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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  2. The only thing related to v3 update is the wait for it. That's all.
  3. We all are audiophiles that being the reason we are on the Forums eagerly waiting for the next Update! But since you can enjoy the audio processing power in the Alpha already its not necessary to put all the 24 bit stuff here.. create a different thread i am sure people who are interested will respond keep this thread as clutter free as it can be coz many people rely on this people for timely updates and big replies just don't help them
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  5. To defend everything I've said, Poweramp is like a beautiful well tuned digital instrument to play back my favorite music, and huge varied music collection at that. Like a record player designed to best enjoy those records, except this is the digital age, and numbers, formats, processing, programming, and the numbers are all part of what makes the Poweramp experience. What's the difference between the old mp3 players and now? Or even the old version of Poweramp and v3? Besides user interface, the main difference is format support, processing power, and the ability to pull out every subtle detail from the music we listen to, and that is a numbers game. The difference between recognizing a song, and falling in love with it all over again. This is evolution of how we enjoy art, and I'll say the user interface is a work of art itself. My point being, I believe this is all relevant to the new version, and I don't consider it to be off topic to praise the work being done to make our music truly sing. Oh, note, some music is so emotional, so well made, it brings me to tears. Hearing it clearly, the detail, depth, it's a blessing to someone who appreciates it. Maybe some people can't tell the difference, and hearing is just hearing, but to an audiophile, the smallest difference can mean everything.
  6. Yup, this discussion thread have become a debate topic which is not related to the v3 update @andrewilley
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  8. Jeez... All these numbers and technical mumbo jumbo. Not that I don't appreciate numbers (I do), but it gets to a point where the magic of audio is lost. Because one guy thinks he can hear that 372khz sin wave working its magic to make a sawtooth wave sound amazing. Everyone's ears are different. If you think you hear a difference, cool beans, but don't get all salty if someone else cant hear it. The only time anyone has to worry about numbers is when they're mastering or engineering an audio track or sound. Those guys are the ones who have to worry about resolution and bit depth. It's like shooting 4K, 10 bit, 4:2:2 with a V-log profile at 300mbps. They need all the info they can have to mess around and come up with the final look of the video. In the end, the end user is watching a 1080p, 40-50mpbs video. Sure quality matters, but in the "arts" perspective, it's also the arrangement of the music. I still listen to and enjoy the hell out of a song I have that's rendered at 32khz, 96kbps (got it off some download site years and years ago) Sure it sounds shit, but I still enjoy it because the music itself is awesome. I'd find a higher quality version of it if I had the time, but I'm not talking about the technicalities in this particular paragraph. I'm talking about the art. The pure essence of music. And that's what really matters. Dang. Now I have to say something Poweramp related... Uh.... Keep up the good work, Max! Can't wait to see and listen to the new version.
  9. Okay, I embedded the artwork in the file and that fixed it. Thank you. On another note, how do I permanently disable the visualizations? Each time I turn them off, they just come back on when I restart the app.
  10. Sorry but you've lost me, @TimmyFox. You posted a pretty firm and declarative statement about sampling theory: "I'm sorry but there is several things that are factually incorrect about this." "Firstly, the "Only sampling 2 times" has been proven through the Nyqvist theorem to be enough to reproduce the full soundwave indetically to its source. Surely we can capture more points and such but that's completely redundant because only 2 samples is actually needed to perfectly reproduce an identical analog signal." I replied, explaining how you're wrong about sampling theory and inviting a response on sampling theory. Then you changed to blind tests and "IF there's a difference" etc. But we're talking about sampling theory, aren't we, that's what you specifically posted about. Let's stick to the point we're discussing. Are you saying that what I posted is how sampling theory works...or isn't how it works? If not, please go over why higher sample rates are "completely redundant" in sampling theory. Thanks very much.
  11. Bottom line is audio quality matters. The smallest detail is a big difference because it is art. An hour long song with one note missing or changed isn't the same. If you're not passionate enough about music to want to feel it to the fullest extent, why are you even here? Yea, power Amp looks cool, and the settings for controlling your experience are amazing, but the most important part is the sound, and the audio engine that gives us that. I'm here because I appreciate it, and I support what the developer is doing. If you're not here with support, don't bother replying. This isn't a place for reviews, or negative statements about High Resolution being irrelevant. (Eagerly awaiting next update)🎧
  12. Thanks for the info. Got it sorted out
  13. Poweramp DLNA UPnP, please! Poweramp is aging very ungracefully and is on the verge of functional obsolescence. DLNA UPnP functionality would go a long way to put PA back to the top of the list and save us diehard PA fans hours of frustration managing our phones' (limited space) music libraries. Please consider this reasonable request before it's too late.
