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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  3. Oh okay thanks, I will try this and let you know if the issue has been solved or not.
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  5. No matters even I must buy again, but same audio quality or over than now. Also with fresh modern UI. I'll be waiting next month.
  6. I paid through Paypal and have asked for a refund that way. There is no contradiction since I do not need to register for Google services to use an Android phone.The phone is used primarily for calls. I previously had a Sony that is bundled with its own player (which was very good unlike the flimsy phone). The player was only for occasional use with my house stereo. I have no need for most apps and deleted all the dross that came with my phone. I can access email via the internet on it without an app so what would be the point of installing something else?
  7. Unfortunately if you want to run a Google OS phone without allowing any access whatsoever to anything Google (a bit of a contradiction there), nor use the other options available to you to work via a third-party email address on your phone, then you are going to run into issues sooner or later. The licence has to be validated somehow, and you have taken the unusual decision to block all of the ways that the app is able to do that. Please feel free to email poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com and ask for a refund anyway. (I assume you don't mind sending emails to someone else with a gmail address, as that does give away your email address) Andre
  8. Nope, Shuffle will do that during a single session but eventually re-shuffle itself. You could copy all of your songs into a Playlist, randomise it, and then play it from start to finish I guess. But it seems like an awful lot of work for an odd repeated song a few days later. Andre
  9. yea, but isn't there an option for an option to go through all the songs w/o repeating them again? even if you switch device totally off
  10. I am happy to find a post on the updates and read that the developer has not left the project. I was already looking at replacement apps, but they were all really bad. I wish much encouragement to the developer and hopefully an update soon.
  11. Hello, I have a new Car with ANDROID AUTO. I have Poweramp Pro - Version. Rocket Player und JetAudio HD is awful on Android-Auto-Mode. PLEASE realize Poweramp running on Android Auto ----> PLEASE! Is there a BETA ?? with Android Auto - Support?
  12. I checked the list and there is nothing I can do that doesn't involve installing other third party applications from Google that I don't want. I don't have an HTC. I don't have a Yahoo email etc. I do NOT wish to register with Google Play or Google store. I do not wish to register with Yahoo. Why is this so difficult to fathom? Not everyone wants to spend their time registering for numerous third party products or pass over their information to Google to use a jukebox app that costs £3.80. I'm not even sure why the app has to access a mail account. I can access email via my phone via the web but that is obviously not good enough. Please refund the money. In future, make it clear that you require buyers to hand over their private information to third parties with separate privacy policies at the time of purchase as a condition of purchase. It is misleading just now.
  13. No, there is no need to send anything to Google if you purchase via the website. Please read the FAQ I quoted. Although if you are so completely anti-Google, I would suggest that using a Google-designed operating system phone is probably a bad move in the first place... A bit like using a Windows computer and then complaining that Microsoft are involved. Andre
  14. I assume these are all POP3/IMAP that a. require your device tethered to an email address that is then shared with Google or b. require you to share your details with Google by signing up with the store to download the app to use them? It seems like there is not really an option here other than to send all your details to Google for them to mine (one way or another) so I have requested a refund. The idea of verification is prevent people that haven't paid for the product being able to use it. Instead, you are sabotaging the ability for legitimate paid users to be able to use it. I actually sought out a web downloadable app to install and didn't think the point of this would be negated by forcing people to register their phone with Google regardless.
  15. I am registering just to reply and support this feature. I loved Poweramp all the time since I use Android. However I cannot use it now because of Poweramp will dismiss the notification if playback is stopped (or in technical terms, lose audio focus). Let me tell you why. I am recently playing a game which is designed very badly in terms of audio focus. It only allows user to lower the volume to 0, but not turning off the audio. Then, everytime I enter the app / unlock my phone when the game is open, it will take over the audio focus and therefore pauses any music I am playing. Going back to home screen and restart the music does not help at all, because once I open the game again, it will take over the audio focus... The only way is to resume the music without leaving the game app - using the notification bar. Please!!!!!!!
  16. Android is basically Google-based system, however if you really want to remove as much trace as possible (and I too do not use gmail at all) and you have a website-purchased account then it can be verified using a few non-Google email services, see http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323571-unlocker-without-google-account for supported services. The point of being able to buy outside of Google Play is to support users in markets where you can't easily buy from Google Play, not really so much for completely Google-averse users. Andre
  17. What really will be fine is to reduce the Album by showing them only if there are - for example- 5 songs. ( in settings- of course ) I have a lot of Alben only with one song and so searching is very complicatet becauce of so much of the album, -sorry for my bad englisch... kind regards gandalf
  18. 1. HTC10 (HTV32) 2. Android 7.0 (Stock rom) 3. Snapdragon 820(MSM8996)
  19. You have to hand over your email address to be linked to your other Google accounts via their privacy policy (they will do this regardless of whether you set this up once and never use it). This is objectionable to many people and not clear on sale. Many people will have experienced in the past things like their business adwords accounts being linked with youtube and totally unrelated email addresses regardless of their wishes. This is why I never give Google any information any more. They cannot be trusted.
  20. I cannot validate my licence as I do not want my email associated with Google. The licence I have paid is now basically theft for a service I can't use due to these restrictions. There is surely a way for people that don't want Google all over their phone/tablet to verify their device? I paid for this on the web and downloaded on the web. You are essentially forcing registration with Google though which was the whole point OF NOT USING THE PLAY STORE. I don't want Google monitoring my emails and joining up various accounts all over the internet as they always do whether people want it or not. Should I just force refund via Paypal?
  21. Shuffle does work properly. By the nature of randomness, you could hear a track which you heard yesterday again today. Or you might not. Andre
  22. Have you tried the alpha-test builds of Poweramp v3? Andre
  23. Last week
  24. Hi sorry for the late reply. I am a very experienced Android developer, displaying bitmaps is fine, I am asking specifically if there is a way to retrieve album art through the API and hopefully in a way that avoids permissions (get the bitmap directly, rather than file paths) similar to how the album art intent of the currently played track works. If not, this looks like something I'll have to hack together myself. The hacky solution I have in mind now is: If track art is in app's image cache Then retrieve from image cache. Else If app has permission to read external storage And album art is in Poweramp's disk storage Then grab album art from Poweramp's disk storage. Else grab album art from audio file metadata (https://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/MediaMetadataRetriever.html#getEmbeddedPicture()). And then separately: When track is played via Poweramp Then Copy album art from currently playing track into app's image cache. Thanks for the help.
  25. Thank you.
  26. Well I guess the issue is that I use Poweramp on my car stereo and it gets shut off permanently when car is off. I guess that's the reason shuffle doesn't work properly then.... unless there's some kind of workaround
  27. Hi, Bought Poweramp years ago and have loved it ever since. Recently though, I have had trouble configuring the eq settings. Even though I have the preamp at zero, it still sounds like there is static coming through the earbuds (as if the preamp were too high / being given too much). In addition, I've had issues with the audio skipping... It seems to be random and infrequent, but it does happen on any combo of buffer size and thread priority settings. Can anyone help with this?
  28. As far as multiple genres go, no Poweramp does not support that. Whether Max has any plans to add it once v3 gets officially released I don't know. Andre
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