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      Poweramp v3 - Next Beta Release Planned for April 2018   03/14/2018

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss, but it is currently hoped that the next Beta Test release will be ready for April 2018.    

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  2. What about a mobile phone tracker on Android? Is it work together?
  3. This works really well on Alpha v3! Thanks. Best settings. Do not even have to leave SLS app open either. On Marshmallow I mean. On Nougat it is all checked, except roaming unchecked, and Last.FM default app selected, not SLS. Weird!
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  5. I got my two phones setup as for mp3 players. 128gb on s7 edge for Metalcore, and 64gb on Luna Pro for Metal genre. 11,000+ on s7 edge, with 20+gb left. 2500+ on Luna Pro with 25gb left. So I have a lot of music to listen to. Not that makes difference to you all but just saying for preparation for the beta release. If I get to test it.
  6. @_Yank, I couldn't control album art on the default widget style - it's controlled by the system directly. I will try to read source code but I nothing promise.
  7. 1.XiaoMi MI6 2.Android 8.0.0(Cutom ROM:MIUI 3.Snapdragon 24bit PCM hi-res output could be used in miui9.2
  8. Hello All, I have been using Poweramp for quiet a while now and recently I had decided to change all my existing MP3 files to FLAC file. Poweramp was used support FLAC file when I had few of them; however, now I have a big problem.. it shows duration as nothing and also it shows " Unknown Album " written in front of the duration. I had tried to cross check by playing the same files in " Google Play Music " app however, it still doesn't works. I can only play files which I had downloaded and those which are stored in phone memory. Then I formatted my SD card, tried using a new card and guess what still the same problem. I don't what to do and how to fix this issue. I would appreciate if anyone can help fix this issue.. music is just like a lifeline and now it's totally gone Thanks & Regards, Pulkit
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  10. Just installed Oreo 8.0 on my Note8 and tried it, I'm loving this app, thank you so much!
  11. A couple of differences: You're on Oreo beta, I'm on official Verizon Oreo just rolled out late last week. Yours updated to 704, mine 703, why I don't have a clue. Mine opens fine about 80% of the time now and functions perfectly including proper notification function. It's doing better as time goes by for some reason. When it doesn't and goes to black screen, I just restart the phone and open Poweramp first thing and it hasn't failed me yet. Reading other threads suggest that when V3 is released, the Oreo issues will be resolved. If I were you and was on beta, I would definitely revert back to Nougat if a safe way to do it is available.
  12. I'm pretty sure that there will not be anything in April. And in May, and in June, and in July. Most likely Max will again wait for OTA, then suddenly suddenly it will be necessary to correct errors on your favorite Samsung and so on. This will continue indefinitely. Andre asked, why am I still here, if I do not believe it? I'm just crazy wondering if Max will keep the word A reasonable question arises - if there is a ready-made, or almost ready-made version, then why not run it into access?
  13. Don't expect him to make this, there are like 3 different operating systems for smartwatches excluding Apple, not much people have a smartwatch and it would take a lot more effort than you'd think. Maybe if he buys himself a Tizen based smartwatch, otherwise you're probably out of luck.
  14. Sure, the art on the player app itself - https://photos.app.goo.gl/BjKg0VLQcMXEckz02 how it was supposed to or could look like - https://photos.app.goo.gl/5PiJWTw8g2JqfF072 how it looks like - https://photos.app.goo.gl/rKgVfkzvBiFcJflB3 In addition to that, I'd like to add that the art is not being shown on the lockscreen background (I keeped the default notification from the player activated to have it, that's why you can see it on the last screenshot) Thanks!
  15. In android P, all applications that do not use the latest API will be chopped off. Maaax
  16. Upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S8+ to Oreo and the Poweramp Alpha works great other than hi-res, as expected. Will continue to test through the day and report any issues. I am noticing some subtle difference in audio quality - not sure how to describe it. Does Oreo have a new audio stack beyond more Bluetooth codec choices? I am using high end Seinheiser wired headphones. The UI in the Beta looks great and I look forward to participating in the trial. I have 20 different music player apps installed and this looks like it could be the best Material Design implementation (just in time for Android P to change Android's design language )
  17. This was happening to me as well and appears to be an issue exclusive to Samsung devices on Oreo at the moment.
  18. It was just a thought, not that he would do that but you know on the internet, people like to play pranks on April Fools Day! Not just the internet either.
  19. I'm having the same issue, except reverting back to an official build of Poweramp doesn't work either. I'm on beta Oreo but I suspect an official update won't resolve it. I'm hoping it does though. How did you get it to work? EDIT: I take that back, V2 works fine. When I update to v704 though, it goes back to the black screen.
  20. Great. I will install the v3 alpha on my phone to check it out, thanks, I did not know v3 is already so far in the development process.
  21. Also check that the service is set to be kept when idle, and also Use Wakelock, in Settings > Misc > Tweaks. Andre
  22. Actually I agree it would be a better and more intuitive manner for PA to play from a search result. It doesn't make any sense to switch out of the user's preferred playback mode and into All Songs once a searched item has finished. I don't think the options need changing per se (maybe clarify what they mean a bit) but just don't revert back to All Songs mode afterwards. Andre
  23. shuffle

    Why? What's wrong with it being on the main player screen? Andre
  24. @Sandipan, provide more information.
  25. @rafas92, try to add player in whitelist of battery optumization and other optimization's in your rom.
  26. I registered in the forum only to support the request. Is a very important feature. Especially thinking that Android Auto is becoming increasingly popular reaching a large amount of users. We need Poweramp in our cars.
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