  14. предлагает или горячую линию или онлайн чат, но график у ребят пн-пт, так что попробую с понедельника связаться. Если вдруг можете подсказать куда им можно на почту написать буду признателен
  15. нет, в процессе ответа. Повторную покупку нажать пробовал, не обновляется статус. Попробую написать в техподдержку к ним. Спасибо за оперативые ответы.
  16. @Maxwelll, мое сообщение намнрянно проигнорировали?
  17. сделал полный сборс, даже к исходной версии с обновлением по новой и вводом всех данных. То же предложение купить плеер(
  18. I'm not sure, after Oreo, I kept losing bluetooth and 1+ recommended a "hard wipe". I don't know what buttons to push to bring it back. All I get now is connection and volume (no next song, or previous) haven't used phone, hands free yet.
  19. Pls get these comparisons somewhere else please... 😪 Maybe create a new thread for 24-bit stuff
  20. Not everyone has gotten it yet lol, so not really a good example to make, I had to use my old Sprint sim to get it to update my Moto X Pure, hope Poweramp cones out in the next week or so
  21. This is incorrect. Based on your descriptions it sounds like you've simply downloaded different versions of the same song from different sources and equated that because there is a difference it must be because of the format. This is untrue. One common misconception is that louder is better; This is false as well. If you take two identical audio tracks and make one louder than the other, it will psychologically be perceived as better due to being louder despite being otherwise identical. Now, remember there will be differences between different tracks; The same song will not necessarily always sound the same depending on where it comes from. This is due to differing masters; The same song on 2 different albums or even the same song on the same album printed at different times can actually have differences. This is because different so-called "masters" are often used when producing an album and they aren't always exactly identical. There's also the marketing aspect of it where places that sell so-called "high-res" audio will actually try and find some of the better masters and even intentionally modify the song slightly so that it will sound different. Thus you can't just download a song in 24 bit and another in 16 and compare them directly because they may already be intentionally made to be different. So, how to give this a fair comparison? Well, take that Gorillaz song you mentioned and make sure it's 24 bit (because that's supposed to be better you say, yes?) and then convert it yourself down to 16 bit. Foobar is quite good at doing this. Then compare your original file to the resulting converted file and I'm sure you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference (spoiler alert, you won't be able to). Also, if using foobar, one good tool to compare them is Foo ABX which lets you directly compare the files and eliminates bias and placebo because you won't actually know which one is which; You'll just be asked to compare them and guess which one you think is which and then it will tell you if you're right or not. If you still don't agree with me, feel free to send me the tracks in PM and I'll compare them to see if there really is as big a difference you claim there to be. As for MP3, in case you weren't aware, this an open-source format with a large variety of different codecs and implementations available, some with different focus than others. It is true that mp3 originally was intended to degrade the audio to save space but several codecs, most notably the LAME one, rather aims to preserve as much quality as possible whilst still maintaining a reasonably small file size. LAME-encoded mp3 files at around 256kbit and higher are shown to be practically transparent; Meaning that the only loss in quality compared to the source PCM data is so small that it's next to impossible to hear it with your own ears. This has been put to the test numerous times through blind tests and there's hardly anyone who, through proper scientific method, been able to actually tell the difference.
  22. could they not make two versions, even it cost over a tenner, id pay
  23. The current Poweramp interface is really only designed for phone screens, it's not especially good on tablets, never mind a 50" TV. Not sure whether TVs will ever be its main market though. Andre
  24. Пожалуйста, попробуйте почистить кэш Google Play Store (Настройки => Приложения => Google Play Services => Очистить данные) и попробовать снова. Удаление кэша Google Play Store только заставит Play Store обновить информацию о приложениях, другие приложения не будут затронуты. Спасибо!
  25. @Maxwelll, если используется тот же гугл аккаунт, то просто купите еще раз - известный глюк гугла, по-идее долже выдать ошибку и затем покупка будет опять отражаться у вас. Возможно произойдет списание, но потом деньги вернут обратно. Если не хотите рисковать, то просто напишите в техподдержку гугла.
  26. Используется тот же аккаунт гугл. но все равно предлагает приобрести лицензию I am use the same Google account, but offers to buy a license
  27. the reason i ask, is im using the app on an android box ebox t8 v with a 52 inch tv, considering the size of screen you could fit a load of albums on the screen, at the moment all i see is eight albums, unless i scroll down, you could probably make it fit 32 album art or more without loosing the ability to see album titles ? it would be a great thing if the app could do as i explained, a lot of people are using android boxes now.
  28. Notifications have changed in Oreo so it will require further coding from Max.
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