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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code. It is hoped this will be ready for final beta-testing by the end of the May. See forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  2. Loading my files

    Is your Spotify content fully downloaded to your device, as non-DRM MP3 files? Poweramp cannot play music directly from the cloud, it can only scan and play only non-encrypted files on the local device. Also, I assume your local music storage folders are enabled (ticked) for scanning in Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders ? Andre
  3. High Res Output Stopped Working

    Max has said that the next (beta) release will not include new features (apart from the completely rebuilt interface) but will include fixes and updates for new OS and device releases since the release of build 704. Andre
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  5. High Res Output Stopped Working

    Same with me. im using before 703 in lollipop. Then after upgrading to nougat, it disappeared. So i downloaded 704 but still not there Device: xperia z5
  6. I am new to Poweramp which i bought last year (v2) because I had read so many favourable comments. Last year I tried to scan my music folder (spotify) but it did not work: in my 40 GB of music files it found only 5 or 6 files and randomly played one or two, then it would stop. So when I saw there was a v3 alpha to test I jumped on the occasion. This time it found 269 songs, but it only plays 16 of them. It does it so well that I want to understand how I am supposed to find legitimate content for the app. I pay for my music (10 $ a month) and I would like to make Poweramp my main music app, but I want the whole experience (album art, lyrics etc). Can anyone orient me in the right direction ?
  7. License issue from China

    Please email Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com with your purchase details to get your licensed email address modified. Personal account details cannot be dealt with in open forums. Andre
  8. I purchased Poweramp, full version unlocker on  June 16, 2015

    I just got locked out of my Poweramp player,, it says Can't verify Poweramp.. I'm offline and have so many bills I won't be able to reconnect my phone for probably 3 or 4 weeks.. How do I fix this? All I was doing was deleting and reloading new music and creating playlists. I don't know what I hit that caused this... This fantastic little app is incredibly important to me. I use it virtually every day. I drive for a living and have it on between 8 to 12 hours a day. I also listen to it on the way to and from work... please help !

  9. i am an user from china. I purchased Poweramp from the website, account is: a****g@aliyun.com Later i found that i cannot connect this email to my android account. So i purchased again via another email. a*****g@outlook.com when i try to unlock by "website" button. It said the account is not connected to my device (actually i already connect the second email account and sync is enabled) when i try to unlock by unlocker. It pass the certificate at the beginning. However, failure of authorization pop up a bit while later. My device vivo xplay 6. version of Poweramp is 703 alpha (have to use the alpha version since 5xx do not support dsd files). The version of unlocker is 1.0 ( dont know how to get a new version of unlocker) I purchased 2 accounts and both of them do not work now
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  11. Requests for Hi-Res Support

    1. Samsung S8+ Exynos (SM-G955FD) 2. 7.0 OTA (G955FXXU1AQDD / G955FOXM1AQDD / G955FXXU1AQDD) 3. I'm sure it does, it's in the specs. And It works with HI-Res BT Player App, for example. PS. Need it to work for my Bowers&Wilkins P7 Wireless headset, it does work with my old Note 4 Exynos.
  12. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    The God has spoken himself at least.
  13. Works well on ZTE Axon 7 (A2017G) running stock marshmallow 6.0.1. Fails with error on new stock nougat 7.1.1 b02.
  14. Resume And Most played

    Can you please add function so that i can have options to either resume the song from when it was changed to next track (like in video player like mxplayer). Also most played list is worthless even track i pressed next gets 1 entry for play. Lol. In the attached pic only song "something" by Frank Sinatra is most played by me . All other in the list are either i played sometimes and mostly i changed track (next). Hope you improve it in next version. Great fan. Keep it up.
  15. I recently updated Poweramp after becoming a beta tester on Google Play Store. I realized that the Poweramp lock screen isn't showing anymore. It worked until I got the Alpha version. It's really helpful while listening to music but I don't know how to fix it. Please help! Phone: Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J700F) Android version: 6.0.1
  16. About sound focus problem

    Well i dont think its Samsung related, because it doesnt happen with any other players. I tried this with v3 but unfortunately the same, no success. It seems a simple bug but of course i dont have any idea what makes that cause. For now, i'm taking the phone on vibrate or silent mode. Its my temporary solution, but its really annoying bug.
  17. About sound focus problem

    I've noticed the same occasionally on my Galaxy Note 3 (with the same release of Android) so it might be Samsung related as they force Notifications to come via the speaker even when you've got a headset plugged in. I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon and upgrade to Android 5.x as the upcoming new release of Poweramp v3 won't work on anything lower than Lollipop, so I wonder if that will correct the problem? Andre
  18. Problem with AUX

    I had similar problems with my old headphones. I switched to a new pair of headphones and the problem disappeared. I think the problem for me was the 3.5mm connector. Do you have the chance of testing with another AUX cable? I could see no differences between the two connectors, but the one from my old headphones always made problems, the new one works just fine. I'm a bit unsure with this as your problem seems to be app dependent, but maybe Poweramp acts a bit more nervous to the event of plugging and deplugging the audio cable? BYe Thomas
  19. Last week
  20. Oh you're correct I was using the one from the google play store build 703. I just installed build 704 and the Hi-Res option appeared. Thank you so much!
  21. Poweramp alpha-build-703/704

    Are you using build 704 of Poweramp (especially if your phone has been updated to Android Nougat) Andre
  22. Lenovo Moto G 4º Generation, stock 6.0.1 here. Build 703. I'm having the exact same problems I had on previous version 2: Audio is mutted for around one second after 15 minutes of playing through Bluetooth. Phone Bluetooth name appears instead of elapsed time.
  23. Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 (Exynos) and i've opted in the beta and I can't seem to find the Hi-Res option within the settings I can only see "Audio Track Output, OpenSL ES Output" no option for Hi-Res audio in the output section of the settings. Is the phone incompatible?
  24. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    The release should include both the default (white) theme and also a dark themed skin. Andre
  25. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    Thank you for the update. It's really great to see that development is moving along, even if estimated times are pushed back from what was previously expected Do you have any plans to add a dark mode?
  26. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    Thanks for the response Max, good luck with your work.
  27. Poweramp v3 Project Update

    It took six months to get that far, it might be better to let Max get on the with coding now. Andre
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