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    Andre the forum moderator has responded in 2 other posts with the same issue. He has informed Poweramp.
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  4. Error on Slim 7 Official ROM (Android 7.1.1)

    I mean while playing music, its become status in blackberry messenger. Only v2 that can do it. Like this

    Are you get message " Connect to timed out " ? If so, you're same with me. Also got that issue since yesterday.

    I can't activate my Poweramp, help me. I have Android 6.0.1
  7. No settings menu?

    It's in the Three-Lines menu (for general system-level options) rather than the Three-Dots menu (which contains options relevant to the current page only - or "overflow list" in Google Material Design terms). Personally I'm with you, the Menu button (or icon) should bring up a single menu, simple as that. However Max wants to follow Google's Android design suggestions. Andre
  8. Great! Thanks for the answer.
  9. Proposed Material Design style interface discussion

    I emailed him several times suggesting he might like to take a look at this thread, but I never heard back as to whether he was going to take any of the ideas on board. I do hope so, as the ideas here seem a very elegant way forward. I guess we'll see pretty soon though, he said he plans to release a beta test of the new Material interface in March. Andre
  10. Hi, it's been over a year since this concept was posted. Did Max check it? What does he think about it? I've been using Poweramp for 3 years but sadly, I was considering to change for something else seeing how bad the app looks compared to the competition. This app really stayed at the ICS time and I think something must be done if you want to keep your users and attract more people.
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  12. No settings menu?

    I recently went to the beta version and now when I click the 3 dots III n the lower left hand corner there is no longer a "settings" option to click to get into the main program settings. Has this been moved to somewhere else or what's the deal! Can someone please help me out. Thanks!
  13. What's wrong about server?

    I've reported this to Max (the Poweramp dev), I'll let you know what he says. Andr
  14. unlock full version failed, may server down.

    I've reported this to Max (the Poweramp dev), I'll let you know what he says. Andre
  15. Order ID

    Correct, you should email, highlighting your problem and providing the purchase details. You will need to have the email account on which you originally purchased the app linked as an email account on your new device, see before emailing. Andre
  16. MQA & DSD

    Hi, Please support playback for Hi-Res audio formats MQA & DSD. It would be nice also to create a Windows version of Poweramp.
  17. Hi-res output option disappeared!!!!

    Tried alpha 704, still no hi-res option and I found out why. On Lollipop/marshmallow Sony has called its own hi-res audio api in audio_policy.con "Sony_hi_res_audio" while now on nougat it's called just "hi_res_audio". Maybe the app looks for the old name?
  18. What's wrong about server?

    It is not connecting from Colombia.
  19. unlock full version failed, may server down.

    Yeah is wrong... I hope they fix it soon.
  20. Requests for Hi-Res Support

    S7 Edge updated to Nougat removed Hi Res Output
  21. What's wrong about server?

    It's not the matter about users from China. It's the server. I even cannot connect to the server from US.
  22. I cannot restore my full version on my phone. I found that the site '' may down for days. My Version: Poweramp-2.0.10-build-588-uni.apk (via website) Purchased full version from website.
  23. Order ID

    Thank you for response. I will contact him
  24. Order ID

    In taht case, the response from Andre the moderator has always been to email max Andre
  25. Order ID

    I didnt bought it on google play, I bought it from website.
  26. Order ID

    If you bought through Google App Store then your purchase will be there. Simply launch the store app and look at My Apps. Scroll through the list of all your apps, purchased or free, that you have ever downloaded.
  27. What's wrong about server?

    So many genuine users from China have same problem like this,we can't use AMP as usal , even turn on the VPN
  28. Order ID

    I bought Poweramp on website 2 or 3 years ago and I have lost my mail with order ID. I have changed device and now I can not register Poweramp without it. Im using the same google acount. I have checked suport page but there is no solution for my problem. Is it posible to resend mail with my order ID? Sorry for my bad english...
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