in alpha state, any source code contributions are welcome Cheers JBou
  10. PowerampCar I just made a working app for Android Auto using the PowerampAPI, you can play pause, skip to next and previous song, choose playlists, folders, ... Also the albumart is working. It's only in ALPHA as of now but please test it and send me your feedback. I had no time to work on it again but it worked for the things I needed. Download and Source Code You can download the app right here The source code is on Gitlab Would like to see some pull request if you want to fix or add something. Install PowerampCar directly from apk: If downloading the APK directly you need to allow unknown sources in Auto, - In the Android Auto app, tap the Hamburger menu. - Tap About. - Tap About Android Auto header 10 times, until a toast appears thar says "Developer mode enabled". Now you can access developer mode by selecting the overflow menu dots on the top right of the handheld screen. - Select Developer settings from the overflow menu and check unknown sources. Source: https://developer.android.com/traini...dex.html#phone Some Bugfixes: If the album art isn't shown go to Poweramp -> Settings -> Album Art -> Always process album art and activate this option. If the music is to quiet check if your music volume is on the loudest level (using your volume keys) Hope you enjoy it Greetings JBou
  11. My fingers are glued together ! Wish Max releases the update this month itself.
  12. @Mohax, this isn't a thread for posting your's homework for a simple math course.
  13. Hi Technoviking10, The setting is under Settings > Others (or miscellaneous) > Advanced settings > Keep Service enable (I translated this from French so this may not be the correct labels) Kapcash
  14. Where can I find the "Keep Service Enabled" option?
  15. Posts with misleading release dates for March removed. I know it was a joke, but someone is going to end up reading the thread and believing it. Now let's just hope I don't eventually have to do the same with any posts mentioning April! Andre
  16. 2 thirds of the month has passed, but does not really matter for me alpha build is working fine on my device runing 8.0, except hi-res, i only hope that beta version will be released before i will recieve 8.1 update, if not, i will be forced to buy another player
  17. Settings > Export Settings. Then copy the resulting file to the same location on your new Android installation and once you've installed the app use Settings > Import Settings. Andre
  18. You can select as many different audio folders as you like in the Music Folders menu - just don't select video folders. Skinning will be supported again by the final release of v3, not sure whether it will be supported in the next beta release though. And of course it will take a little time for third-party devs to start creating skins for the new interface. Andre
  19. One thing that I love about Poweramp is that when you have shuffle mode on and search for a song and select it, once the song ends, it goes to another random song. I've tried countless other music players and no other player does this. Max keep doing your thing!
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