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      Poweramp v3 Beta-test Build 790 Now Released   04/29/2018

      Poweramp v3 BETA TEST preview build 790, including brand new user interface, has now been released - 30 April 2018. This is not quite feature-complete yet, so only install if you are happy to test with a slightly reduced set of options.  Missing features should be completed during May. Please report any issues in the testing forum thread, and remember to backup your previous build before testing.  

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  2. Bump on this older feature request. Any plans to use the artistsort, albumartistsort, albumsort, and titlesort tags for improving the list displays in v3?
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  4. Well this comment ain't gonna fix the bug then bouy.. go to the hi res support page rather than deciding on whether max was acting for 2 yrs 🤷
  5. Before making this post, he made all the recommendations, and as I did not find a solution, I better deal with the support. I mean you
  6. Just disable autoupdates for the app in the Play Store. And turn beta testing mode off in Store too. Andre
  7. @maxmp Xperia XA1 Ultra андр. 8.0 Заработало лишь после полной переустановки, а так вылетало при запуске. HD работает как может...
  8. There is also a curious difference between the 709 and 790 version with the Huawei Mate 10. 790 allows to use OpenSL ES HD Output on the speaker, 709 does not.
  9. Sorry but more problems. All ok until automatic update to latest version; problems return. How do I stop automatic updates to fix at version 588?
  10. sorry, i just change my ROM right now. i will send you the audio_policy.conf later
  11. BlackBerry Motion (BBD100-2) with Android 8.1 running Poweramp alpha 709. The volume with a wired headset is much lower than the OpenSL ES Output though.
  12. Хочу вмюсе скачать и посмотреть и не скачивает.
  13. Yes you are right V2 and V3 alpha are almost identical but I liked the feature of having equaliser on 1 click instead of going into visualisation menu and then getting into equaliser.. because it is a MP3 so it should be more easy to control audio than that of visualisation that plays no role me at least... Also would like to say the invert menu was a good option as we could just keep on tapping left top corner to get to player from list but now have click here and there and everywhere basically not easy to use with one hand... I still prefer V2 if it gets notification fixed and could be as was earlier no extra features needed
  14. another one has trouble reading. already reported bug, cmon kid, just read
  15. I don't get why are you concerned if you don't have any error report submitted. Just causing more ruckus here on the topic. And yes you may have Paid 3 bucks but everyone here has.. so its not a thing to cling by 😪
  16. Max you think that the moto g6 has high resolution, you commented that the 450 series does not have high resolution?
  17. obviously you are another of those peoples writing nonsenses after reading just newspaper titles
  18. Three euros for lifetime updates? Smart launcher ask me to pay another 6 for a couple new fonctions, stop whining, shut up and wait... And shut up, all of you, except for bugs report!
  19. This happens in my car multimedia unit, running Android 6.01 (Marshmallow) When the radio app is playing and I launch PA, it does not acquire the speakers, I mean, the visualization "moves" so I know PA thinks it is playing, but the radio still plays on the speakers I don't know what is the technical reason for this, but if I launch Spotify instead of PA, it does get the speakers too. If I launch other player it also gets the speakers. After Spotify or other players play, PA works fine This only happens if the radio is currently playing, and only PA fails to acquire the speakers, all other apps do not exhibit this problem.
  20. Presumably the main OS does not support high-res, but the extensions added by the audio effects package do. What is the audio_policy.conf file on your device with just the basic ROM? Andre
  21. I am the Official MIUI9,not the Google Rom.
  22. My device is Sony XZ Premium, it's hardware is just like XZ1. I wish it could get Hi-Res support soon
  23. The quad dac should be being used if it is turned on and poweramps's hi-res works on both Oreo and Nougat so music shouldn't be downsampled. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that the stock LG player resamples all audio to 16 bit/48khz. I generally use USB audio player pro as well.
  24. v.140 Min API24 (Nougat 7.0) - it's weird but some people asked Added position in list Added Donate button
  25. Do you know about the bug in 705+ and 790 that when trying to control volume while screen is off, it will not work? Trying to use volume will actually trigger shortcuts like camera ect. If I go back to 704, it works normal.
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