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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    

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  2. Yes, in my case too [ just as ttoton said! ] This is, on double din Car Satnav Stereo running android 6. Exactly my point too. It's a great app, but I hate the fact that you can't get rid of the top (status bar). And some skins even make the waste of space you mentioned even worse!! Andre, I am also REALLY looking forward to this release! Any ideas as to exactly when we should expect it? Thanks
  3. Before the update for Android 7, the Hi-Res Output was working (24-bit 192) version 703. After an update of Android and MIUI did not work anymore. I installed version 704 and it also did not work. Only OpenSL ES output works. 1 - Redmi Note 4X (Snapdragon 625) 2 - Android 7.0 / MIUI 3 - audio_policy.conf (attached) audio_policy.conf
  4. Yes, in my case too! This is, on double din Car Satnav Stereo running android 6. Exactly my point too. It's a great app, but I hate the fact that you can't get rid of the top (status bar). And some skins even make the waste of space you mentioned even worse!! Andre, I am also REALLY looking forward to this release! Any ideas as to exactly when we should expect it? Thanks
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  6. The same problem, the same solution.
  7. You are not the only one, I have been looking for it for hours, and haven't find it, either. I was about to write a post with the same request, myself Thanks @andrewilley, that is very useful for car navi.
  8. Looking forward to it! It would be great if more care would be given to landscape mode and the organization of items on the screen. While portrait mode looks worderfull and the screen is optimally used, in landscape mode on a tablet (in my case - Android Car Navi) lots of space on the screen is waisted, and the most crucial items (next/prev buttons, seek bar, song title, etc) are small and difficult to handle, while half of the screen to the left and right of the album photo is empty. Its nowhere near ergonomic (except swipe left/right and up/down gestures which are great). And it doesn't look good in any way. Could there be a few options for landscape mode made available? Or this will be done by themes, when they become available again in a beta/final release? That being said, I must admit that the audio quality and the speed of the app, which, in the end, are most crucial, are absolutely to the galaxy! Best sounding app on Android I have ever tried. Now 24bit FLACs sound like studio recordings, as they should, and not like MP3, like in any other app I've tried. Great job!
  9. Hi I can't verify license,I have order number, I bought Poweramp from website,but Poweramp give me error becouse he can't find email account on phone, I use Nougat without gapps, but I have email account.
  10. Just to let you guys know I won't be around on the forums quite as much as usual for the next two weeks (family stuff) so please play nice in the meantime! Otherwise I'll have to log in and close this thread again until I get back full-time. Andre
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  12. Hi, Poweramp lacks this very basic feature. There are lots of thread on the problem, but tldr, Poweramp does not parse multiple genres separated by ;, / or whatever. Instead, it just reads 'Techno; Dance; Electronic' as a single genre. Foobar2000 android already has this feature. It has been suggested at least since 2011. 6 years later, Im still not able to find a proper answer from the devs on this issue. Would seem like a small fix, if the codebase is flexiable enough. Switching to foobar2000 till this is fixed. Thanks for a great music player.
  13. Hii, A great resume:1. Grabs the attention of employers and recruiters2. Sells your strongest skills and accomplishments3. Shows how you’re a match for a position or project4. And most importantly, gets you a job interview!
  14. Max has said that application build can't be compiled properly without complete interface so he can't make new test version and here goes another offtop page. He also said there gonna be frequent updates after beta release. Please read previous pages next time.
  15. Do you have any idea how many developers Google uses for Chrome alone? How can this be compared to PA?
  16. По прежнему считаю лучшим плеером, но что-то на мою просьбу разработчики куйца подзабили
  17. Max seem not to understand meaning of the alpha and beta releases. Just chrome as example - there is stable version, beta, Dev, canary, every single one has its own update frequency, and that's how it should look alike - stable, beta playstore and alpha pushed as nightly or something like that. But nah, let's make alpha release polished like final product, beta with one minor fix and stable with minor 2 fixes.
  18. Yes... absolutely. Developer should push current alpha as beta on play store and current version (on which he is working on) should be pushed as alpha release.
  19. >:} I do hope this will be heavily skinable. Really not interested in the lifeless flat design trend that has taken over worse than the plague
  20. ......... what? Pretty sure that's exactly what thos is. The stable main version is on tbe playstore and this is entirely seperate for now
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  22. Here too, On my REDMI 3S , MARSHMALLOW
  23. If these releases were alpha or beta there would be no need for them to be fine tuned. A fine tuned release is called stable. For me the best release method would be to limit the test versions to this forum and only stable ones to the PlayStore. People here would install them knowing they are incomplete software and help with development and bug hunting. This currently feels more like the dev made an app for himself and is sharing it to others just because, therefore these forums make little sense. My comparison was with Asus Merlin firmwares for Asus routers by RMerlin. He provides test versions without any support and you flash them if you want and provide feedback to help in getting them to stable.
  24. Hi, I am using the Sam S8 (exynos) which is stated the native DSD playback ability - if i am not wrong. May in the future, you can bring the feature such DSD native playback on Poweramp without any conversion (somehow like bit-perfect to internal DAC). At right now, the DSD file has to convert to PCM and to be downgraded at 192 kHz for maximum. Your app is indeed good and I purchased Poweramp since 2011 along with the fresh Android era idol - Nexus One.
  25. всё еще нет??? мда, окончательно ушел на aimp
  26. Dang.. should have thought of Long Press! Still, when will play next is a hit or miss. I'm getting that manually selecting a song in the middle of whatever order PA wants, just inserts that song and then it reverts to its own.
  27. That is by design. To get a tree-style layout where you 'drill down' through folder layers to get to the folder you want, in Folders view tap Menu > List Options and set the 'View As' mode to Hierarchy rather than List. Andre
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