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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  3. When at home, it would be great to play my playlist to my smart tv / Google Chromecast. Would it be possible to add this feature? Cheers, M.
  4. The only problem in this never-ending, ever-lasting mess is the lack of communication and reluctance of posting any paper updates. There would have been less public uproar, should the dev (any dev, for sure) kept the customers informed on the process of whatever they are doing. In this very case, we have unilateral feedback - from us, not the author, - hence the issues. Make a milestone build of the app, do explain if you have difficulties and/or need more time, and we are all set and keep our mouth zipped. P. S. No flaming.
  5. Not at present, all audio will be output at whatever frequency and bitrate you have selected, there is not dynamic setting available. Perhaps in the future when the app gets to a release stage though? Andre
  6. This is a known issue with Oreo 8.1. Someone has developed a small workaround app which might help you, see http://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/11033-quick-fix-for-notification-on-android-oreo-81/ Andre
  7. Try a clean install rather than installing it over a previous version. Make sure you backup your settings and any internal playlists before uninstalling the old version though. Andre
  8. could you make an option to change the pitch instead of the tempo option? because the tempo option can sometimes distort the sound. You could also combine the tempo and pitch into one
  9. just don't forgot why you start,and locks your eyes only on the spot,we all trust you!!~that's what i would like to tell max!
  10. Yeah seems like it .. but i would love if the bars would be smaller in size and more in number. Also if the part of track which has played would be having some colour instead of faded gray. Maybe something to do in the final release
  11. Hello friends, I would like to report a problem that is happening on Android Oreo ..... The notifications do not work, so it is not possible to use the app ... I would love a solution For this problem, I really like the player, the best in my opinion.
  12. When you have been going to check the forums everyday for two years, you can clearly see there's an issue where max decides to add new programming features or fix something on a new version, everytime Google adds a new update to Android, like I said before this could turn into a project that will never be put out because the developer not wanting to release it after finding new problems on newer versions, that is really the point of having this beta in the first place, which is also why we signed up as the beta testers a while back
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  14. I did not understand a lot of what you wrote, but I think you meant Poweramp locking you out after detecting a cracked license/didn't receive any response. I had the same problem, I bought Poweramp and then got locked out since I had Lucky Patcher installed. If this is the problem, go into Lucky Patcher -> Switches And keep them like this: Google license verification emulaton - disabled License service to google play store - enabled Google billing emulation - enabled Mirror original Google Billing for inapp emulation - enabled Inapp services to google play store - enabled This way it should maintain what you 'legally' bought.
  15. I'm running this fine with Android Oreo, have you tried wiping cache and dalvik?
  16. @clever_man The "enable after reboot" option is greyed out for me, did I do something wrong or it's just not developed yet?
  17. Hello all! I have a LG G5 phone with a 32 bit DAC module (Hi-Fi Plus) attached. As other users, I am not able to use the high resolution output in Nougat through the Snapdragon DAC. However, the high resolution output works well through the module (see attached picture) but the output seems to be of 24 bits (the DAC module is 32). Is this a PA limitation? Can the output be set to 32 bits? Thanks in advance!
  18. Max said that the progress bar will be similar to the SoundCloud one. So this is it. As you can see half of it is white and half is a bit darker.
  19. Max grown a beard and disappeared into the mountains without his thick coding glasses lol .
  20. Has he given you any ideas of when it would be ready? After the screenshots you showed, it's peaking my interest a bit.
  21. I just installed it and this happened. Using ASUS ZenFone 3 Max (ZC520TL), did not modified anything on the phone.
  22. Is it possible to use high res audio without upsampling? I have a OnePlus-2 and the high res audio is running in 24 bit Snapdragon with 192 KHz support. Upon selecting any bitrate it is shown that the audio Is being upsampled. For example if I have selected 192 KHz my 44.1 KHz audio is being upsampled to 192Khz. Is there option to disable upsampling?
  23. Audio Quality such as shown in the now playing section could be shown in the Library / List section for easily sorting library. such as flac 16-bit 37mB This would really help in situation where there are duplicates of different qualities and selecting the best quality without opening info everytime.
  24. @bside0, it's weird - on alfa I haven't problems with album art. Click on the widget goes to the current playing list. P.S. Uploaded apk in the first post.
  25. Hopefully a good deal sooner than next year, as the UI has been in development for two years already. But no dates are confirmed, so I certainly wouldn't hold my breath for the next few weeks. No need for arguments or name-calling though, it will be release when Max is ready to release it, and we'll all just have to be patient until then. Andre
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